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  1. Pretty sure they are the same exact profile, just like the tour types are as well.
  2. This is a bit redneck, but I just flip a sturdy knife over(blade up) and push the knife tip towards the hosel/adapter. Have the blunt side angled slightly to the shaft and hold on opposite the knife direction. Works great.
  3. SGI, but need a medium(or thinner) topline and no chunky sole sticking out at address on the long irons. Feel comfortable with a good amount of help, and every iron feels equally easy to elevate and hit pure. Imagine a players CB profile, but with a 20-30% bigger footprint.
  4. It’s not hard, look at the club from address. Then replicate the view on the ground, with the club soled while holding the shaft angle around 60*. It takes 5sec.
  5. I’ve got 3 heads at my disposal! Been playing the M2 for 4 years now, and planning to continue until they all bust! Sim was no better in any way, shape or form. Not worse either, but no reason to change.
  6. I got the cheapo economy one from GW and it works really well.
  7. Because the tool isn’t precise in shaping the edge. Grooves are pretty close to the limit allowed with the “new” groove chamfer rule, that any macro sharpening is sure to render them out of spec, with no way to judge material depth, shape, or edge radius.
  8. Yes, but change the conformance of the club for use. Use for non-sanctioned play is fine.
  9. Getting a launch monitor. I bought a ton and tested a ton several years back. Kept the best performers and sold all the rest. Just recently, I bought a couple new “fan-favorites” to test, only to find that my current setup is still the best. Even more validation that I’m all good.
  10. Someone steps up and finally admits new releases are grasping at straws with gimmicky additions, with little or no benefit over prior gens. Seems genuine enough. At least he isn’t blindly promoting something that isn’t there…. It’s really hard to open the wallet and justify a purchase with reviews like this. People “crave” glowing reviews to make their decision for them.
  11. Fully milled metal head for exact shaping and edges, fit and finish. Probably more like 150$ difference in reality.
  12. Rogue X irons are the longest irons I’ve personally hit. Fast, high and low spin beasts. These are actually the first irons I’ve seen that can literally out hit similar lofts across the board. Nothing is longer IMO.
  13. Doubtful, maybe slightly longer loft-for-loft on the long irons. Similar launch with any additional distance coming from lower spin and a small bump in ball speed.
  14. Worst case scenario, go one way and dial back up or down to desired loft. Dependent on if you like an open or closed face. Go up one loft model if you prefer an open face, go down one loft model if you prefer a closed face. Just adjust until your LA is where the fitting had it. I wish my game was good enough to stress over minutia like this.
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