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  1. I'm playing both my 3 and 4 down to 16.5 and 19.5, respectively, and loving it.
  2. 45 seconds to write down the score? Is this the Flintstones? I understand hyperbole and love making use of it but, come on now, 45 seconds?
  3. I thought the South clung to Augusta because they were so good at keeping the minorities and women out.
  4. Weird. I saw a whole bunch of guys on tv this weekend missing greens with their wedges. I guess they were really pathetic, too.
  5. I've said many times, some people just need to be be angry about something each day. You have heard of the literary term hyperbole (exaggeration for effect). I'll apologize to the family for leaving off the "h" in their name later.
  6. How long until the nonsensical "How to DJ proof a course?" thread?
  7. Bit if walking is supposedly so much faster then it can't possibly lead to more chat time.
  8. They were saying Wednesday that Westwood is one of the most liked guys on tour. Just further proof.
  9. If you don't keep your eyes on the ball then you can't hit it. That doesn't mean anything is static and your head can't move. It just means you keep your eyes on the ball.
  10. Players can have plenty enough length to play tees without having to shoot par from those more forward. It is a ridiculous statement to pull the play forward until you play par card. Those who make that statement say more about themselves than those the are denigrating.
  11. Not easy putting a ball on the tee with the shakes.
  12. Not this week. Live by the overswing, die by the overswing.
  13. So you don't have any logical bridge between carts and entitlement. You just despise the idea of carts and believe everyone should. Got it.
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