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  1. Great club. i reshafted my T-MB 2 iron trying to recreate the magic of the U500. it’s comparable, but there is something special about the U500. Titleist knocked that one out of the park.
  2. If your goal is to hit a number consistently and it will be an iron replacement to gap off a fairway wood, I’d suggest the Tour Edge EXS Pro. Hands down the best hybrid on the market right now. I’ve hit the Ping G410 and the TSi2, the EXS Pro has a much better flight (lower) and it’s definitely aimed at low cap, high swing speed players like yourself. I tend to hit hybrids sky high, so I seek out ones that are easier to flight down. I play a Adams Super 9031 proto at 20* with a Modus 105 steel shaft. I play that particular one because it’s the lowest launch, it’s not some h
  3. I can’t speak to the Callaway, but I do have an Adams DHY that came out at the same time, and I find it to function as well as others in its class of club. I also have a 716 T-MB 2 iron which is much like the Titleist U500. Although the two clubs are long iron replacements, they are different. I feel that your Callaway would be more comparable to a Ping Crossover, or a U-510, rather than a U-500. I think if you are looking for something lower, than a U-500 would be a good option. I reshafted my T-MB with a PX Catalyst 80 graphite shaft and it flies ab
  4. Nice write up. I have the TEE CBX119 16* hybrid and I’m trying to dial it in a bit better now. I added 6g of lead tape to tighten up some of my flight issues. (Since it’s too light for my liking I end up hitting it low on the face more often then I’d like) I have a Tensei Blue in the CBX119 . When I hit it flush, it’s a nice penetrating flight, lower than most and produces some nice ball speeds. It’s about 3-4 mph faster than the club it replaced which was my 18* Callaway Apex (2016) that had an Aldila 2kxv shaft at 1/2 over and 2* flat. TEE gets some talk here, but th
  5. I play an Aldila Xtorsion Copper 60TX, but it comes in 70TX as well. It’s kind of in between the Hzrdus Yellow and Tensei Orange PO. The 60TX is higher torque than the 70TX. The 70 TX felt much stiffer even though it was only 3 grams heavier at 70g while the 60TX is 67g. the 60TX feels a bit like the 2KXV while the 70TX feels more tight like the UST Chrome for me.
  6. The closest hybrid I’ve hit to a Callaway Apex (2016) that I actually like better than the Apex was the TEE EXS PRO. It comes in a 16*. I feel it’s the best new(ish) Hybrid on the market. https://www.golfwrx.com/611874/golfwrx-spotlight-tour-edge-exotics-exs-pro-hybrid/ I own a 16* TEE CBX119 hybrid that is a 3/4 wood replacement for me. I play it 1/2 over with a Tensei blue shaft and it’s super long. It replaced my 2016 Callaway Apex 18* hybrid that I had 2* flat from Callaway and it had a Aldila 2KXV shaft at 1/2 over in it . I gained about 3-4mph ball speed on
  7. I second what Stuart has said. I have a Ping G410 lst that came with a 12g weight. After going through Howard’s DIY driver tune up, I ended up In a different shaft (11g lighter before the cut) , shorter playing length 44.25 and I added 8 grams of lead tape to find the best results, so I went and ordered a 20g headweight online after to keep it looking clean, and ditch the lead tape. It’s the only club in my bag that I don’t know the swingweight scale number. When I got fit for irons, the fitter had them built specs to what gave me my best numbers, then checked them at the shop when
  8. What made you choose that particular shaft? What shafts do you play in your irons, and we’re you fit for them? It could be the weight if you are dropping from 130g+ shaft to a 95g shaft.. The graphite shaft bend profile could be all wrong for you, as well. If that’s the case, the flex won’t make as much of a difference as too light, and wrong bend profile.
  9. Did you use the dots on the club. The GC Quad has a predetermined number put in for smash factor in a driver of 1.45. In order to get swing speed they take the ball speed and divide by the predetermined 1.45 smash which would give you around 103mph swing speed. If you divide the ball speed of 152 by the predetermined smash factor for a long iron of 1.36 you will get a swing speed of 111.7mph and 109.55mph if you use 149 ball speed. Either the machine was set to 1.36 smash which is the predetermined smash for a long iron, or you are missing the driver beyond what
  10. Add your launch angle and I’m sure you may get some more insight. 2500rpms could be way low for a 6* launch angle , but high for an 18* launch angle You may have contact issues if your swing speed is that high and ball speed is that low. How was ball speed and club head swing speed measured? I’m around 113mph swing speed and 165mph ball speed average. Howard’s driver tune up is a must IMHO https://flightscope.com/products/trajectory-optimizer/ Below is a fitting chart from Ping
  11. PX makes a graphite shaft called Catalyst https://www.truetempersports.com/en-us/golf/golf/project-x-graphite-iron-shafts/catalyst-graphite-iron-golf-shafts.html Everyone has different requirements in profiles, weight and flex designations, but I play a PX Catalyst 80 (85g) 6.0 they make a 6.5 in 80 (85g) and a PX Catalysts 100 6.5 . It’s the lowest launching graphite shaft I’ve played. I love it in my T-MB 2 iron. here is a great past thread on the PX Catalyst 100
  12. If you found the right profile in the Diamana ZF SR flex shaft, try out some other flexes in that profile to fine tune. The profile just might be better suited for your swing. Perhaps they have some similar bend profiles to that shaft that someone could post, so you can pick up a few flexes on the cheap! I had always gone x-stiff and heavy, now I play a Modus 105s. I just posted a thread on this in regards to flex, weight and “overpowering” shafts. Very rare I find a shaft that feels to soft. I just hit some 8 irons with a ladies flex graphite 45g shaft and it went well. I
  13. Makes sense. You have a very quick tempo, so weight is probably important to you i found the readout when I first went in the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer. My Numbers change when I’m warmed up. After I warm up properly I swing a little slower, with a little slower tempo, and with a little later release. im going by memory, but I know I had a lower swing speed , tempo and release. 91.33 mph 4.67 3.67 4.33 3 something to that effect anyways. I remember two .33’s and two .67’s not sure of the order though. It also spit out different shafts. $
  14. This “ But for some individuals” happened in my fitting. I launched the C-Taper 130 higher than the Modus 105s by almost a degree. 19.2* -18.5* The spin was much lower on the C-Taper as well. When I added weight to the head of the Modus 105s, the launch was about the same as before at 18.2* so 0.3* less and I’m not a robot, but adding 1/2 length, it had my launch about 2-1/2* lower than the C-Taper 130 Modus 105s +1/2 hs/X1 launch 16.8* C-Taper 130 standard length 19.2* I think part of it was that I had to swing out of my shoes to “try” to get the C-Taper to load
  15. Ok, with your numbers you benefit from a certain profile I would gather, over another, with such a crazy fast Tempo. What do you hit for iron shafts btw? I was looking for someone comparable on tour, the closest I could find is Daniel Vancsik 103mph 8 Tempo 8 toe down 6 kick angle 2 release I know 120 grams are out of the question, so humor me Modus 120x, PX 6.0, and KBS Tour V are all the same weight. I’m sure one of them would be the worst by far…….. Modus 120x ? I’m not saying toss out flex design
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