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  1. The sub-2000 spin from 30y and in is so predictable with regard to rollout, for me. The std dev of urethane spin is much higher, and so lie dependent.
  2. E12 Contact, and most recently super cheap Noodles, as a real test. POS yes, but I cannot argue with results. Playing again tomorrow. Unless I’m playing a 10+ stimp track, and cannot play rollout at all, the urethane balls are staying home.
  3. I'm not trying to stir up trouble, but I think you really need to assess your short game intentions when it comes to ball choice. I for one, play height in many short-sided instances, and spin inconsistencies with urethane are costing me proximity to the hole. Spin has been inconsistent on some of these shots, with some stopping quick and others rolling out. Mostly my technique, but also lie dependent. For me, trajectory and launch are much more repeatable, hence my decision to use height as a technique, with a low spin ionomer ball to reduce the spin variable. I’ve played
  4. I like the e12, but I am also testing other surlyn balls at the moment, as the BRX is my usual game ball. I’m not seeing appreciable gains from the RX, to be honest, over these ionomer balls. I think the RX really behaves like a mid-compression surlyn ball, and that may be the reason spin/carry numbers seem very similar. This may also be why I am liking these other cheap options. I like a nice click of sorts off a well struck iron(or putt for that matter) and the RX was pretty neutral in that department, but pretty good. What I cannot stand is a muted thud on any shot, because no mat
  5. 10 is most spin and 1-2 would be a Rock Flite circa 1995.
  6. Too soft for me, no feel, fail. Nexxxxxt…..
  7. RX: 7/10 RXS: 7.4/10 X: 9/10 XS:9.5/10
  8. If you can play standard length wedges, standard everything should work.
  9. Life is short, and even shorter are the years of good golf. Do what makes you happy and put YOUR foot down. Don’t succumb to societal pressure and maintain a relationship if it interferes with your “real” life. Too many men fall victim to the fairer sex and lose a huge part of their true identity in the process. You do you, and let the right woman happen for you. Don’t force someone to fit into your life, let it happen naturally, or possibly not at all. Any day as a single man is miles better than one as a broken man, stuck in a dead end relationship. Ymmv!
  10. A little late to the party, but along with the E12 Contact I’m currently testing, this ball is next. Durability is a big plus for me, so the Diablo Tour could possibly win this showdown. Anybody still playing this ball?
  11. Been looking for a ball that’s a bit more durable and more conducive to “check and tumble out” vs “check and stop. Enter the E12 Contact. Well, I just finished 18 with the E12, FWIW my normal ball is the BRX, and this ball plays very, very similar. Full shots flight higher but spin equal to RX for me, however, my long irons are slightly shorter with the E12 due to this uber high flight. It’s about a half club shorter off long-mid irons than the RX but equal everywhere else. The ball seems moderately straighter, but more testing will be needed to assess that part. Ball is soft in feel
  12. No, toe hang is directly related to center of mass location. Moving the sweet spot outward(red line) changes that, and thus, more hang. Consistency of strike is all that matters. It seems your results are very repeatable, and that’s all that dictates putting consistency too. Unless your putter feels dead, just go on about your game, and leave this thought in your rear view. My 2 cents.
  13. ^^This exactly. While you’re at it, might as well spit some seeds on the green. Nearer to the hole, the better!
  14. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Dude just wants to golf, and getting the whole family out there is sometimes the dealbreaker. This isn’t about growing the game, it’s about a guy who wants to play and involve his family to be part of the afternoon, vs 4hr away from them. He’s involving them for their benefit, not his. I’ve been there, done that.
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