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  1. I would imagine you spin the Rogue around 3000, and the Epic LS around 400-500 less.
  2. Don't the prongs poke the shite out of your leg in the pant's pocket?
  3. Maybe he's just emulating the no-turn-cast, flavor of the day??? Lol
  4. Kept adding tape until my LM numbers and dispersion were best. Ymmv
  5. Went from 3g weight to a 14g one, and have about 10g of lead tape in the sole slot by the face.
  6. 43.5” here, no distance lost. Much better center-face contact.
  7. My avg driver numbers are: 12* driver 150mph ball 2500 total spin 16.5*(14-19) LA And yes, I do hit up on the ball a considerable amount. These numbers aren't that ridiculous, but maybe with a 9* driver they would be.
  8. Many models start off as fairly gimmicky until a few gain traction and wider acceptance.
  9. I think this applies well to many of the folks posting in here... https://deadspin.com/sports-media-really-whiffed-on-the-tiger-woods-coverage-1846349224/amp
  10. At least it was his trail leg, that’s 1000x better than the one you pivot over and he post’s up on.
  11. Having the hips "clear out of the way" is the mindset. Clearing is rotating, and in this case it means getting the lateral hip plane past the ball, as seen from above.
  12. I don't understand why it is so impossible to strike the center of a putter face?? Everyone points out Tiger's wear mark on his putter, but his isn't THAT special. Now, his wearmarks on his forged irons are VERY impressive, about 1000x more impressive than the "Elder Wand". I routinely check this with my own putting and my strike location is nearly identical. I know of several other am's too, who aren't even that skilled as players, whose putters are worn out in a nickel-sized area of the sweetspot. The putter head is traveling around 5-10mph for putts, and moving back from the ball a total of
  13. ConUS only, No trades please, Thanks! Very rare condition, classic carbon Scotty for sale today. A raw, aftermarket rust finish has been applied to the carbon head, and is maintenance free. Putter is standard loft and lie, 34” long. Putter doesn’t have a grip currently and comes without a head cover. I will ship promptly and FULLY safe/secure USPS Priority Mail. $440 $400 obro shipped, ConUS only.
  14. I think it just boils down to most better golfers having a tendency to hook the ball vs slice. I mean, a really wipey swing just doesn't exist on tour, and coming from the inside as most pros do, will either promote a right block, draw, or a closed face hook. Pro tendencies here people, that is the key metric, not Joe Blow in his weekend foursome.
  15. Great combination of spin for short game and less spin off driver and such. Stable in the wind and longer off long irons/hybrids. A very good ball for 90-105mph SS. Ymmv
  16. And by looks of tomorrow's gusty forecast, paired with his thin frame, the potential to blow away into the mighty Pacific! Haha
  17. Gotta mention this too, promise I’m done after this. But, when did Iggy Pop get a spot anchoring Golf Central?!?! Haha
  18. Duval was always better pre-weight loss days. Possible correlation?
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