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  1. I've never been a ball reviewer, but comparing to my current gamer Tour Bx, and. Pro V1x I have it definitely feels softer/more muted off the putter. Not sure when I will get out to the course. Tuesday most likely.
  2. Mine just arrived(in 1 day to NC). Cant wait to try them.
  3. These sound great. Just ordered a box. Will be comparing with Bx that i've played for a couple years
  4. Live 30 mins from there. Its a great track. Try and play there as much as possible when not playing my club.
  5. Prices all in(paypal fees and shipping included) TSi3 10* Head: Bought after trying the 9* head and just doesn't fit me. In very good condition, bought new. $OLD Titleist adapter shafts: Ventus Velocore Black 7x: $250 Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6, X flex: $OLD Mitsubishi Tensei AV, Stiff, 55g: $OLD pin 7/26
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