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  1. I play a TX in my driver and S300 XP 115’s in my irons. driver SS is around 115mph 7 iron SS is around 95mph I think the weight of the club matters more than flex. If you have a more moderate tempo and easier transition, then the flex is not noticeable to me. Specific bend profiles and weight would be my primary focus. Flex would be the final bit of fine tuning in my opinion.
  2. Thanks, I figured they were similar, but haven’t really looked into it. I hit XP 115’s in my irons, and I see that they make a XP 95. May just be an option if they make a .370 tip ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. It was standard length in a TEE EXS pro 19* hybrid it felt heavier than my Aldila 2kxv that’s 15 grams heavier and is 1 inch over ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe it’s me ?
  4. Thanks! After going to the range, I can’t get over how good the Modus 105 steel shaft performs in my 20* Adams 9031. It’s probably slightly longer than the Kuro Kage that I had in it, but I think that my contact has improved with it. Dispersion is off the charts better. It tossed my T-MB 2 and 3 iron out of the bag, which enables me another wedge 50* 55* and 60*. I don’t necessarily see that graphite is my only option now. I’m looking for something in the ball park of what the Modus has done to change my hybrid for the better. I may explore a Nippon 850gh in S flex. I’m thinking
  5. Thanks. I tried to bring my launch/spin down on my Callaway Apex 2Hybrid with a stiffer/lower launching shaft, and there was almost no change. I added 2 mph of ball speed, and that’s about it. The ball speed increase probably had more to due with me having the shaft 1 inch over the previous one. i don’t notice much difference in flights between shaft bend profiles, or stiffness. The biggest change that is measurable to me is weight. That is why is was thrown off by the much lighter Tensei Silver, but it may just be the club head weight/ overall weight that influenced that particular
  6. I recently had work done to a club in order to fill out the top end of my bag. I didn’t like the flight (too high) or dispersion (pushes/hooks) with my Adams Super 9031 20* hybrid, so I had it re-shafted. I removed Kuro Kage Black 2nd gen at a PGASS and swapped with a Modus 105 S steel shaft and now I love it. While I was at the PGASS I hit a TEE EXS Pro with a Tensei Sliver AV 70 stiff shaft and wow! The flight was amazing. I tend to hit my hybrids too high, so I gravitate towards the more iron like ones, and I’m wondering if it’s the head, the shaft, or the combo that was so good.
  7. I hit my 20°super 9031 with a modus 105 steel shaft today alongside a TEE EXS Pro at 19° And a Sim 3Hybrid. The flight of the Super 9031 was lowest/best of the 3 for me, but the EXS pro with a Tensei white 70 gram shaft was awesome. The TEE had a slightly higher flight (but still low for a hybrid) a few more MPH ball speed and about 6-7yards longer carry , but it was also a 19* and the 9031 is a 20* the SIM I only hit a couple of shots with, then put it back on the shelf. It flew way to high for my liking and I am looking for a lower launch hybrid to fit in between my 20*
  8. I never put much weight into it, until I hit a friends clubs and noticed it. At the time I had only played 5 types of Mizuno blades preceded by old Hogan Apex’s from the 92. this brought to mind Danny Lee using NOS Mizuno Mp32’s from Luke Donald http://www.golfwrx.com/546076/danny-lees-mizuno-mp-32-irons-the-real-inside-scoop/
  9. I don’t move the ball much, but I do slightly draw the ball where I’m accustomed to aim down the right middle, and if it draws..... fine, if not, that’s fine too. I could not turn the SIM over right to left at all. I had to set up for a fade which was uncomfortable, I feared a double cross or pull, but found I could consistently fade the ball with my usual straight drive swing that will sometimes turn over a few yards (maybe 5) left. The SIM I would aim down the left side and it would fade ten yards right and I never lost it left. Very consistent. Only Driver I’ve ever hit that didn’
  10. I hit both, but with different shafts and currently play the Ping G410 lst. The stock G410 plus with the tour 75X and the G410 lst had a stock Tensei orange 75 shaft. Both were 9* set at 7.5* The G410 plus was 21-2400 rpm The G410 lst was at 1800-2100 rpm Launch angle was about the same on both at 15.5-16* Ball speed was about the same at 166-167 I had great numbers with the Tensei, but hated the feel. I only ordered it with the Tensei shaft because I had a ping tour 65x at home off of my ping G30 LS tec. I since sold the tensei shaft an
  11. Thanks ? i carry a 2Hybrid and a 2 iron, but not much separation between the two unless it’s windy, then my 2 iron is way longer into the wind. Hoping the right head with the right loft and shaft can optimize what I have. I have narrowed it down to the CBX 119, the CB pro U, and the Adams pro 2014 Although the shaft I like least is in the TEE CBX 119 I could always pull my shaft out of my Callaway apex hybrid. my next option would be theTEE CB Pro U hybrid that comes with a black tie shaft in it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. How would you compare the TEE EXS PRO to the Adams pro as far as flight and overall distance? Really interested in feedback on those two. I have an 2016 Apex but it’s 18° And I need something with less launch and spin. I bought an Adams XTD ti at 16° and turned it down to. 14.5°, but it launched super high and was maybe 5 yards longer than my Apex due to spin/launch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Im looking to fill a 3 wood slot with a hybrid, and availability is limited to a few gently used. I’m considering the TEE EXS Pro, CBX 119, Adams Pro, Adams Red, or a TEE CB Pro U hybrid...... which I haven’t s
  13. My concern with more wood like hybrids like the CLK are launch and spin. My Adams XTD TI is 16* turned down to 14.5* and is about the same height and length as my 2016 Apex due to the low CG. im interested in sub 18* hybrids that are low launch/low spin. I may pick up an Adams pro (2015) at 16* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I like How my super 9031 launches and spins. I’m hoping the Pro will be similar. I know the pro mini is very similar to the 9031, but read the Pro was only marginally higher Anyone hit the TEE CB PRO U hybrid from 2015? I found 1 review and it didn’t say much.
  14. Titleist 716/718 T-MB is comparable
  15. I hit my 17* TMB 2 iron fine, in fact, I absolutely love the T-MB. (I demoed the Mizuno MP 20 HMB and loved that one too) The flight is workable as well as shape of shot. It has a slimmer sole than most DI’s so it’s great off the deck as well. I can flight it any where from 75-100 ft high, and put it out there a fair distance that will carry from 220-230 with varying roll outs depending on flight and shape. My problem isnt there, it is that I am no better (maybe worse) off the tee with my 3 wood compared to my driver. I drive the ball well, but not nearly as well as I can hit my T-Mb 2 iron
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