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  1. thanks for the welcome everyone eh! Aye we got a touch a snow up here yesterday but was only 3/4 foot so nothin we couldn't handle with the shovel
  2. My cousin says the same! He swear by them and honestly when his swing is on they hit the ball quite high and very consistent
  3. Yeah I usually find the same and end up doing the same. Shame! would be nice to be able to support the new guys
  4. @Socrates I hear you man. I'm in Waterloo and think I might start up some indoor lessons at Deer Ridge to try and get some better fundamentals. Fingers crossed we don't shut down any further, but understand if we do
  5. My cousin games these in right hand and we've been joking about me getting a left hand set so we can have a truly level playing field during our matches. Anyone had experience with these classics?
  6. Seems like a really solid product - what are your experiences / thoughts?
  7. Hey Everyone, What do you reckon is the best direct to consumer ball for value that's available with shipping to Canada? Cheers
  8. Long time listener first time caller Hello from the north and happy to be here Lefty ~ 15 handicapper who started playing when I was 18 about ten years ago and played the most I have in one season this past one with covid and everything and am feeling more serious about improving this off season in hopes of getting down to single digits Wannabe gearhead who wishes he had more $$ for the kit witb driver - Ping G25 3w - Callaway XR 3h - Callaway XR 4i to PW - Callaway RAZR X Tour 52, 56, 60 - Callaway MD3 Putter - Ping Ketsch Cadence
  9. I play an old G25 and there's no reason to change it up but man these look nice. whole line is looking good and the irons even look good with that relief on the topline and less offset
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