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  1. A few more to add to the list: Toura https://touragolf.com/ Ballistic https://www.ballistic.golf/ Argolf https://www.argolfusa.com/ BGD https://www.byrdiegolf.com/ Geom https://geomgolf.com/ Swing Science http://www.swingscience.net/
  2. The standard Recoil 95 and Recoil 110 are also slightly ascending weight. Recoil 95 increases from 90g in the 2i to 96 in the 9i, 110 ranges from 105g to 111g (in F4 flex).
  3. What shafts did you use? DG AMT White S300? 6i length? Length increments? MOI and SW values? I have a set of DG AMT (original version) S300 shafts and DG AMT Black S300 shafts waiting to be put to use. I have built several sets of MOI matched clubs for myself and for friends, with a variety of different shafts, including descending weight (Wishon Stepless S, KBS Tour 90 R), constant weight (DG XP105 S300, KBS Tour R+, Tour 90 S, Tour V S, Nippon NS Pro 8950 and 1050 GH) and ascending weight (Ping AWT 2.0 S). The XP105s were for a very tall friend and were +1" vs Mizuno standard and
  4. The FST 115 S flex is somewhat similar to the KBS Tour parallel S flex. The butt sections are similar stiffness, but the mid and tip sections of the FST 115 are softer than the KBS Tour. The attached figure is from the old Wishon shaft profiling system. The vertical axis is vibration frequency when clamped with a 5" clamp at different distances from the tip with a tip weight of 454g. For iron shafts, point #1 is 36" from the tip, #2 is 31" and so on in 5" steps to point #6 at 11" from the tip. The higher the vibration frequency, the stiffer the shaft. It is a way to compare the re
  5. Are you wanting to compare FST 115 S vs KBS Tour parallel or taper tip?
  6. Yes, @Homerun2Birdie it looks like the C721 irons in Langer's bag for the Tour Edge photos. Cast 17-4 stainless steel hollow body construction? Not quite the forged Hogan Apex, Adams Idea Pro or Artisan irons he had in the past. VIBRCOR (thermoplastic polyurethane) injected to tame the sound and feel. This all seems a bit like Ping i500 or Taylormade P770/790. It will be interesting to see if Langer actually games these C721 irons or has a blend of the EXS Pro Forged/Blades instead.
  7. Looking at the photos from the press release of Bernhard Langer signing with Tour Edge I don't recognize the irons in his bag. They do not look like the EXS Pro Forged. https://www.golfwrx.com/647333/bernhard-langer-joins-tour-edge-professional-tour-staff-in-multiyear-deal/ He is definitely not someone who changes irons just for the sake of it. Loved his old 2014 set of mixed Hogan Apex and Adams Idea Pro https://www.golfwrx.com/207709/bernhard-langers-winning-witb/ In 2020 he had a mix of Artisan and Adams in the bag. https://www.golfwrx.com/617776/bernh
  8. The two weights have a small hex key slot so that they can be unscrewed.
  9. Added links to all 3 parts of Tom's shaft fitting article: https://www.golfwrx.com/40557/taking-the-guesswork-out-of-selecting-shafts-part-1/ https://www.golfwrx.com/44239/wishon-taking-shaft-fitting-from-guessing-to-specifics/ https://www.golfwrx.com/55733/wishon-facts-about-what-shafts-what-shafts-do-and-who-they-do-it-for/
  10. Tom Wishon's shaft fitting article from 2012 https://www.golfwrx.com/44239/wishon-taking-shaft-fitting-from-guessing-to-specifics/
  11. Additional links (including many Japanese brands) ... Edel https://edelgolf.com/ Grindworks http://www.grindworks.jp/ Miura https://miuragolf.com/ Epon https://epongolf.us/ Yuyuri https://www.tourspecgolf.com/brand/yururi Majesty https://www.majesty-golf.com/us/#feature-1 Geotech http://www.geotechcomponents.com/ PRGR https://www.prgr-golf.com/en/ OnOff https://onoff.globeride.co.jp/global/club/index.html Fourteen https://www.fourtee
  12. I got the YS-SIX NanoReloaded S flex with a Titleist adapter for Christmas. I fitted it to my Titleist 915D3, playing length 45.5". I had been playing an Xcaliber RT6 S at 44.25" before. I changed out the adjustable weight at the back of the head from 14g to 4g to keep the MOI of the club about the same. I have had several sessions with it on the simulator and the results have been amazing. Similar feel to the old YS-6+, but with a more stable lower section.
  13. We really are spoiled for choice, once you start to search: Wishon https://wishongolf.com/ Ben Hogan https://benhogangolf.com/ New Level https://www.newlevelgolf.com/ Sub 70 https://www.golfsub70.com/ Artisan https://www.artisangolftx.com/ Kyoei https://www.kyoeigolf.com/ Avian https://www.jeffmont.com/#/ KZG https://kzg.com/ Haywood https://www.haywoodgolf.com/ Orka https://www.orkagolf.com/ Alpha https://www.alphago
  14. The Ping CFS shafts are descending weight, i.e. all shafts are tip and butt trimmed from a single blank. In the case of of the S flex shaft, a 41 inch blank weighs about 120g. This equates to about 3g/inch or 1.5g weight reduction for each 0.5" reduction in shaft length. When trimmed to 3i length (37.75" = 39" club length - 1.25" insertion depth), the shaft weighs about 110g. The 9i shaft is then 3" shorter and weighs 101g. The AWT 2.0 shafts are ascending weight and increase in weight by 3g/inch or 1.5g per 0.5" club length decrease. If I remember correctly from the one set that
  15. I play the Nippon NS Pro 1050GH S flex in my irons. They have a smooth feel and produce consistent results for me. I previously played Dynamic Gold, KBS Tour and Project X shafts. I tend to get the best results from iron shafts in the 105-115g range. The S flex 1050GH are about 109g uncut. To me, the feel is similar to KBS Tour 105 S taper tip or KBS Tour R taper tip. A lot softer in flex than Dynamic Gold X flex. Ball flight is more like Project X 5.0 for me, gets up quickly but then has a penetrating flight. I have not seen any ballooning issues. The bend prof
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