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  1. So far nothing. Tried a few things and while the Maverick sounds a lot better (can't honestly think of a driver that doesn't sound better than a Max, but I digress) I haven't found enough difference to spend the money. I've been playing around with a TM Original One and I sometimes toss that in the bag just for a change of pace, but that's more of diversion than a real replacement.
  2. Whatever works. I stopped trying to hit a 4 iron and put a Cobra F9 7 wood in the bag and it's been a wonderful addition. I go back and forth between a 5 hybrid and a 5 iron. When I'm playing a lot I can use either, although they have different flights. Guy I game with all the time has woods and hybrids all the way up to 7 (switches to irons at 8 iron). No detriment to his game! He usually beats all of us.
  3. I have both an F8 5 wood an F9 7 wood. I played an F8 3 wood for a year and gave that to my son who still has it in the bag. I have different shafts in all of them so it's not apples to apples, but these have all been some of my favorite clubs. I don't notice any massive differences. They've all been trusted gamers and I'm completely happy with all of them. The F9 7 wood seems to be just the slightest bit more automatic - meaning I never seem to mishit it. If I were buying new I'd get an F9, but if I found a great deal on an F8 I wouldn't turn it down.
  4. Cobra F9 with Recoil shaft. Hit it much better than my 5i. It does look closed at address but I haven't noticed any more misses to the left than with any other club.
  5. I'm a bogey golfer on a good day and I've begun using my son's CF19's pretty much exclusively. I've never had the height and distance I get out of these. I feel like I can really go at them and I don't lose control. My son, close to a scratch golfer, also loves them and can shape a shot any way you care to ask. That's a pretty good testament to them as he and I both have converged on the same set of irons after a season of trying out several sets. He, a really good golfer and me, just this side of a hack, both enjoy playing a round with them as much as anything we've tried. I will say, they ca
  6. See a fair amount of TM, but I've only seen 1 guy with anything newer than M2/M3/M4. Lots of older Pings. I play a G400 max and my son has a new F9. Those are 2 of the newest clubs in the bags of anyone we regularly play with most of our friends gaming clubs 3 or 4 generations older. I haven't seen a single rogue or Titleist T series.
  7. +1 on the 56. My son plays 52/58 and it works for him. While I have a 60 in the bag, it doesn't come out all that often other than second cut around the green or if I have to go over something but not carry it very far. I could open the 56 and do the same.
  8. I keep trying to use hybrids. My son hits them amazingly. I just can't seem to get the hang of them. Miss hit after miss hit. When I finally make contact I don't know where it's going to go. I know it's me, not the clubs. Currently I go from 5w to 5i and have a huge gap in the bag. I just bought a U85 4i. Maybe that'll work. If it doesn't I'm just going to get a 7w and be done with it.
  9. I went from Modus 105 to Recoils after some bad wrist and elbow pain recently. Pain is gone. Don't feel I sacrificed anything in performance. They do feel different, but not bad or better. Just different. After a few weeks I got used to it and have adjusted. Probably no more adjustment than if I'd gone from the Modus to KBS or whatever.
  10. I have the 919F and my son has the CF16's. I could game either. The CF16's are lower lofted so with a similar shaft and swing each club will go further. On pure hits I may marginally like the 919F better, maybe. It's not night and day. I think the CF16's are marginally more forgiving. I prefer the sound of my Mizuno's more. Never tried the P790's other than the UDI I briefly owned and had no business trying to use.
  11. Mizuno JPX919 Forged with UST Recoil shafts. Not sure if it's the club or shaft but night and day difference in my iron play. I also had terrible wrist and elbow pain prior to switching to the recoils. I'll NEVER go back. No pain even after long range sessions. SM7's swapped out for Callaway PM grind 56 and 60 (also with Recoils). Love the bounce, love the high toe. Just great wedges! Not sure if I'd say they're better than Vokeys, but I sure have a lot more confidence with my wedges with these Callaways. Weird looking at first, but I have hit so many good shots with them so consistently, I
  12. Ping G400 Max w/ADIZ cut to 44.5" I'm not ever going to be a huge bomber off the tee, but I'm in the fairway very consistently. I've noticed I'm getting on the green in a similar number of shots as the guys I play with who consistently out drive me by 30-40 yards because I'm in the short stuff almost every time and they're hacking out from behind trees and out of the rough so much more than I am. Using marshmallow golf balls (Wilson Duo Soft and Callaway Super Soft). Like I said, I'll never be a huge bomber, and I can actually compress these. Ball flights are much better. Holding the greens
  13. Tour AD-IZ. Driver playing at 44.5" with adjusted weights to get it back to original swing weight. Not sure of SS. Mid to upper 90's on a swing caddie last November was the last I saw it.
  14. 3w is the first club I ditch when loading my lighter bag for times I walk and carry the bag. I hit the 5w on the fairway more consistently and if it's any shorter I haven't noticed. In the carry bag I go driver->5W->4h->irons. Works for me. I do carry the 3w in the full bag but it's by far the least used club.
  15. 60M grind most of the time. When I'm walking, I just bring the 50F and 56M and just make those work. I don't need the 60, but I do use it when it's in the bag for over bunker, short sided and sand shots.
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