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  1. Masking tape, light punch, and a drill. Paintfill.
  2. While legit and nice, $1500 should be a ceiling for an engraved old tour head. A motivated buyer MAY offer more than that, but it’s pretty much an OTR AOP NP2, & no stamps.
  3. Never played a mallet before but the #7 shape has always looked pretty good to me. Just picked up a BST EXO 7s and an RSX 7 from CPO.
  4. Since we discuss math, here it is. The likelihood of a given talent pool producing the best player ever, goes up proportionally with the number of people competing. By yesteryears standard, the number of folks grinding out tour school and making an honest effort back in the 50s, 60s, 70s to turn pro, were minuscule by today’s numbers. Most had full and part time jobs to supplement any sort of “career earnings” on the golf course. Comparing strength of field follows suit here as well, with many, many more men becoming competitive throughout the 90s and 00s, as earnings potential grew. With this increased qualifying and college recruiting, these future fields should be full with even greater talent, by sheer probability alone. This is guaranteed, no debating the mathematical facts on this matter. This is the reason high school class size is the main factor in determining divisional status in athletics, the increased student body will almost always produce more able-bodied competitors, vying for the same number of team spots as the smaller schools. And by probability again, this increased pool of potential players will produce better talent. It’s quite possible that back in Jack’s day, with the draw of talent into competitive golf being so low, that his era may have actually missed out on an even better, more dominant player than himself. This theoretical GOAT may have found it necessary to grind out a normal occupation to make a living, missing out on any possibility of fulfilling his true athletic destiny!
  6. Tiger might be the biggest underperforming golfer ever, given his talent level. When he was at his peak, it wasn’t a question of if, but rather when and by how much he eclipses Jack. This is the God’s honest truth. Discuss....
  7. I love it! This is all very good, very good indeed. And, as pathetic as some haters are, this photo has a few sad men grumbling and moaning to themselves in a corner somewhere.
  8. A white bag is going to get dirty, absolutely unavoidable, even from the most anal of people. Red is about as dark as I will even venture now, and keep the white embroidery to a minimum as well. On a side note, I only wear black golf shoes now, because lighter colors look like crap in a month. Ymmv
  9. Low, natural number integers, in sequential order are much easier for the brain to categorize, especially as lofts change from make/model. This is especially true once a golfer matches said club number up with it’s specific yardage. The club numbering becomes a “number list” of yardages, essentially.
  10. Matrix deep red flake from the Xcon/Red Tie is pretty eye-popping.
  11. There’s nothing worse than getting pretty darned good at something, after countless years of practice and hard work, to only have it blow up in your face. We all have some borderline expectations of what a mediocre round entails, a ceiling of sorts that we arrive at, pre-round. Validation of one’s ability inevitably comes down to the final score for that day, and when we hang a really bad one out there, our whole perception of that ability gets questioned. Feeling one way, but performing the opposite is a real mind trip sometimes.
  12. 4w, my avg carry with driver is 245-250. Easily more carry on the 16.5 vs 15, with a little more loft, and just more practical as a fwy option.
  13. Targeting SW without grips has merit, achieving the same target with super heavy/ light grips is just gonna make the club too heavy or light overall. Adding weight in the handle and then balancing out the head isn’t going to create a similar club, it’s going to make a heavier club that plays totally different.
  14. Sound plays a lot into feel at impact, so a lot of times a pleasing sound off the middle just “feels” crushed. With certain drivers it’s just hard to get that sensation for some, due to the acoustics. Some like the cracking sound of Louisville slugger on a fastball, while others prefer the sound of an aluminum bat smashing glass jars, to each their own!
  15. Swing weight should be universally done without grips, this is the only true test of lever balance. Static weight attention after grip assembly is far more meaningful, IMO. E0 is a pretty universally accepted value to start of with. Keep in mind, for a club of fixed length, there is and should be an inverse relationship of SW to static weight. For example, if a 7i is built to 37” twice, and each weighs the same, SW difference here is a meaningful number, as it’s the only differing factor. Here, the shaft weight or head weight differs enough to throw the balance off, causing a total COG difference. If in another scenario, where the total weights are different, and the lighter club SW’s higher, it’s the likely result of a lighter grip making it lighter overall and “head heavy”. In the end, heads should be fairly uniform throughout the industry, and certainly within one brand for sure. Same goes for similar shafts. Balance of ungripped clubs, built to discrete lengths per standard, will all SW relatively close. The end SW number, and likely variable added to the mix, is tape wraps and the addition of the variable wt. grip selections. Overlength and under builds also, affect SW in a meaningful way, so only here should one attempt a respective decrease or increase of overall head wt. to conserve head-to-shaft SW.
  16. Good on you, sir! Still using one myself, with no intent to change!
  17. From address and face-on, combined with the sole, these have got to be the best looking SGI irons ever made. The only visual gripe I have is regarding the badging on the back, but other than that, perfecto! I know these will get a trial from me, at some point, just not yet, probably in a couple years when NEW 8pc sets are like 350$.
  18. I wish the back on these looked like the UHX, why dumb it down to the GI masses with unsightly colors and badging. Why?
  19. Just thought I’d share, some might like it.
  20. NBG2005, very comfy and generous upper, definitely a more casual fit. Available in E2(w) and E4(xw) as needed
  21. So just to clarify, is the White TX stiffer than a Silver TX?
  22. The flexibility thing is key, I think. I’m not sure how flexible my father ever was, honestly, but now he seems tied up in a knot. Him getting in and out of my smaller sedan is comical at times!
  23. D is medium width in Men’s, a 12.5 A would look like hockey stick!
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