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  1. Just thought I’d share, some might like it.
  2. NBG2005, very comfy and generous upper, definitely a more casual fit. Available in E2(w) and E4(xw) as needed
  3. So just to clarify, is the White TX stiffer than a Silver TX?
  4. The flexibility thing is key, I think. I’m not sure how flexible my father ever was, honestly, but now he seems tied up in a knot. Him getting in and out of my smaller sedan is comical at times!
  5. D is medium width in Men’s, a 12.5 A would look like hockey stick!
  6. I hope I don’t bring too many folks down a road of depression here, but for the older WRXers on here, at what age did you most notice appreciable decline in distance and scoring? My dad is 75 now, and to his recollection, 60 was a pretty big benchmark for noticeable decline in his game.
  7. Maybe, subconsciously, you’re trying to eek out every possible extra yard with the GI stuff, to validate the claims?
  8. Not only that, lower spinning GI clubs should have less deviation high on the face because they’re lower spin to begin with.
  9. See, this is where we differ completely, I LOVE this combo, but ymmv. I played with a fellow WRXer last week at a course some better players have poopoo’d for being “tough to hold the greens“ and “can’t get any spin on these greens...”. He was playing stiff Z785s and his Zstar ball was skipping through some 15-20ft, while my high-launch SGI heads + Pinnacle Rush balls we’re stopping within a couple feet(or back!) of my pitch marks.
  10. Get a 200$ backup head on CPO while the only like-new 9* lasts, for God’s sake! Don’t bother with rush shipping, unless CA is a mess of a wait right now. I suspect your current head will last plenty long enough to hold you over a week+. Folks don’t run into “best driver ever” situations too often, only the, “why did I ever get rid of that...” stories. Edit: Shoulda read til the end, nice pickup. Sensible of you!
  11. Unless you cannot stomach the looks of GI stuff, or actually play worse with them, trust the ball and the score, first and foremost. If they’re easier to hit and hit well, then there’s no reason not play a more forgiving set. People can and do play scratch golf with GI and even SGI clubs in the bag, so it’s not a variable of limitation, more preference and ego. Very few golfers are TOO good to play GI equipment, but many are too stubborn to try(or admit the merits of doing so)!
  12. Naaa, just funny in the fact that they’d be a significant step in the GI direction, totally unusual for a pro.
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