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  1. Just stopped into the golf shop for the first Time in 5 months. These took me by surprise. Really like them. Really love the adjustable weighting. May have to invest in another set I don’t need. My free government money showed up today and I may need to simulate the economy via buying some Callaway product!! We may be bankrupt but daddy is going to get some new sticks as the ship goes down! LOL!
  2. Good old LTD. I’ve owned 5 drivers since the LTD and it’s still in my bag. Nothing kicks it out. My gamer has an old school original Grafalloy blue and I’m experimenting with a second head in a black Ventus 6x.
  3. And to think this course was only rated 155 and 77. 6 before they lengthened it. jeez. A Pushover. God these greens are stupid.
  4. These green complexes are stupid. I would never wa t to play this place on a regular basis. Their members must love S and M.
  5. Used 917 D3 10.5 head only. NOTE: This head has been professionally hot melted to 208 grams. IT IS 10 GRAMS OVER STANDARD WEIGHT AND HAS A 10 gram neutral weight in it. It was designed to be played at 44 inches and D-4 if you wish to play this club longer than 44 inches The swing weight will be quite heavy. You could remove the 10 gram weight entirely if you wish and move the center of gravity way forward to reduce spin. $120 shipped. US only. Lightly used Gen 1 Taylormade P-790 4 iron. Stock dynamic gold 105 S300 shaft. Stock grip. Very good condition. $120 shipped. US only.- SOLD.
  6. I used to like to get a feel for the hot topics by just hitting the recent discussions tab. It’s gone now. Bummer.
  7. Eehh. They’re busy and irritating but no one has to buy them.
  8. I do enjoy having someone to root against. He is a knob. Good to have a few jerks out there I guess.
  9. LOL! PGA of America actually responded to my nasty email already about the coverage situation. Totally Amazed actually. She’s MUCH more polite than I was. Apparently they’re using all that ESPN+ money for staffing the office. LOL!
  10. Nothing dishonest about it. They won’t give you your $4.99 back. You can cancel anytime during the first month but you’re still paying. It’s not prorated. Just view it as $2.50 a day for two days of coverage I guess.
  11. Yeah. I incorrectly assumed it would be available on a PGA app or streaming on their website....as it always has been previously. £uckwads. I think I’ll send them another nasty email....just because Covid has me bitter and ready to kill someone.
  12. Not Monhans issue. PGA of America runs this tournament, not PGA tour. Totally separate entities. PGA of America Leadership are a bunch of imbeciles.
  13. Bunch of incompetent money grubbing whores. I Can’t believe I used to pay those dipsh1ts dues.
  14. Seriously ??? These A holes At the PGA are going to try and make me subscribe To ESPN+ To watch?? #uck them. I planned to be a couch potato today but now I’m going to change my brake pads....after I fire off an email to them that will make their eyes bleed.
  15. It sort of is the greens fault there. Jack even said he was going to change the contours later this year because he realized it is unreasonable.
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