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  1. Prices all in(paypal fees and shipping included) TSi3 10* Head: Bought after trying the 9* head and just doesn't fit me. In very good condition, bought new. $450 Titleist adapter shafts: Ventus Velocore Black 7x: $300 Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6, X flex: $OLD Mitsubishi Tensei AV, Stiff, 55g: $75 pin 7/26
  2. Great news! A completely standard zx7 4 irons ships within a week.
  3. All prices include paypal fees and shipping. TSi3 Head: Head only, no headcover: $OLD Ventus Blue Velocore Shaft: Titleist adapter, 6s: $OLD Mitsubishi Tensei Shaft: Stiff, 55g: $100 Project X HZRDOUS Shaft: $OLD Rapsodo MLM: Used twice: $425 pin 7/2
  4. Can I just say that I love you? Say no, but I will say it anyway
  5. True linkswear or ecco probably. I wear eccos when I walk as I deal with plantar facisitis. They definitely help. True linkswear have a wide toe box I think.
  6. Been wanting to try a TSi3 for a while now. Been playing a Mavrik with the evenflow riptide shaft. Got the Tsi with a tensei shaft admittedly lighter than I should be playing but was testing it. Got a heavier hazardous shaft and cant stop hitting duck hooks with it after missing right with the standard mavrik. When it does go straight its a beaut. Gonna try some more shafts cause I love the look at address.
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