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  1. I think it all depends on the grip style and grip pressure by the player. So many putters come with oversize and jumbo diameter grips on them nowadays, that any traditional weighted styles begin feeling too light. I also think that for yippy players, it's better to engage the larger muscles that are less prone to twitching, hence the heavier designs as well. However, if you decrease your grip pressure to match faster greens, a lighter putter with a traditional grip might work better. I've always found a delicate balance in varied grip pressure and green speeds to be essential, and
  2. I would imagine you spin the Rogue around 3000, and the Epic LS around 400-500 less.
  3. Don't the prongs poke the shite out of your leg in the pant's pocket?
  4. Maybe he's just emulating the no-turn-cast, flavor of the day??? Lol
  5. Kept adding tape until my LM numbers and dispersion were best. Ymmv
  6. Went from 3g weight to a 14g one, and have about 10g of lead tape in the sole slot by the face.
  7. 43.5” here, no distance lost. Much better center-face contact.
  8. My avg driver numbers are: 12* driver 150mph ball 2500 total spin 16.5*(14-19) LA And yes, I do hit up on the ball a considerable amount. These numbers aren't that ridiculous, but maybe with a 9* driver they would be.
  9. Many models start off as fairly gimmicky until a few gain traction and wider acceptance.
  10. I think this applies well to many of the folks posting in here... https://deadspin.com/sports-media-really-whiffed-on-the-tiger-woods-coverage-1846349224/amp
  11. At least it was his trail leg, that’s 1000x better than the one you pivot over and he post’s up on.
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