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  1. Hi, I always wonder, why the PGA tour analysts like Paul Azinger wear those huge headsets while sitting in the studio? Is there any reason? You don't see it here in Europe. Either they wear small hidden earplugs and a small mic in the collar or they just use old fashioned mics. Greetings Source: https://www.pgatour.com/news/2018/10/22/paul-azinger-new-nbc-sports-lead-golf-analyst-2019.html
  2. I've been to the states a couple times, but never attended a tour event. I also do fully support Ladys wearing see through and yoga pants :D High heels are also inappropriate, but less than a tour dress. ;) I haven't been all around the states but I've seen a couple states and I liked all of them very much. Not as different as in Europe, but noticeably different from state to state. The kindness of the people impressed me... Then I went to Canada and was shocked. The Canadians are on a different level of kindness :D I don't know how reliable the numbers are, but according to one source, 10% of
  3. I looked out for it but couldn't find anything about it. Source? For me: Anything that doesn't make you look like you're going to tee off ;)
  4. You are absolutely right, I didn't think of this yet... I think this is the ultimate proof, that golf shoes are a no need.
  5. One can see that you have a very good knowledge of the Germans and their way of dressing. You are absolutely right that all Germans dress like this.This is my point. Why do you dress up like you were a player!? You are not, you are not even practicing. I don't blame people for it, although I find it a little silly, I just want to understand it. Dress how ever it's appropriate but from my point of view it doesn't make any sense to show up dressed like a player ready to tee off.
  6. Hi, I'm located in Duesseldorf, western Germany and yes, people here think that Golf is a sport for old rich men. The average golfer here is over 55 years old. Let's forget about the golf shoes, I accept that they can be reasonable for some weather conditions. But going to a golf event in Dubai, where 365 days a year the sun is shining it never makes sense. I've never attended a golf event here in Germany so I don't know if it's a common thing here but I guess not. And don't get me wrong but I think wearing cargo shorts is never appropriate anywhere unless you need to store pounds of stuff in
  7. In Germany they call the type of fabric that keeps you cool "functional". Sorry thought is was common. Maybe it's because golf is more a wide sports in the US than its in Germany. People have reservations of golf being of the hook and only for better earners. You don't see people on the streets with golf shirts Although they can look like a good polo shirt. I always wear golf gear when I play golf, I ALWAYS wear long golf trousers, never shorts, but I don't blame players who don't. I just would never have the idea of ​​wearing these things that are made to practice golf when I'm not playing. T
  8. Hey, I get the point about golf shoes, when we are talking about weather conditions that require so. The last event I attended was in Dubai, 25 degrees Celsius (77°F). I would never consider to wear water proof golf shoes in such weather conditions unless you like sweaty feet. Also a golf course is usually not a place that requires special shoes if you just want to walk over it. But shoes were the less important thing I was bewildered about. When I go somewhere I dress of course according to the occasion, but I don't go to a soccer game with cleats and shin pads. I'm just talking about folks t
  9. Hi all and a happy new year, in the past I went to a couple European Tour events and saw that most of the spectators came fully equipped in golf clothes including golf shoes. Can someone give me a hint what's behind that? I simply don't get it. Are they doing it to let others know that they also play golf or do they think that they can play if a player withdraws!? Is it only a common thing in Europe or do people in the states also attend a tour event fully equipped? I have no idea whats behind that. Best Regards Seb
  10. Ok, thanks pals. I know the alcohol prices in the hotels and was hoping that they charge less. Will anybody else be on site?
  11. Okay, it's obviously free as I found out. Amazing :smiley: Does anyone know if they sell alcohol around the course and how much they charge? Greetings
  12. Hi, I‘ll be in Dubai when the tournament takes place. I ordered 2 general addmission tickets which are free of charge. Is that my access to the tournament even on the the final sunday or do I miss something? Regards Sebastian
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