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  1. 6 Medium polos. 75 shipped ConUS.
  2. Cobra F9 10.5 NV Blue 60R shaft. Has connect sensor. No HC. 165 shipped ConUS. 125 head only. Putter doesn't include HC but head will be bubble wrapped. No trades at this time. Sold shipped ConUS.
  3. These are new never worn on course. They are a sample model. White navy beetroot purple. 60 shipped ConUS
  4. Irons are 1 inch short, 5-P. KBS 90R shafts. Grips do not have the sensors in them. 300 shipped.
  5. Under the putter cover would be an Odyssey ProType 2.
  6. theedge27

    Orange Ball

    I think Volvik S3 is the only option. Vice Red is also a bright option.
  7. My guess would be BOGO or 2 for 30
  8. Another vote for the Staff Model with the Zstar XV a close second.
  9. Okay so after a few rounds..my final thoughts. This ball is durable and long. Feels better than other "X" balls while being just as long. Spin around the green is a hair better than the FG Tour, which I thought was already great. The big feature is better distance off all clubs. Wilson has a great product. The only problem I can see is getting people to try it.
  10. This is one of the balls I play if im going to a course where I could easily lose a bunch. Never notice much difference in performance from my other 2 gamers (RZN Plat/FG Tour)
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