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  1. Seller 100% in the right here. OP needs to move on.
  2. Interested in the Fuji - is that some tip prep showing near the adapter?
  3. I'm sure Daniel Berger would be interested... GLWS!
  4. Man these are sweet. Nike sure did make some good looking stuff.... I'm forgetting that they ever made the Sumo.
  5. Great looking putter! How's the glare on this thing? Is it blinding on a sunny day?
  6. This thing have full length dividers? I'm getting sick of clubs getting all tangled in my Ogio!
  7. Hmmm do I need a backup for my Studio Select?? Hard to find one that pristine these days.
  8. Boy... a lot of player agents in this forum. Who knew!?
  9. Srixon ain't that popular. Can't be much money in making counterfeits.
  10. Did the buyer have some feedback on prior buys/sells on here? Sounds to me he/she thinks they will get away with a free putter now. Hope it works out in your favor.
  11. Brand new with the tags. Size 30 - Black. Lightweight and super comfortable. $50 shipped to your door!
  12. In before the "if only it didn't have a top line, it would be mine" bros. GLWS!! It's beautiful.
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