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  1. Jumped on a GCquad today and found that the longer the club I used, the more left my path went, by quite a lot too, is this a normal pattern? For example: PW = between 8 and 12 degrees in to out 7 iron = between 5 and 10 degrees in to out 4 iron = between 0 and 5 degrees in to out Driver = between 2 and 6 degrees out to in I know this is quite severe but is it generally a normal pattern or is a swing fault causing the issue? As you can guess my normal path is in to out with the irons, I struggle to get the path left with them at all. Looking on vid I'm a typical under plane, stuck player who tries to save it with a flip.
  2. Thanks for the reply @PorscheFan I only picked up on the lie angle issue afterwards, so havent had any time to experiment and try to deliver the club with a more neutral lie angle, maybe try higher hands at impact? It probably explains why I've been having issues with the odd shank now and again, if I'm delivering the club more toe up, I assume that means the heel gets closer to the ball? And with an in to out path. Looking at the 30 odd shots, nearly every one was at least 5 degrees toe up at impact, max was 8 degrees. Path in to out at 4 degrees with an open face. Only 3 shots out of the 30+ went left all the rest were right of target.
  3. After jumping on a launch monitor this week I wanted to share my data and swing to see if any of the numbers are way off! One thing that kept coming up was the dynamic lie angle at impact, with a 7 iron it was consistently 5 degrees or more toe up. With a driver it was around 12-14 degrees toe up. What is the ideal number for lie angle? Should I be aiming for 0 degrees? My irons are 1 degree upright also which probably doesn't help. Another variable was closure rate, what is deemed normal for a 7 iron? I'll upload both numbers and swing vid. Thanks
  4. @balls_deep How did you find the TS3 when you hit it? I hit it earlier in the year and was getting good numbers, just looked a little boring to me. Its more of a three horse race, G410 LST, F9 and TS3
  5. Can anyone who's tested these two drivers back to back share their experience? My swing speed is 114mph average and have narrowed search down to these two. Which is longer? More forgiving? Better feel? I know TXG did a head to head in their driver bracket but looking for more opinions.
  6. Haha I wish I was taking the p*ss! I think I was flaring my front foot out quite a bit on this shot, possibly making my shoulders look more closed than they are, maybe? Yeah first thing is to try standing a bit further away from the ball, my arms hang towards my body where most pro's are outwards. Also anyone think my butt line is back too far from my heels? Cheers
  7. A little update, the shanks have quietened down a fair bit on full shots, I may get unlucky with one creeping in every round. But the shanks on chips are killing me, literally I'll have a 25 yard chip and I'll shank it right. I don't think I'm moving the path further away from me catching the hosel full on, it feels like I'm just leading with the hosel leaving it wide open. Any other advice on the short chips and pitches? They're even more frustrating than full shot shanks, chipping should be simple.
  8. I used to suck the club under plane and to the inside pretty bad with the standard open face, OTT pull. Keeping the club outside the hands allows me to control the face a little better.
  9. UPDATE: Thought i'd update the thread. I'm still working on the trail leg move in transition, I still slip in to old habits if I'm not monitoring it but its starting to look a lot better on video plus the downswing is feeling so much easier on my legs. Looking for advice to make sure I'm heading in the right direction. To me it looks better but maybe im blocking my right elbow with my right hip? I'll upload a before and after to make it easier (video quality is not great.) Before: After:
  10. Thanks, it was a special moment capturing the hosel rocket! ? To be honest I had a lot of videos to choose from they're happening so often. I think I was using a PW in the video if that makes any difference. To me it looks like im massively under plane coming down leaving the face wide open? Any thoughts?
  11. Hit a real bad patch lately, shanking everything, little chips, pitches, full shots. When I get the timing right im hitting a very high ball. Recently been on a trackman, my path is consistently in to out by more than +2 degrees. Video below, any help would be great thanks
  12. Recently been on a pressure pad and discovered (along with a sway) I was not loading pressure into my trail heel, i was 80% in the toe, 20% in the heel. When I did get more pressure into my heel it felt as if I was 'stuck' in the backswing and it seemed very hard for me to initiate a pressure/weight shift in transition. My question is, should I be feeling as if I could jump or push off my trail foot at the top of the backswing? At the moment, with this stuck feeling, there is no way I could 'push off my rear foot.'
  13. I'm not clear what you're saying here in response to Dan's comment. He is saying you can't just independently straighten rear leg. It is locking out like that because of the way you're turning your hips. This is exactly what he wrote and it seems like you're disagreeing and saying you can just independently straighten it? Why do you believe you can't turn in the correct way? I apologize in advance if I completely misinterpreted something here from either poster. "You can’t just straighten the trail leg. It’s pulled straight by the hips turning on a tilted angle. The arms rotating immediately off the ball not only causes the shaft to get flat early but also discourages you from turning. Need less arm rotation in early backswing with more hip turn" I think you've misinterpreted both posts. Of course you can straighten the rear leg independently, just stand in a golf posture and lock your leg out, which is what im doing in the backswing, irrespective of what my arms are doing. Dan's telling that i need to move my upper body and arms differently so that my hips are pulled around by performing the correct movement (on a tilted angle). Correct me if im wrong Dan. I cant seem to move my arms and upper body in a way that pulls my hips open. At the moment im all arms getting to the top whilst adding the locked rear leg as an after thought. Definitely not disagreeing with Dan, he's one of the best instructors on here.
  14. Generally my good shots are straight but very high which probably is a result of me flipping at it to square the face (you can see more of the flip in the first vid, that's my normal pattern, throwing it out over the plane) . I'd like to get my ball flight down a fair bit, its killing me in the wind. My bad shots are very spinny, weak high cuts/slices with a couple of steep fats and shanks thrown in. Dan have you got any drills/thoughts for me to work on the hip motion and backswing? I've tried not rotating the arms as much but Im just reverse pivoting? Do you advocate a reverse K setup? Am i right in saying you think its not required?
  15. Thanks Dan, yeah thats exactly what im doing, just independently straightening the rear leg. I cant turn in a way that forces me to move the hips correctly. Funnily enough in this range session i tried keeping the right arm straighter in the backswing hoping it will force the correct hip movement but i still couldnt get the motion, see vid, is it any closer? I've attached a face on vid to see if you can see anything more. The lack of spine tilt looks an issue?
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