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  1. What happens if i end a listing on ebay? Steps Log in to your seller's eBay account. Click on “My eBay” and select “Selling.” Navigate to the item or listing you want removed. Select “End my listing early” from the “More actions” drop-down menu located to the right of the item you want removed. ... Select the option that best describes how you want your listing ended
  2. This place has all differant sizes and quality mats at i think pretty good prices. https://www.dwquailgolf.com
  3. Golfworks free shipping on orders over $25 Use code: XmasShip - Expires 12/31/2018
  4. Stitch golf 50% off all lab putter covers. One day only. Use code THELAB50
  5. Budget golf 25% off 1 item. Use code 25Prancer
  6. Take 50% off of things that ship now. Code: SHIPSNOW
  7. As a seller, never ship to anything other than a paypal verified address, and ALWAYS insure what you are sending, a few bucks is well worth it for piece of mind. And as a buyer NEVER use friends and family. These 3 things and in my opinion you have covered yourself well.
  8. Go to theyre web page and sign up for the newsletter, i think this is your best bet to receive a 20% coupon code
  9. FS - Titleist cart bag, red, white and blue, 14 way top, in excellent shape, used 5 times. $110 plus shipping. shipped to lower 48.
  10. I picked these up on ebay, not custom, but pretty cool and reasonably priced https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fighter-Plane-Head-cover-Blade-Mid-Mallet-Putters-for-Scotty-Cameron-Camouflage/191980598654?hash=item2cb2ef757e:g:VAEAAOSw8w1X6Utt https://www.ebay.com...=item2f1c7b2ac8 www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-2018-ODYSSEY-MAKE-IT-RAIN-PUTTER-HEADCOVER-BLADE/283023603879?epid=12015025397&hash=item41e58578a7:g:7woAAOSwMM9bBKoK
  11. If you are looking for a good lower priced ball every thursday dicks(Or so it has been for the last month or so), online has been having topflite gamers on sale bogo. So it comes out to $7.50 per dozen for in my opinion a really good ball.
  12. Also it seems like every thursday Dicks has gamers buy 1 get 1 free. Ends up costing $7.50 a dozen, on gamer and gamer soft. Gamer tour also buy 1 get one free, comes out to $10 a dozen. Plus free shipping over $49. Good til 10pm est thursdsy april 5.
  13. Hey guys, Only 1 item for sale: Adams Blue irons, Brand New, 6-PW right hand, regular flex, steel shaft, factory standard Adams grips. Standard Legnth, loft and lie. price is $190, shipped to lower 48. Paypal Only. Thank You for looking. Price drop to $180, OBO
  14. I have only used the neo ghost. I think for the price it is fantastic, does everything i need it to do. Very easy to use, and i especially like the shot tracker function. So far it has picked up every course i have played on very quickly. Like i said for the price it is very good. I dont use the belt clip for fear of me knocking it off and damaging it or using it. But it is small enough to fit in my pocket. Hope this helps you.
  15. Glad to help. They have everything there, i have bought nets, mats from them also. I think those balls are geat for nets. Always afraid of real ball going through the net and through my neighbors window....lol
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