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  1. What is it with golfers just generally over-valuing Jordan's? I consistently see high prices in the classified sections time and time again https://stockx.com/air-jordan-1-retro-low-golf-triple-white Not even close. It goes both ways. Sneakerheads gotta stay away from shoes that are meant to golf in. And golfers gotta realize they cant price gouge every single pair of jordan golf shoes
  2. Pro tip Inspect element on the ATC button on the whites Copy and paste onto the shadows
  3. https://www.firstcallgolf.com/industry-news/release/2022-01-10/club-champion-acquires-canadian-custom-fitter-txg Looks like Matt will be leaving as a result. Glad he’s putting his interests first after the year he’s had https://www.instagram.com/matt__blois/p/CYj6az_vL2h/?utm_medium=copy_link
  4. Doesn't matter how "fast" you are on the Nike app. Most of these releases are LEO (let everyone enter). So they let everyone enter for 30 seconds to a minute and then decide who wins
  5. Up for sale is a putter set. Not looking to split right now, looking to sell both as a set. Take both for $530 shipped 1) Scotty Cameron Newport Tei3 33” I bought this putter on here a few months ago. It has been completely refinished. It has never been gamed since it has been refinished it since I have owned it. It includes a leather PGA Championship Bethpage Black Headcover 2) Taylormade Spider X Copper 34” This has been games. There are small nicks and blemishes around the head but in overall good condition. Blemishes have been touched up using touch up paint. Includes a white leather spider headcover and extra weight set
  6. "Hit a draw" In recent years, there's been this obsession with hitting this shot. It's good in theory but there are so many people that do it "incorrectly" (early extending, swinging severely in to out, and shutting down the face)
  7. Best place to preorder? PlayBetter charges your card fully before the unit even ships.
  8. Did this as well. Had it before and sold it. But going to start speed training soon and this is marginally more than the PRGR and significantly better
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