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  1. Apparently Bryson has come close to 200mph of ball speed according to one of the LD guys on instagram....
  2. Always nice to see what great players think about certain shaft / club options. I wish I was as lucky as you to test these combos outdoors. Indoor launch monitors are great, but on the course is where it really counts. I've heard great things about the SIM head; very stable, high launching and low spin...not to mention it looks great. Interesting take on the MMT shafts. I have never swung an iron with graphite shafts, but it's kind of amazing the way you described them feeling so much better at impact than steel. Good luck this season!
  3. Yes, apparently he was breaking Drivers but also wanted to lower spin with his newly found speed. The LTD Driver is great for spin reduction. Obviously he could have any space port on it he wants, but that looks like the regular LTD driver (based on what looks like a silver space port). Basing on his privy to low lofted heads, I would've imagined he was surely in a pro. Obviously he may just like the silver space port better, but IMO black looks 10x better!! That test with the LTD against the new SpeedZone was a great test. They did say that the LTD is a heavier head and perhaps they could've gotten a couple more yards out of the SZ with some more head weight, but I wasn't surprised the LTD put up nearly identical numbers. Still is the lowest cG/most forgiving Driver ever produced (according to the cGNA test done by our friends who must not be named).
  4. Good point. I did the Blue stick last night again with 5 normal swings, 5 step, 5 happy gilmore and 5 normal to finish up. I then took ~5-6 swings with an old Driver after to get an idea of where I stood. Got 126 twice with the Driver on dry swings, which is higher than I remember. Going to stick with the program for the remainder of the winter to see what numbers I can get on Trackman early Spring. I've also been working out consistently for the last month and a half, so I'm hoping that will help too....just need to do some hip mobility work because I notice the my right hip has more mobility than my left. This allows me to open up earlier with my non-dominant side and stay through better. My left swings are only within a couple MPH of my dominant right swings, so I feel like with better sequencing/hip mobility, I can improve even more.
  5. Agree with this. Not really sure why the same rest wasn't implemented through all tests.
  6. Interesting testing. Has me a bit intrigued as I have both the PO and KK DC XT and hit them very well, but the drop in ball speed of the Kuro XD in this test has me feeling like my dual core may be lagging behind. However, with no access to testing these without buying, I may just have to accept it! Also shafts tend to be player dependent obviously, so perhaps my results would vary.
  7. Not sure if this issue arose specifically from the SSG training for me, BUT I noticed myself getting quicker from time to time and then having a HUGE right miss...like 75+ yards right. This could've been from me trying to get too quick and coming slightly over the top with a bit of an open clubface. I also switched Drivers and went into a significantly stiffer shaft. Now that I am cognizant of it, the miss has not presented itself (at least so far this winter on the monitors), and now my feel of "oh wow, I missed that right" is actually only ~10-15 yards right.Yes. It's been shown by Par4Success (independent study with ~100 or so participants I believe??) that swinging the Blue Stick only showed improvement over the SSG protocol. Other tests have shown that swinging anything more than 10% lighter or heavier can lead to a decrease in swing speed. This hasn't been universally proven, but the consensus seems to point to swinging something close to your actual Driver weight for best results.I'll let Golfchannel post his stuff.Up to you, really. I've read the piece from Par4Success and it proclaims 5 standing swings both sides, 5 kneeling swings both sides & 5 happy gilmore swings both sides. I've personally switched the kneeling swings for step swings and added 5 more standing swings at the end for a total of 40 swings.
  8. Hmm.....I always keep my SSR in either the garage or the car. I may start storing it indoors, considering it's Winter here in NY (although a mild one). I had done the normal SSG protocol last winter and gained some speed. I then started the 2-3x a week 'blue stick only' last week and am excited to see if I can reach some new highs. Hoping to get above 120 on Trackman to reach 180 ball speed. I've reached it on the PGA SS 3trak monitors a few times (185 once), but I don't know how accurate that is. I'm typically between 175-178 on those monitors. In terms of swinging slower in the cold, yes that's for real. Your body isn't as loose as it is in the warmth. Think of molecules: the colder they get, the less they move and vice versa for hot (perfect example is boiling water). I've had as much as a 6mph max difference indoors vs. outdoors on the SSR.
  9. The loft is set in the club head. For example, if you have the 9* F9 head and set the F8 adapter to its lowest setting, it should play 7.5. Alternately, its highest setting should play 10.5 regardless of what the number on the adapter says. Loft is determined by the head.
  10. Wow, what a treat! All 3 shafts! That is something else......kudos to @AldilaGolf. I will be following this thread to see the comparisons and how people get on with them. I'm also interested because I currently have a Tensei PO and KK Dual Core...I am still testing them both and prefer the feel of the KK, but think the PO is longer. The Orange feels more like a 1 piece shaft with little kick and the KK has slightly more kick. I find that I hit the center more often with the Orange and it goes for miles...Sounds like the White 130 has some kick to it but is still very stable, almost like a '2 piece' if that makes sense. Enjoy testing!
  11. That happened to me too with the LTD Pro. I was swinging my old 2006 head 7-9mph faster in some cases than the LTD Pro, yet the ball speed was consistently higher with the LTD Pro. Smash was always 1.5 - 1.52, which I thought was odd and incorrect. Is it possible that ball speed reads less too because the system literally cannot generate a SF 1.52? I always wondered that. I thought I had read it somewhere that the amount of Carbon in the head (particularly the LTD & LTD Pro at the time) tricks the sensors into reading a lower clubhead speed. Perhaps, since the 2020 drivers have implemented more carbon, that it's a similar situation?
  12. Nice results! Most of the reviews I've seen for the Cobra SpeedZone have said that the ball speed consistency is great and that it spins several hundred RPMs lower than F9. Max ball speed I'm sure will be less than 1mph different from each Driver at this point, but the averages will probably fluctuate a bit more.
  13. The SIM is exceptionally low spin based on most videos I've seen. Rick Shiels was having trouble getting to to spin above 2K. For those high spin players, the SIM could be the answer. With that said, yes, it's definitely more fun watching Matt smash the ball. I will say, having the average swing speed player on there is great too, because you can really see the improvement in fitting for the average player. I also enjoy watching Matt's vids because while he is a much better player than I am, we have similar playing strengths & weaknesses (short game). I keep bringing this back but I REALLY want to see TXG (other channels would be great too, but specifically TXG) test the new Drivers vs. the LTD Pro. Given the move to high MOI/low spin from most companies now, I'd love to see how it stacks up. Based on the spy test, it's still among the highest MOI/lowest cG Drivers to this day. And given it's fade-biased tendencies, I think Matt would fit into it really well.
  14. What’s is your current shaft/driver combination? - Cobra King LTD pro 8.5* / testing between Kuro Kage DC XT 60TX and Pro Orange 70TX both playing 44.5"What is your current handicap? - 10Where are you located (City, State, Country)? -Long Island, NYWhat driver (brand/model/loft) will you be installing this in? - Cobra king LTD Pro 7.5, 8.0 and 8.5If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing / review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the shaft. -YesDesired driver shaft weight and flex. - 60txPlease include any tipping instructions and OEM adapter (if applicable). 0.5" and Cobra adapterPlease briefly explain how you would approach testing this shaft. - GC Quad data and comparisons to current shafts, range outdoor testing SELECTION PROCESS
  15. I mayyyy have been a bit overzealous tipping the 60TX 1.25", but I had a 70TX at 1" and wanted a similar feel. Doing SSG so hopefully I'll be able to surpass 120 by next season. Shaft still feels great, so we'll see.
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