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  1. Why not just post "Make ANGC Great Again"?
  2. ANGC and the Masters are so full of themselves it gets exhausting. "Patrons" is not endearing, it is pretentious. Just like the whole first 9, 2nd 9 nonsense. But then what should you expect from a southern institution that is now trying to pretend it didn't espouse the worst qualities of the South.
  3. I've never played a round with Chatlie Babbitt, maybe your playing partners could tell me what it's like.
  4. Shocked this thread hasn't turned into a complete s---show yet. People must be sleeping in.
  5. My "current" driver is a cut down Cleveland with plenty of lead tape.
  6. Hearing all this talk of "heaviness" might have me finally grabbing a new era, weight adjustable driver.
  7. The GAPR mid/DHY could help if the OP hits the 4i well off the tee. I play the mid 3 and 4 mostly off the tee. Strangely, since I've started with the GAPR 3 2 years ago, my driver swing has improved to the point where I'll pull it on a couple holes a round.
  8. Basically, all of the premium "X" balls fit the bill.
  9. I wonder how many threads the OP considered before landing on this gem of a rehash.
  10. What you describe is having a roommate, not a wife.
  11. There have been numerous threads on versions of this conversation. Bridgestone is making a general recommendation. Accept that and move on.
  12. If you don't like the answer then don't ask the question. You're shouting at the storm.
  13. So get up, get, get, get down...... OEMs is a joke in yo town......
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