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  1. Cobra. I don't have a reason, and I don't dislike them I just don't consider them for any club purchases. I kind of forget they even exist.
  2. I feel for you if the bad golf is coming from trying to implement a swing change. I went to a guy a few years ago who did an impressive amount of damage to my swing and psyche in a short period of time and similarly I dreaded going to the course until I abandoned the stuff he told me. That's a story for a different thread though. Eventually I went to another teacher who was really trying to do many of the same things as the first guy but did a much better job of getting me to understand them, and how to get me to implement them. He also did a great job of getting me to separate the swing from the result. Put a solid swing on it and it went left or right? Count that as a win. That was easy on the range but harder when I was out with the Sunday foursome. But I knew I could fix an aiming issue easier than a topped 6i that goes 40 yards. One thing I did a lot of was change the tees I played to suit what I was currently capable of. The first club that kinda worked for me was a hybrid so I teed off exclusively with it, which meant moving up at least one tee box which I enjoyed since it was the same as the old farts I play with. I just tried to make sure I wasn't asking myself to hit shots I knew I couldn't do, no 170 tee shots over water that would only make me upset. The other thing I did was change up what my goals were for any round or even range session. I wasn't going to be shooting mid 70s, so I set goals for GIR and fairways, or even no balls in the water on one of my courses. I'm someone who knows my score without ever writing it down so I can't just "not keep score" but I could focus on meeting a goal without dwelling on slapping it all over the last hole and getting a quad. I was also doing a lot of videos of my swing, so even if my scores weren't getting better (or actively getting worse) I could see that there were improvements. I did skip some normal rounds when I felt like I was getting burnt out because I didn't want to hate the game, I had some playing partners just grind themselves down trying to play out of it. I'd rather lose a golf buddy a few times a month for a while than to never play with them again
  3. Black Gloss. I love customizing and tweaking my putters, and frequently try out different shafts so I would love to see how this design stacks up to others on the market
  4. 1. City, State? Raleigh, NC 2. Handicap? 4 3. What is your current putter? TM spider 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? No 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? I love the tech behind the putter, but wasn't a fan of the looks of previous models 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  5. Still can't not see BEEF on that wedge since another user pointed it out when they were first released
  6. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel HERE: Done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location HERE: Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Raleigh, NC 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? No 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Biggest area where a pro fitter could help is probably wedges
  7. 6 seems to be a common one. I had 6 birdies twice. Once with 6 birdies, 6 bogeys and 6 pars. The second was 6 birdies and 3 doubles on the front nine, and then 9 straight pars on the back
  8. I love this topic. Makes me feel part of a brotherhood. Years ago I played Dormie Club in Pinehurst on day 4 of a buddies trip and just absolutely lost my game after 3 days of great golf. I shot a 98 with a single ball. The course is pretty generous on fairway size, and yet I think I may have hit 4-5 all day. I spent the whole day in deep natural areas, and just walked right in found my ball and usually whacked it further into the natural area. I don't even remember spending much time looking, just walked right to my ball like some sort of golf ball finding savant. Rinse and repeat for 18 holes. The scary thing is that I putted lights out, it could have been 110 if I putted the way I normally did at the time. I have 2 balls on my wall. My hole in one ball, and my 98 ball.
  9. He's bad because he says the same thing over and over. We heard that Bryson has hit like 17 miles of drives in the course of the tournament in back to back holes, we heard that fellow pros think Bryson is such a great putter in back to back holes, we heard that you have to have mental fortitude to swing hard you can't just do it in back to back holes. We heard Bryson misses all of his putts to the left except oops for the one they just showed that went to the right. Look we all occasionally take golf naps and miss a quip here or there, but are they really so genuinely insightful that we need to hear them over and over? Could we just say they once and then say something else, maybe put them on a ticker down at the bottom so that if I fall asleep for a bit I could read them at my leisure? The 2nd 17th hole playoff when Cantlay's ball was in the air there was no commentary for the whole shot and it was fantastic. Just watching the ball, I don't need someone else to explain what was going on.
  10. I like it when I can see my own game mirrored by the pros. In this case 2 of them on the same hole
  11. If I could create a device to mute golf announcers once they've said the same thing more than once I would make a lot of money. You have an insight? OK let me hear it. I don't need to hear it again 2 holes later. It's not just Bryson, during pebble we heard how Daniel Berger's father was a pro tennis player like 25 times in one afternoon
  12. I had a tour issue 3 wood prior to my current off the shelf version. The only difference is that I talked about my tour issue 3 wood way more than I talk about my current 3 wood, which I am better with in every possible metric, other than golfwrx street cred
  13. I'm conflicted. I don't hate him, and I love his approach to the game. But he also annoys me with about 90% of the things that come out of his mouth and the way he acts like it's never his fault when a ball isn't hit perfectly. But I will 100% watch him in long drive, I think he's go the personality for it, he obviously gets excited to just hulk smash the ball. And for as long as he hits it he's pretty accurate so he could do well just by keeping the ball in the grid and let some of the other guys snap hook the ball into oblivion.
  14. Because they insist on competing with sportsball and calling it playoffs I'd like to see some actual playoff elimination. The current setup has little interest for me, especially with starting guys out at -10 at East Lake. Give me the US Am style for the pros spread out over multiple events. I know it's all about money and keeping eyeballs on the events, but sometimes in sports you just get post seasons that are unappealing to viewers outside those fanbases. You want regular season to count? Then tournament winners get a bye into the 2nd round. First round - 150 guys playing for 64 spots. If you want to do some artificial scoring where the higher ranked guys get strokes, do it here not at East Lake. 16 way tie for 60th? Let's play some more holes! This gets the fringe guys a chance to get hot and get in. Second round - 64 plus byes (if you want em) playing for 32 spots Rickie Fowler needs a birdie to get into a 7 man playoff? Let's do this! 3rd round - straight up match play. Winner takes 15mil. I know the advertisers don't like match play because it might not be big names. But you put some March madness activity around it, mic up the caddies or something. You can't tell me people wouldn't be circling the potential Brooks/Bryson match on the bracket.
  15. I fully endorse enlisting a 3rd party to any over the top headcover related showmanship
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