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  1. After playing well I've had a couple rough rounds off the tee. Gonna need these to be re-released asap
  2. what the heck...was it a half a day deal?
  3. Surprised there doesn't seem to be reviews online or YouTube testing like txg. They reviewed the left dash from what I remember.
  4. Played 3.5 rounds with this ball. I am loving it. Just as long as the Tour bx off the driver, love the feel around the green. Irons have lots of spin but haven't noticed much distance lost. Part of that is probably my swing is the best it's been all year after lots of work. I am loving it though. Wish I had bought 2 cases but have only lost 1 ball in the 3.5 rounds I've played. Hope its released regularly.
  5. I've never been a ball reviewer, but comparing to my current gamer Tour Bx, and. Pro V1x I have it definitely feels softer/more muted off the putter. Not sure when I will get out to the course. Tuesday most likely.
  6. Mine just arrived(in 1 day to NC). Cant wait to try them.
  7. These sound great. Just ordered a box. Will be comparing with Bx that i've played for a couple years
  8. Live 30 mins from there. Its a great track. Try and play there as much as possible when not playing my club.
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