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  1. The Mrs. and I played Lochmere in Tilton last week. It was a fun track.
  2. Stop overthinking it. The arms swing the club to the target and everything follows naturally.
  3. An option for the OP could be that class of driving iron/hybrid love child club like the Taylormade GAPR Mid or SIM DHY.
  4. Obviously between 2 balls at the same level it would be difficult to notice trends but when comparing different levels it wouldn't take more than a few rounds with each in determining which level fits better.
  5. With that quick of a rotation it is impossible to see any kind of meaningful trends.
  6. Sometimes when things start going wrong I'll put a single thought into my head, the arms turn the body.
  7. I just decided to pull the Teardrop TD16 putter out to put the Northwestern Weiskopf 303 back in.
  8. Nolan Ryan was never a tired starter.
  9. These threads always dissolve down to the same handful of posters on each end of the music spectrum. By the time they end the posts resemble those one would find in a political or religion discussion where both sides post the extremes and just keep saying the same thing over and over again until it gets locked.
  10. I guess the carts have exactly enough power for one trip through the course. Any backtracking and they'll never make it to the clubhouse.
  11. Best string I've had in an 18 hole round is 6 pars in a row.
  12. It would really depend on the styles of 4 iron and utility that you are comparing.
  13. Close, my PW, AW, SW, LW go 45-50-55-60.
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