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  1. In the post below, provide answers to the following questions: Where are you located (City, State -- U.S. Only Please)? Gainesville, FL How many rounds of golf do you play monthly? 10-15 What’s your golf apparel brand of choice? Why? Under Armour, RLX and vineyard How do you hear about new golf apparel products (Tour players, social media, TV/print/digital ads, etc.)? Tour players, social media What outerwear features do you prioritize (comfort, fit, material, price, style, etc.) Comfort and a slimmer, non restrictive fit What do you wish you could find in an outerwear piece but haven’t yet
  2. https://bettinardi.com/hive-archive/gold-flamed-bbzero-dass/ BBZero - Stingers flying literally everywhere in the cavity. jeweled hex face double milled to transiton into fly milling in the center of the face. DASS with a sight dot! 353 grams stamped on the extreme toe side with an huge stinger bee on the the heel. BB and ZERO on the bumpers. tesselated HEX Bs on the bottom transitioned into the cursive Bettinardi lowercase script. Pure betti grip, 34 in, high polish chrome - torched. Thanks!!!
  3. those look like the regular forged (not tour) - you can tell b/c satin finish
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