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  1. Q-star Tours & Chrome Soft - With Chrome Soft being my favorite of the 2. Tried the different Bridgestone Tour B options this year as well. Just couldn't find one that works for me for some reason.
  2. I've seen a couple of ads on social media about TRUST Golf balls. Seeing if anyone has tried them/liked them?? I have been playing urethane q star tours for a bit, and Chrome Softs as well, with the chrome softs being my favorite of the 2. A friend of mine gave me a sleeve of the vice golf balls which I liked but a had a couple that scuffed on me really bad when they hit in bunkers. Wanted to try a cheaper yellow urethane ball since my eyes at 43 aren't what they once were, and these seemed to fit the bill at about $20 a dozen when you ordered 2 and used a code. Thoughts if anyone has tri
  3. Now all you have to do is teach him to assault people after they yell something that they disagree with to fit in here. Or better yet. Teach him to question why the slow folks are yelling. This will allow him to answer for himself cementing the idea in his mind that it matters how you present yourself In public. And acting like some do in the name of " fun" is a farse that is taught to our youth by the media / entertainment industry and the pro sports industry in general. Get him to ask why folks can't have "fun" unless inebriated? The easy answer is dependency. Be it everyday or jus
  4. 70: 3 birds one bogey. Par 72 about 6500 ish yards.
  5. Did the free signup. I think they are charging a boat load to get really anything on the site. Really not worth it from what I have seen. The spamming of email is a little bothersome. They have become almost as bad as the XM Radio folks. I don't know how many more times I gotta tell them make it cheaper and I'll consider it.
  6. I think I got one from a PGA Tour Superstore. Pretty sure you could order one through golfworks or winn fairly easily. I also think they are fairly cheap somewhere in the 10--15 buck range.
  7. ??? All the OEM's fit this. They all make combo sets or sets in general that fit the mid-low capper. Probably more choices there now than ever in the last ten years,
  8. Dottie will get it. Just a matter of waiting for the last of the "choking freaking dogs" to retire, so she can start with a clean slate. Gulbis, however, will not, nor she's interested. You can't really look up to your captain who has more swimsuit magazine spread than tour win (1). Agree on Gulbis. As much as I like her I don't see anyway she could be a Captain. Asst. Captain yeah sure why not, Captain not going to happen unless she has some kinda late career miracle that none of us see coming.
  9. I had some of the SS Splash grips on my Irons and wasn't really a fan. IDK about any of their most recent ones. I really wanted to like them as I like their putter grips.
  10. Yeah right this minute until Kerr is ready to go that route she is about what they have. Good Captain though, the girls play hard for her and respect her tremendously.
  11. Lol. I'm speechless. I don't really know what your speechless about. He hit it all over the planet and still came in what the top 25-30. But Tiger sucks because he's Tiger and we got to hate him. I truly think baring a setback and if he can somewhat get to where he is hitting it closer to fairways then he can win. To think he can't pull it together for one week and win a tourney is awfully naive.
  12. For NBC I got the NBC sports app and can watch most of their National Sports for free. Don't know how it does with the Warriors but it may work for you. I know I watched the Falcons game no problem and plan on watching the SB through it hopefully. I do know if you try to watch the golf channel through that app you do have to login.
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