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  1. Love Belleair. Really like the West. If I lived in Clearwater/Sand key that’s where I would be. Wasn’t the West renovated last year? We were at Innisbrook last October and couldn’t get on. The two prior years we were able to get out and we were treated extremely well. The Pro and his staff are the best. You’re at a great club.
  2. Here’s my tip. Play the Red. It’s a better course. You can’t “tip it out” they won’t have blocks all the way back. The Black isn’t a lot of fun if the rough is up. It’s a grind. I’m a scratch. First time I played it I finished dub, bog dub for 79. It’s really the rough that beats the crap out of you.
  3. I have a place in Fiddlers Creek. The creek course can be joined annually for about $11000 a year. If you want a golf only club( no pool, no tennis) you can’t beat Hideout. Bonita area Twin Eagles is great. It’s not cheap to golf there. Some places like Treveso Bay are cheap but every home owner has to be a member and they use the Chelsea system so it’s tough to get out.
  4. Something doesn’t make sense with Belleair. I thought they renovated the West last year. I usually play there in October and we couldn’t get on the West due to the renovation? Anyways the East is pretty good but very short. East has one green and one tee are on the inter-coastal. Both courses are Donald Ross. The west imo is the better of the two. A nice par 5 along the water. Pro shop staff is very nice. If I lived down there that’s where I would join. Pelican is on the site of the old Bellview Biltmore. It was a nice old Ross that was built in an old Florida neighborhood. I used to play ther
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