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  1. Only one item up for sale. 1) New Sim 2 9* *HEAD ONLY* - Ordered it almost 2 months ago from Fairway Jockey and in the meantime found something I like better so my loss is your gain. - Ventus Black 6X w/ Velocore - Plays 45 inches - Willing to split head and shaft. - Shaft Only: SOLD - Head Only: $450 Shipped OBO - Together: N/A
  2. Got quite a few items up for sale. 1) Nike TW13 - Worn one time on a dry 70* day. You won’t find a better pair of used TW13. - Size 10 - $210 Shipped OBO 2) Jordan XI Golf Shoes White/Gum - Worn 4 times all in great weather and perfect conditions - Size 10.5 - SOLD 3) Nike AM1G NRG “No Denim Allowed” - Worn once 9 hole league night - Just not really my style - Size 10.5 - SOLD 4) Adidas Knit Spikeless Golf Shoes - Not really sure the name of this style, but were given these as a gift a year ago and never wore them. Still has the tags. - Size 10.5 - SOLD 5) Costa Del Mar Half Moon Sunglasses - Black Matte Frame - 580G Blue Mirror Lenses - Come with original case - $100 OBO 6) GForce Wedge Swing Trainer - Used about 5 times - Definitely shows wear on the face, but the finish is not super durable - Just don’t really have time to practice that much anymore. If I have time, I’ll go play a quick 9 hole round instead of practicing so it’s just collecting dust in the back of my car. -SOLD
  3. The routing on the course I grew up playing was definitely unconventional: 4, 4, 4, 4, 3, 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 5, 5, 4, 4, 3, 4, 4, 3. I always kind of liked ending on the par 3 because when there are events everyone stands on the hill behind the 18th green and watches everyone hit. Been lucky enough to be in the final group 4-5 times there and it definitely gives you that kind of adrenaline rush seeing 100-150 people standing behind the green while you’re hitting your tee shot.
  4. Why doesn’t Nike just do a simple, Masters themed color way like this every single year with whatever the current models are. I don’t understand why they don’t. They would sell just as well and actually would sell better. These are fantastic. I don’t know why Nike doesn’t understand it’s golf consumers.
  5. I think I’m going to need to see them and in person and try them on in store before I make a true decision, but I’m leaning the same way as you. They may find their way in to my rotation if I like them in person.
  6. I’ve done it with a driver once. Traded in my G30 LST for the original M1. I used it for 2 rounds and absolutely hated it. I went back to the shop, found my old G30 on the used rack and traded in the M1. I have also done this with a RBZ Stage 2 Tour 3 Wood. Best 3 wood I’ve ever owned. Come to think of it, I wish I still had that 3 wood now. I would love to have it back now.
  7. Coming to post just this. Definitely a GC2 if it had cords.
  8. Are the victory tours 2 growing on anyone else or just me? I mean still aren’t exactly the best looking golf shoe, but I kind of think it looks pretty good with pants.
  9. If you were color blind these wouldn’t be that bad actually.
  10. The white looks clean. I hate the yellow, but since it’s limited to the bottom and not midsole or upper it may be worth a shot if the reviews come back good. I don’t think I’ll be the guinea pig though.
  11. Umm take a stroll through JTs Instagram. JT wears Jordan’s all the time off the course...
  12. I switched to Nippon Modus 130x last year but used PX 6.5 before that. In my 3 iron I play a Fuji Atmos Black 9X hybrid shaft. It’s perfect for me. I can flight it low off the tee and let it roll out forever and can hit it high to hold greens hitting into par 5’s.
  13. I got the chance to roll one yesterday in store and I have to say I think this may work for me. I couldn’t pull the trigger on $400 right then and there, but it was without a doubt the most stable I’ve ever felt picking up a putter but still allowed for a slight arc in my stroke. You just set up completely normal to it and it does what it’s supposed to. I even compared it to a Kuchar Bettinardi that was in there as well as the Odyssey double wide armlock that was there and both just still feel awkward because of how much forward press is required. I have a slight forward press in my stroke, but no where near as much as what’s required by a traditional armlock. The mid lock didn’t require any changes to my set up or grip.
  14. For sale today: 1) White Hot OG Stroke Lab 7S - Hit probably 200 putts indoors and one round outside. -Legit 9.9/10 condition -35 Inches -Original grip -Original HC included -SOLD 2) Mavrik SZ 3 Wood - Evenflow White 75g 6.5 - $180 Shipped OBO 3) Project X 6.5 Wedge Shafts - Set of 4 - Pulled only once from heads directly installed from Titleist/Vokey -Golf pride tour velvet cord grips. 3/4 grips still have a ton of life left in them. - SOLD
  15. I highly doubt it’s anything new and very very likely that it’s just an M1 HC that in prototype stage was just named R16. I don’t think TM would name it R16 if they tried to bring it back anyways. Most likely if they were going to be going back to the R line it would be R22 or R something considering the R line up until R1 always correlated with the release year.
  16. I got fitted for the Sim2 and it was definitely better for me than the Sim was. The Sim wasn’t able to beat the Mavrik SZ for me last year but the Sim 2 was way better than the Mavrik for me this year. To each their own though I guess.
  17. Sure if I have time I’d like to hit 15-20 balls before playing, but it’s not entirely necessary for me. I do need to hit 5-10 putts just to get a feel for the greens that day, but besides that all I need to “get loose” is a couple times bending over and touching my toes, a few arm swings and I’m good to go. But I also stretch religiously everyday to maintain flexibility. Stretching everyday away from the golf course will 100% help your game more and prevent injuries than hitting range balls and doing some quick static stretches before the first. The range is to work on things. Before a round if I do hit range balls it’s a couple low pitch shots, a couple high pitch shots, a cut with a 7 iron, a draw with a 7 iron, a stock 3 iron, a stock 3 wood, a stock driver, and a get it in play driver. Head to first tee. I don’t really need it though and have played plenty of courses over the years that don’t even have a range. No big deal.
  18. Looking to have my bachelor party in Vegas in late summer. We have about 12 of us. 8 of us are golfers varying from scratch to 30 handicaps. There are also 4 non-golfers in the group. I’m going to limit it to probably just one round. It’s my bachelor party and damnit I’m getting a round of golf in with my guys. Of the other 4, they will likely “play” but more along for the ride and getting hammered. Obviously with 4 non-golfers I don’t want to take them to a place that is ridiculously priced. For the 8 of us though I don’t want to be playing a goat track either. Any recommendations on where to look at? We are likely going to be staying at a hotel on the strip or rent an Airbnb right outside the strip.
  19. Looking for some insights on Omaha golf. In the past I’ve been a member at smaller private tracks. Affordable and can get out a play a quick 9 holes just about any day after work. Any insight on what my best options are here in Omaha? Also I love to play competitive golf as well. I want to be able to play in 2-3 true competitive events every year but so far I’m having trouble finding anything here in Omaha. Any tips on where to look or any events I should try and sign up for?
  20. I’m a 10.5 or 11 in most major brands. FJ is consistently a 10.
  21. Thicker socks or put a thicker insole in there. As someone who has extremely narrow feet I’m pretty experienced in how to get golf shoes to fit correctly. I wear a 10.5 or 11 in basically everything. Even if I size down to a 10 to attempt to get a snug fit, my toes are cramped, and they still aren’t snug. Thicker insoles are a game changer for me.
  22. Agreed on the shorts part. Considering 70% of my golf is played in shorts, these are going to be an easy pass for me. I do like the look on feet look straight down, but the rest of the shoes is just disgusting looking. I honestly can’t believe Rory or any Nike player wears these over the Roshe Tour. Same react cushioning, same basic design elements, but just horrible execution for these. I simply don’t get it. These will not sell well at all. Compared to the original Victory Tours which I thought was that perfect bridge between classic golf shoe with upgraded tech, just makes these new ones even worse.
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