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  1. 1. Concord, NC 2. 7 3. Search for your home course HERE. 4. Charlotte National 5. This course has so many putts that look one way from one side of the hole and the exact opposite from the other side. Most putts are so subtle, that it’s hard to tell which way to go. And I usually guess wrong! Having a book would be of tremendous help with this course in particular. 6. Yes to everything!
  2. Just played Heritage this past Monday, 7/29. They started aerating right behind us. You mentioned going 8/9-8/12. Not sure how fast they will heal up. We actually stood and watched at the first green for a few minutes and talked to the super, really nice guy. He said they were using what they refer to as smaller holes, but I didn't get a super close look at them. The course was really nice. The only downfall, it took 6:15 to play due to a large group playing that day that was split up on both sides.
  3. Oh yeah, they take returns if buyer pays shipping. But I don’t feel that applies if they sent something other than pictured/advertised. That’s why I’m trying to determine for sure what’s in the picture. If it’s my mistake and the picture is indeed a L neck, then it’s my problem to decide to eat the shipping and return it. If it’s a slant neck pictured, then I feel like it’s on them to pay return shipping and refund me fully. Maybe I’m wrong there, but I don’t feel I should incur any cost if the advertisement doesn’t match the product sent.
  4. Let me clarify, they use the same photos for multiple listings. So I can't really verify the serial number. However, from everything I can find the slant neck came with 7.5g weights as pictured and the L neck came with 10g weights, like I received. Unless TM uses different weights for different lengths like Cameron (I can't find any evidence they do), the picture is definitely a slant neck. Thanks all for your responses.
  5. Does anyone know if TaylorMade changes their weights according to putter length like Scotty Cameron does? I don't believe they do, but I can't find anything that says for certain. They just list headweights on their site and that being said, I assume all the heads are weighted the same. Thanks!
  6. I did. They said they sent the one pictured, but they have tons of them listed. But from this picture, this looks like a slant neck to me. I’m just looking to see what others see in this pic as I may be wrong. Thanks!
  7. I bid and bought this Ardmore 3 putter on eBay. By this picture, it looks to me like a slant neck Ardmore 3. I was sent a L-neck. No picture shows the neck other than this. Am I looking at this picture wrong? I'm just trying to figure out if this was my mistake or theirs.
  8. So, I gather from both comments his only option was to try and move the brush or take a penalty and drop. And if moving the brush caused his ball to move, than it’s a penalty. I don’t believe this pile was to be removed later, more than likely just a convenience factor to leave them in this particular location. He said he could show me the rule in the rule book.
  9. Playing the other day with my regular opponent. He hit his ball into a red staked penalty area. It came to rest against some piled up brush (limbs, small trees, etc). He said the rules allow for free relief in this situation. So he took a free drop, actually ended up placing the ball because it keeps rolling back against the brush. Is this proper? I’ve tried looking at the rules, but am unsure whether this qualifies as abnormal course conditions which don’t allow free relief in a penalty area or something else. Any help is appreciated!
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