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  1. thanks GolfWRX!! PLanning on getting a new putter in the next couple months and will review once I'm up and running with the new baby
  2. yes - been waiting for these shots. Combo with the new i525's anyone? Wonder how difficult it would be to gap the transition point
  3. class. Not sure how I feel about the round leading edge but just have not tried those before. Lower ball flight yes please
  4. Great news. Fingers crossed lead times aren't crazy
  5. Any inklings on when these and the i500 replacements might be out? I'm going to get carpel tunnel typing "ping new irons" into google twice a day
  6. Hahaha all good points! Definitely going to try out the 17* whenever things open up here in Ontario
  7. Thanks for the quick replies and sharing good thoughts everyone. Super interesting findings you had with the g425 3w vs g410 19h. I would be curious to see how the g425 5w works for you, in youtube videos I've seen apparently the 5w can go further. Also appreciate the point about face angle impacts of turning the loft up or down. My path is typically between 5*-10* out-to-in with an over the top pull bullet as my usual miss and obviously I'm working on hitting from the inside and getting down to somwhere within +-3* path on average but opening the face may be better for me for
  8. Hey Everyone Thinking about replacing my Callaway xr 15* 3w and 19* 3h with g425s and I'm curious whether going with the adjustable 5w and 4h makes more sense? Driver swing speed ~110mph. Also curious if there is a general water mark of swing speed where 3w starts to show it's value? Thanks in advance
  9. Any ideas on when this and the i565's might come out?!
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