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  1. When I played Mizuno Mp67’s I had X100 shafts at standard Mizuno length and midsize grips (60 gram), they had a swingweight of D0 and didn’t feel super light. I bought a set of Titleist 716 TMB’s with XP 115 shafts, standard grips (50 gram) and had a swingweight of D2 and felt heavier in the head than the Mizuno MP 67’s. If I were to pick up and compare the two clubs, I could not tell the difference in overall weight, only the swingweight when I was swinging them . While getting fit for new clubs, I hit a bunch of different shafts. The C-Taper 130x had a lighter swingweight by 1 point than the
  2. If you like the feel of the Fuji. Seems like a good pick. I ended up going with an 85 gram shaft (PX Catalyst 80 6.0) which is 20 grams less than my irons Modus 105s. It’s been great. I have only been able to hit it a few times, due to tearing my rotator cuff, but I picked up 2mph ball speed with some added launch/carry. Some have a harder time with weight changes than others. I found that I can go lighter, as long as I can feel the head, so I play all my irons around D5. It makes up for the lighter weight. I’m very upright at address and impact, so I play mine at 1/2 over
  3. I put a PX Catalyst 80 graphite shaft in my TMB with good results. My TMB started out with a DG X100 ( at the time it matched my set of Mizuno blades) then I went with a XP 115 X100 ( matching my set of 716 TMB’s) and now the Catalyst 80 6.0 at which is around 85 grams. The i95 Steelfiber has a closest profile to the DG S400, perhaps that would be light enough. They are 95 gram, .355 bore like your TMB. I have never played them, but people say they play stiff to flex.
  4. Some are affected by shaft bend profiles more than others. I am a sweeper/ picker. I have a deliberate tempo, easy transition and later release, I’m not affected much in the way of dispersion and don’t feel like my timing is really ever off. My launch and spin seem to vary with different profiles and flexes, but nothing that puts me in “unplayable” territory. I even warmed up with the club that was left in the bay.... some Callaway iron with a PX Catalyst 5.5 60 gram shaft, and hit it decent. I wasn’t looking at numbers, but it felt fine to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Some are better fits
  5. I prefer the heavier swingweight. It helps me feel the head through my swing. When I originally hit the Modus 105 and DG 105 I thought, “these are way too light” coming from X100’s, but after playing XP 115’s for a year, the 105’s didn’t feel like as much of a jump. I still think the clubs I was testing felt a bit on the too light side when they were at D2 swingweight, but when the fitter put the regular head (Mizuno HMB) in the half inch over shaft, they felt perfect. So, that is what I went with. My clubs are D4.5-D5. To me, when coming from the X100’s to the Modus 120, I thought t
  6. I play my Modus 105s at D5 I played X100 for about 20 years, then played XP 115’s for a year. I liked the lighter weight, so I wanted to keep in the 115 realm. 106.5 + 3 swingweight did the trick
  7. The Modus 120x is 120 grams The Modus 120s is 114 grams The Modus 105x is 112 grams The Modus 105s is 106.5 grams I play the 105s and I found the 105x to be too stiff. I hit the 120x and 120TX and they still didn’t feel as stiff as the 105x. At the time I was playing the DG X100’s and found the 120TX to be similar. YMMV if you like the Modus 105 feel, you may fit into a Modus 125. There is more to the equation than swing speed when selecting a shaft. Shaft weight preference, tempo and transition, play a bigger factor than flex. My swing sp
  8. It may have something to do with swingweight. I went from D2 to D5 and the problem was solved.
  9. There is much more than swing speed to consider. How did they feel to you? What is your Tempo and Transition like? I went to get fit a few month back and the Mizuno shaft optimizer and club fitter kept throwing HEAVY and X-Stiff at me. C-Taper 130x, PX 6.5, X100...etc, and I was more at home with something around 120gram I was hitting Modus 120X and not really liking the feel or flight that much, didn’t hate it, but not sold on it. The fitter said try this..... “it’s a Modus 120 stiff”. .......I thought that my 93-94mph 7iron would be better suite
  10. I play the CBX 119 hybrid and 3 wood. TEE makes the best fairway woods and hybrids IMHO. They picked up where Adams left off. When searching for a 4 wood, I had hit the Maverik, Cobra SZ and others (those were the 2 best) and the CBX and EXS Pro were far better. The TEE offerings are a fit for me. My swing speed is 112-114mph with a driver and 93-94mph with a 7 iron if that helps. My trouble with some fairway woods and hybrids is typically too high launch and spin. The TEE products seem to put me in optimum windows. I’ve only hit the 3 wood for 1 session in testing before tearing my rotator cu
  11. TEE are underrated I have the CBX 119 16* Hybrid and the 16.5* (3) 4wood. The TEE EXS PRO is the best hybrid I’ve hit in the sub 20* lofts. i have a Titleist T-MB 2 iron with a Catalyst 80 6.0 shaft in it, which is great, but I don’t find them to be nearly as forgiving as a Game Improvement iron, Fli-Hi, DHY, or Ironwood .....etc are better in that spot. TMB is great if you are a good ball striker, but the U500/U510 are more forgiving.
  12. DG 105 DG 115 DG 120 XP 95 XP 105 Elevate 95 Elevate 105 Elevate 115 Elevate Tour X (122 gram) They all have the True Temper feel https://www.truetemper.com/true-temper-golf-shafts/ I played X100 for about 20 years and moved to XP 115’s and more recently Modus 105. I tested the Elevate Tour in X flex and found them to be great, I just liked the Modus feel and got better numbers with them. Performance wise the Elevate Tour were like the DG120 but with a nicer feel to them.
  13. When I played my TMB’s they were the same loft as the Adams, but the Adams were 1/2 inch longer, so they were about 1/2 club longer in distance. I dropped my 17* 2 iron and 20* 3 iron at the time, and played the Adams 20* to cover both. I figured I could cover the distance from 3-4 iron by chocking down. Now that I got fit for my new set, and I was put into the same shafts as the hybrid (Modus 105 hs/x1 at 1/2 over, who knew ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the fitter didn’t even know the Modus was in my hybrid, I only brought my irons at the time to compare) my distances are covered in a more sensible progression
  14. sounds great. I went the same route when I originally put the Modus 105 in my hybrids at 1/2 over standard iron length (which is 1/2 under standard playing length as well) I was playing standard length Titleist 716 TMB’s with XP 115’s, so I opted to go lighter. I had hit the XP 95, but liked the feel of Modus at that weight better. I would later be fitted into the Modus 105 by happenstance.
  15. That’s what I love about the Super 9031 Proto. I found mine to have the same overall distance as my corresponding lofted iron, with longer carry, shorter roll out...... within 3 yards. If I was looking for a high ball speed bomber off of the tee, or something that will show burn marks on the ball from it re-entering the atmosphere from the deck, I’d look elsewhere. if you are looking to fill gaps when you replace a 5-4-3 iron, something that flies a bit higher, lands a bit softer, and is a bit more versatile, then the Super 9031 is perfect IMHO!
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