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  1. Every putter in my collection is a anser/newport 2 style. Some have different sight lines, some have slightly different shaped bumpers, all have a different finish, most have a different feeling grip. I like it b/c if a putter is misbehaving, I don't have to adjust to radically different look, but still have a different look (finish, sight line, bumper) and possibly different feel with the grip.
  2. I play 50* and 56*. I find I'm better with fewer options. It forces me to familiarize myself with my options (but honestly, have gotten comfortable and quite good with 'chipping' with my 4 hybrid)
  3. I really got along well with a Titleist 915 D2.
  4. Ah, in that case. Then yes? I've had a Titleist bag and Callaway bag and currently have a PXG bag. (again, assuming I am following correctly)
  5. If I am reading your question correctly, yes. Bag circa 2017-2018 Driver: Titleist FW: Mizuno Hybrid: Callaway Irons: Srixon Wedges: Vokey
  6. Agree with above. All major OEMs make good/great stuff, it comes down to personal preference a lot of the times. And, as mentioned, as she had a proper fitting? Will she be using the 3 wood off the deck? Or mainly off the tee?
  7. I'll check out the Nike Air Hybrid next time I'm in the shop. Thanks all
  8. Hey all, Looking for recommendations on a hybrid bag. I ride 60% of the time and use a push cart about 40% of the time. Looking for thoughts on bags I should look into. Thanks all and hit 'em straight! -M
  9. Curious for those that have tried both...what are your thoughts on the 0811 proto + vs the 0211 drivers? Mainly concerned about overall forgiveness. Thanks -M
  10. So, is the consensus a 70g regular or 80g stiff for the 'closest' to a similar feel?
  11. I assume they are a Cally exclusive. I believe they also came as an option in the Mavrik Pro irons.
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