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  1. No offense to anyone here, but it’s been a rough 2yr to order hard-goods of any kind. Even highly reputable companies aren’t immune to this disaster, and it’s really tough to pass judgement on any one, particular entity, as the entire system is a clusterf**k.
  2. Who’s tried one or got one in play? I really like the deeper face and have fallen victim to BK’s apparent switch. It must be decent enough, for him to ditch M5/SIM/SIM2 and go all-in Srixon, one would think. Also, C721 was the TXG darling of late summer this year, and the Mizzy STZ wasn’t far behind. I’d also like to hear more about these offerings’ performance comparisons as well. Go!
  3. Callaway Rogue - 18* 3i Cally Rogue X - 18.5* 4i Cally Mavrik/Max - 18/18.5*, respectively. All high launch and low spin rockets.
  4. Why does this matter to so darn many people??? They launch higher and land softer, much different than any predecessor, so equal lofts flight WAY different anyway. Hit a Hogan Apex 2i vs a Cally Mavrik 4i, both 18*, let me know the results…. Equipment marketing is quite cutthroat, and maybe surprising to some, these companies are in it to turn a profit, not cater to the demands of a few disgruntled traditionalists. Even still, there do exist traditional blade/cb options out there to match your expectations, so these might suit you better.
  5. Bending them much weaker will also increase the bounce an equal amount. You might find the turf interaction to be poor with so much added bounce. Might be blade city!
  6. I don’t know if long is a good miss, most greens are sloped back to front, and the back + periphery is usually long rough. Short is typically fairway or fringe, hitting into the slope of the green. I always aim to miss short when between clubs, provided it’s not a rare hole with water, front.
  7. It depends on your SS and trajectory. If you swing medium to fast, and have good launch, then carry will be king. If you swing slow and launch low, your always going to get a lot of rollout(many seniors and women apply here). Depends on your ability.
  8. This is just plain negative, why the grim, completely unfounded Debbie Downer talk? Sounds like the secret “wish” of a boomer or Jack homer! Haha!
  9. Wasn’t the OG M1 ridiculously low spin and a bad fit for most players? Likely the same reason the TSi4 is being considered.
  10. Putter is legit OTR issue, the weights may or may not be. No worth more than 4 bills, IMO.
  11. Xphlexxx Busa XX or XXX. The parent company Veylix has some stiff shafts too, like the Rome.
  12. The only reason not to play them is trajectory. They flight higher than urethane and if you can hit them high, they are just as good at holding as anything. Unless you hit your shots really low, most folks wouldn’t lose much control with the Rush, even around the green.
  13. I cannot remember which tournament it was this year, may have been the Players or PGA Championship, but when a player hit one of their shots from the fairway, a dude in the sound booth pushed a wrong button and a cannon shot sounded! It was hilarious! Sounded like a TW video game PowerUp drive shot. Lol
  14. Well, at least with ‘19 as a new pinnacle moment in ANGC history, we can all get a little less ‘86 buildup early in the week and a little more Tiger! ROAR!!!!!!!
  15. Pinnacle Rush, super consistent and as a high ball player, spin is adequate. Price and durability are perks as well. Firmer sounding cover but softer core for good feel across all seasons.
  16. My caddytek is built in such a way that the my bag’s top bracket, which houses the leg hinges, fits perfectly in a little notch of the top ring. Can’t twist.
  17. I meant the molds may have started out life as a counterfeit Chinese P7TW, and are now being repurposed, sans TMAG logo.
  18. Not to play Debbie Downer, but it looks like a Chinese P7TW clone that skipped the counterfeiting process in favor of “new” branding.
  19. Regardless, sound is “feel”, and it matters to many, MANY a golfer. Also, just between you and I, most folks play without earplugs, lol!
  20. Cast feel is far less noticeable at higher lofts due to the glancing, high-spin face interaction.
  21. Taking the RSX milled out for its first spin today. The way the post meets the double bend shaft is weird, it’s angled out and not perpendicular, but suits my eye great, as it positions the shaft completely out of view. I believe these originally came with a single bend shaft and that could account for the difference? Still face balanced too. That leads to another question, installing these shafts must be tricky, twist the shaft until you get proper face loft and lie angle???
  22. I just got a EXO 7s and a RSX 7 Milled, and can confirm, the EXO is about a 25-30% larger profile. Cannot attest to others but the EXO is fairly big.
  23. Masking tape, light punch, and a drill. Paintfill.
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