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  1. That's sounds like a good product, but I'm looking for launch angle & spin characteristics also.
  2. I'm just beginning my search to purchase a launch monitor that I can take to the range. Lots of knowledge in this membership, so I'd really appreciate your help. What's the best of the best, and what should I be looking for? Again, this is something I'd be taking to an outdoor range. I haven't priced these out, but my cap is approximately $2000. Really appreciate your help! Greg
  3. Your inbox is full I really want those heads, unfortunately can't handle the shafts. What are the shafts worth?
  4. Welcoming myself back with a question for those with experience shafting up retail rescue TP heads vs TOUR TP heads. I am assuming they are all .355 taper, but have also been told some are .335. I just purchased a u2 Tour Burner hybrid and the seller claims it is .335. Anyone know for sure?
  5. Of all the irons I've ever tried, the MR23 US SPEC Tourstage irons are the best combo of looks, feel and forgiveness. Kind of a snob when it comes to irons too.....the 2010 tourstage irons with the blade cavity look like something worth trying out. MR23 kind of rare, but you will find a set if you are patient. 1500 sets made.
  6. HELPI'm looking for a great, last forever, 60's double mercerized solid polo shirt. I bought a POLO GOLF shirt at TJ MAXX for $40, and I can tell this will never snag, the collar will never curl, and it washes good. Pain in the Word not allowed to flat dry it, but it's worth it. Any polo shirt snobs out there with some suggestions for a good investment in one of these? Anybody have a Dunning Heritage, Vineyard Vines Sankaty, Fairway & Greene, Bobby Jones, and others that you've been real impressed with that you've battle tested in the field and in the wash? Thanks for you help
  7. What's up Rich? Was looking for something similar to this..... PM SENT
  8. Tourstage XBLADE 703 LIMITED I am really impressed with the design and would love to hear any reviews from those who have hit them, and even more from those looking to sell their set :)
  9. Congrats....someday in the distant future, I'll order a set of DW Custom TD Scratch irons, and I'll go straight to TN to do it right. Scratch is a class company.
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