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  1. No. Not as far as COR with the different heads. You may have gains from a shaft profile that better suits you, and head as well. I have a 9* Ping G410 lst at 7.5* with a TX shaft in it from 2019, my back up driver I use to hit range balls with in colder weather is a 15 year old (2006) 9* Titleist 905r with a 15 year old shaft. I get the same ball speeds (within 1mph) with both drivers, but I’m much longer (25 yards) with the Ping G410 because the loft is 1.5* lower, so I get far better spin numbers. If you like the G400, then you could always go through Howard’s DIY driver tune up, to better optimize your results I ended up playing my driver about 1 inch shorter and added 8g of weight to the head.
  2. I’m the same and the MMC +4 with 2 wraps is perfect. another alternative is the Winn Dri-Tac midsize. It’s a softer grip than the GP +4, but seems to be in between a GP standard and GP Midsize I have the Winn Dri-Tac in all my woods and hybrids to have lighter grip pressure, and I’m sweeping them a bit more. I like the hardness of the GP MMC +4 in my irons, because I like the feedback on the strike better! YMMV
  3. You can get an Evenflow Black…. They came standard with the g410, so you could probably find one with a G410 adapter online, or a Tensei Orange as well. Both should be less boardy feeling than the Ping Tour…… at least they were for me. YMMV I think the Evenflow will be heavier though.
  4. The Trial Bags are not the same as the bags that went to retail. They Titleist hybrid 14 is a great bag, the trial bags look the part on the outside, but inside they are far different. The trial bags do not have the dividers that go all (or most of the way) down, as a matter of fact, they only have a few separating areas. I went to Dicks sporting goods with my Trial bag, and noticed the difference immediately when I looked inside the retail version. The trial bag is horrible and I’m going back to my 07’ Ogio Ozone for now. I may get a Titleist Hybrid 14, Ping, or SM…… the trial bags are just for display and not function!
  5. I thought the Copper was higher torque, higher launch and higher spin than the Black Mamba? So would the Rip X be more like the Copper then?
  6. Great club indeed. I picked up a CBX119 fairway wood because it reminded me of the 904f in its shape and address.
  7. A friend of mine has Taylormade Raylor and Burner 5 woods in his old club bag, and I thought they were hybrids when I walked past them on the way to hit a few balls into a driving net before we went to golf. (The course doesn’t have a driving range) Short steel shaft with a small cc head and 21* of loft ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. i like the Titleist hybrids and the Tour Edge hybrids as well, both seem to have a very muted crack that just feels solid. The workability of the Titleist is great. I didn’t like the Adams XTD ti, I thought it was like many of the modern hybrids. Hot face, too high of launch for me. I think the Adams Super 9031 proto is the best hybrid ever made for an iron replacement. They are not ball speed monsters with a hot face, they don’t fly that much higher than an iron and they spin more than the modern hybrids, but what they do, they do second to none. The 9031 proto’s replace irons better than all others. I hit it a little higher, it fly it a little longer, stop it a little shorter, it does everything well that people look for in a long iron replacement. It’s compact, workable and I bought 4 when the heads were on sale for under $50. I don’t think anything compares, but the closest for me would be the Tour Edge EXS Pro and the new 721 Pro they just released might as well, but I haven’t hit that yet so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Titleist is a runner up depending on the model, some of the more player ones are great, but I haven’t hit the TS series from last year or this year. The last one that did get my attention was an 818H2. Excellent hybrid
  9. I haven’t played either one. I played the Original Idea Proto peanut and it was finally replaced with a Callaway Apex (2016) then I replaced the Apex with an Adams Super 9031 Proto. I like the 9031 so much, I bought 4 of them 16* 20*(x2) 23* I have demo’ed the Callaway Super Hybrid and hit a friends Adams Super LS, but not the Mavrik, but it’s look was similar to the Super LS It seems like the Callaway’s have the shape of the Adams, but feel much different. Every Adams I have hit (except the XTD Ti) felt solid with a very muted sound, the Callaways seem to jump off the face and have a higher pitch crack. The Adams seem to be more workable and give me a more penetrating flight (except the XTD ti) while the Callaways launch higher, feel hot off the face and are more point and shoot. If I were looking for a high towering bomber to replace a 4-5 Wood I would consider a Super Hybrid and though I haven’t hit the Mavrik, it looks like it would fill that roll if I were looking to replace a 2-3-4 iron, I would forget the Callaway and get the 9031 proto (which is why I own a few) or look to a Tour Edge EXS pro I think a Mavrik, Super Hybrid or even a Taylormade SIM Max might fit nicely. I hit the Sim Max Hybrid while I was warming up to test out fairway woods and the SIM max was like an old school wood. I liked it a lot. Tour Edge makes some great hybrids as well. I own a CBX 119 at 16* . I built it to be a low priced version of a Callaway Super Hybrid at 1” over length, but it just sits in my extra golf bag that spares go into since I now carry a Tour Edge CBX119 4 wood.
  10. It’s like when you have kids, one looks more like mom, the other dad, but you can see you in each of them. Adams fathered many of Callaway hybrids, these are dad heavy! Super S = Super hybrid Super LS = Mavrik 9031 proto = Apex (2016)
  11. I think you may have better luck finding similarities with Callaway hybrids. Much of the design team from Adams went over to Callaway, that is why the Callaway Apex hybrid (2016) was so dang good!
  12. The Aldila Xtorsion Green is 56g with a mid/high kick point and supposed to be a low/mid launch and low spin I play a Aldila Xtorsion Copper 60TX and have contemplated getting a Green as well since I like the Copper so much…… so much I bought two Coppers, just incase one gets damaged https://www.aldila.com/sites/aldila/files/ALD-TECH SPEC-XTORSION Green_r2v20181202_0.pdf
  13. I liked the Modus 105 much better than the DG 105 as well. I have the Modus 105s hs/x1 in my irons I liked the KBS tour, but only hit them indoors. What was it that you didn’t like about them? They launched higher than others for me, but I was more concerned about tip bending issues than the launch/spin, because it was definitely a playable window.
  14. I bought some off the ‘bay and they are top notch, not to expensive and the customer service was excellent XCM GOODLOOKINGOLF https://www.xcmgoodlookingolf.com/products/
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