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  1. I don't know why you'd have that much variation between days, its probably just normal variability of a 15-handicapper. Is it OK to play with a "workable" shot? Of course!! Especially when your other potential choice results in a significantly increased percentage of OB/hazard/desert/cholla. But maybe you can hit 3-wood consistently straight, that can be a great choice too. Its important for you to understand your own game. Generally speaking, your goal on each shot should be to get as close to the green as possible without an excessive risk of real "problems". That's it, simple really, two somewhat conflicting criteria, close to the green, minimize "danger". Its up to you to figure out your own game, nobody online has enough information to make the choices for you. You need to understand where your misses are with each club, and how wide your typical range of results is. You need to evaluate the golf course, and how your personal shot pattern fits between the various "problem areas." And when you practice, work to tighten up your range of variability. You'll become a better player by improving the quality of your bad shots. Okay this is what I was looking for. Cuz you see the 280+ carry with pros but they are always spanking it, never changing up the speed only shape. Whereas for us amateurs driver is usually the easiest to hit so sometimes it’s nice to work an easy driver into your preferred spot instead of just using your stock shot. And yes I am becoming better off the tee with many other clubs. Mainly 3 wood and driving iron. And how people mentioned most holes only require 250 to get to the ideal approach location I think I’ll just make that my target and base my club choice on how I’m hitting it and not worry about 300 yd drives. With the short hitting round at the boulders, one of my longest was with my 3 wood because I felt the most confident with it.
  2. Pete, those were two different rounds. And for the OP, do you want to hit it longer, or do you want to score better? In your shoes, I'd do my best not to worry about driving distance, and work to hit all of your clubs straighter and more consistent. Looks like short game could use a lot of work too. Neither really. Just pointing out how a true course average may be different than what you hit on a trackman. I know I need to get in a bay, but I know I could put out 280 carry if I wanted to as witnessed by my long balls, but my playable carry would prolly be 255 giving me my arccos avg of 269. I’m a healthy 27 y/o and frankly I find it pretty incredible guys like Kevin Na can carry 270+ consistently. On Mark Crossfields latest video for inside the life of a tour fitter he said the shortest carry he saw was 285. What is crazy is that you never see them have those odd short balls on tour, like us amateurs. It must be their perfect launch angles. The only time I’ve seen drives under 250 is in the Tournament of Champions where there is a drive that plays crazy uphill. So I guess my real question is why did I have such a distance gap between rounds? Yes on the long ball day the course was open, but I seemed to find the center of the face more. One thing I noticed I do is I hit towards the heel whenever I am not confident with a shot. On the tighter, Boulders course I felt like I had some great swings, but was getting low weak cuts, reacting like a heel strike. So what should I do? Is it okay to work driver at less than your optimal distance for a club, or is it better to club down and go all at it? Is it okay to play my workable heel miss?
  3. [/img] This was the long hitting day. The 346 had wind at 8 o'clock and I usually hit a fade, so I just blasted it down the fairway and my fade and wind worked it right towards the green. Center of the green was measuring around 333. It was probably a 300 carry (although wind assisted this time) and reached the front of the green and rolled all the way to the back of it. The 3rd pic is why I'm a 15 handicap lol. This is from the tight round that had me questioning my distance. I wish there was a way to share the round so you could see how I played each hole (Arccos are you listening?!!). I was proud of the round and even tho I was shorter I was working the driver into great spots and giving myself chances at a solid approach. It would be neat if Arccos could also save the wind and elevation averages for the hole played as its even smart enough to do that! OP btw.
  4. And also why do people associate distance with handicap? One of my buddies was a former AA baseball player and literally seen him hit it 395 yds and his handicap is worse than mine! Granted it was slightly downhill with a light tailwind, but it was still over a 330 carry drive. I never really had lessons, but just started out with buddies smacking the thing, and now I'm 27 and trying to learn some more control in this game. it's funny because according to arccos the part of the game with lowest handicap is actually the sand. I've played with a scratch handicap a few times and over one round I found myself in the bunker too many times than desired. After he saw me struggling he took the time to give a few pointers and how to play the bunkers and after that it has just stuck. It shows how lessons do work and how others pointed out on here, there is obviously something else holding me back than distance. But anyways as I digress, this is not about me, but distance. I'll look at getting those rounds posted or at least a couple screenshots.
  5. OP here. Didn't expect this thread to blow up like it did so I'll try to answer some things. . Great question. A lot of people seem to think I am doing the common mistake of looking at the card, but it was actually from a GPS cart. It had a shot distance feature and on a good drive I would click it and measure. I would try to do it on flat holes too to get a pure drive. What I remember is a a couple perfect 300 yards with roll on flat firm fairways, a 330 that was my long of the season last year, and a spanked 200 yd drive straight into a 20+ mph headwind lol. I figured on a flat firm fairway with little wind I was carrying 265-280 to get to 300 total. I think the answer is found in psychology rather than your golf swing. We seem to remember our outliers, like my 330, those 300 yarders, and the shorty of 200, but you blank out all the in between. With Arccos getting actual GPS data on actual courses in the conditions, you see the real numbers that make golf fun. I've had great drives on the course that I was like "Dam, I can't wait to see the stats on that one," to find out it was a 250's, or 240's, but a great drive and put me in great position for the next one. For everyone talking about my iron distances, please remember, PING EYE 2's!!!! The lofts are at least a club weaker than all modern stuff, the dam 9i comes in at 45*, PW at 50.5* and 4i at 25*. So I did what I said and went back to my old driver today, just to test it. Yeah, not the driver, just my swing speed and contact. Oh and about swing speed, sorry but haven't been to a store in a while, but I remember a modern 7i swinging around 88-90 mph. So I don't even think SS, more contact, and thats why dispersion can be so erratic. I did shorten up my swing this year and so contact is better, but I am shorter, and maybe thats why it is more exaggerated in longer clubs like driver, putting my avg drive at 269 arccos verified. So with this round my furthest drive was actually from my 4 wood at 271 yds. It was a spanked draw with a light tail wind. Later I went for the green on a par 5 with it 245 out. It was only a light wind although straight into the teeth of it, but I absolutely flushed it and you know what? I barely cleared the water and results came back 221 yd carry. Avg is 240 for that club. Just shows you how the conditions really change your game and will definitely influence your longer clubs more like your driver. Lastly if anyone wants to look at the data I could look into posting some of these later rounds. I've seen some people posting their game golf rounds, but haven't seen much with arccos data, but that way I can back up my 349 yd long ;) and show you how I performed on the tighter course with low driving avg.
  6. Put this here cuz it's more about me and my expectations instead of a club fitting. So sorry is basically I thought I was a long hitter, usually around 280-300 yd carry with driver. I noticed I really wasn't out hitting some of my better playing buddies by that much and now have Arccos to confirm. My avg is 267 yes and that is with roll. So did I never have the distance before or is it something else? I almost thought about switching back to old driver after seeing the Arccos stats, but thought differently after a good range day and round. But now after my last round it has me thinking again. My avg for the round was 247 :stink: . It was a tight course and fairway accuracy was key. I put one OB on the first hole and then played my game from there on out and played pretty well actually, except at the end I saw the low driving avg. So am I subconsciously really slowing it down for accuracy or where has my distance gone? I'm a 15 handicap and my avg. for my 45* 9 iron (Ping Eye 2's) is 127. My 7 iron, again ping eye 2 so more like a modern 8 iron, is 150 yds. Are these where these numbers should be? Thing that is weird is my 6 iron and up take a huge jump, up to 170, 182 for 5, and 200 for my 4 iron. I think I swing harder with clubs I need to hit harder like those long irons, so that is why I have those huge jumps and have been usually a long driver. Maybe this is a good sign, cuz now I am able to slow it down and find a straighter swing? The earlier round that made me keep it in the bag was an open course and I actually had 2 drives pushing 350 (drove the green on one (cool) ) and avg was 271, but my ball striking was way worse. So maybe this is a good thing and helping me become more accurate as I'm no longer trying to outhit my friends, but instead outscore them? Is this something I should be worried about or just play my game? Next test will be trying the old driver back in the bag. Thanks for your thoughts.
  7. I feel like this is simple. Why does the USGA just not issue a halftime at say 12:30 til 1 o’clock? They can simply take a look at how the course was playing between morning groups finishing and afternoon really getting going. It can be a 10 minute watering of the greens and then resume. Today looked unplayable at spots such as 14 with the closest approach being 39’ and no birdies. My other thought is do they do any revisions the morning before play? Like do they look at the forecast and see that the 529 yd par four is playing straight into the wind?! It may be best to take a look at that. If so that wouldn’t require watering the green or drastic changes to the grounds. They could again simply move up the tee box to change the fun long hole from being the “this hole is impossible!â€
  8. Thanks for the info Stuart G. Yeah it’s an old Taylormade rescue 2 hybrid with a dynamic gold S300 in it. It stays low with better dispersion than my driving iron. I know everyone is big on the driving irons right now, but the hybrid feels great and is more penetrating with the steel shaft so why not use that. First shot on the course with it I reached a par 5 in two and birdies for the first time on that hole. 255 yd Arccos verified. It’s out with the UDI and in with the rescue.
  9. I know this topic has been covered before but haven’t found anything on my specific question. How does a steel shaft perform in long clubs like woods compared to graphite? Why I’m asking is I inherited a 17* Taylormade rescue hybrid with steel shaft. Hit it a couple times at the range and is pretty fun to hit. Only difference I can tell is there is really no lag feeling. Feels very connected and more point and shoot where sometimes a graphite can help save a poor swing. Is there any reason to not game this? How would it compare to my 17* 4 wood with kuru kage shaft? Why did longer clubs go to graphite anyway? I know it’s been discussed extensively for irons, but haven’t heard much on why drivers and woods and now hybrids have all went to graphite. Thanks for the info everyone!
  10. Here you are. As you can see the have the Chapter Calendar breakdown at the bottom so you can follow the program as intended if you want. For me, I found the first 7 or 8 videos very repetitive where the meat and potatoes was at the end. Here you can gain access to the actually beneficial lessons in the last 2 or 3 videos of each chapter and avoid the repetitive introductory training videos where Hepler is just harping on you. Complete the program, get the breakdown, give it a shot.
  11. The reason is simple -- hardly anyone makes it thru the whole program. I followed the posts of everyone on this site who said that they started, and fewer than 1 in 10 actually finished. Giving an update. I was sitting about a 22 handicap, with lowest prolly a 14 just from playing. Not giving tathata credit for that. But I picked it up and wanted to have a good golf summer and thought this could help 'develop' a swing and lower my scores. Like everybody says, the program is so monotonous and there is no way someone could spend 60+ hours doing this crap. Its mildly infuriating that they force you to go through the whole program once to get all the content available to you. I get that this is a program Bryan Hepler believes in and wants you to follow it as structured, but it would need to be half the length if that's the case. So what I did was took an hour and sped through all the quizzes to "complete" the program and unlock all the content so I could go back and access any specific lesson I wanted/needed. No more having to go through a dam warm up after I just got back from the gym and was warm and wanted to train my swing. And no more sitting through some mental bullcrap in the middle of my living room in a noisy city. Now I'm able to access the full swing lesson and in 30 minutes I'm done and feeling pretty good. So I wasn't a believer after I completed the first 2 chapters as again I found it too monotonous and time consuming. Now after my last 2 days of practice I'm starting to believe again. What i did was the full swing first. I remembered a lot of the movements and found I was tight and sore in areas I haven't been for awhile. Proceeded to do the stretching B to loosen up afterward. The next day I did hands and arms and watched a few of his in-depth videos where he just discusses the fundamentals that we are going through, no physical practice. I found these good and better than a lot of content on Youtube although that is getting better (shout out to Mark Crossfield). I went to the range today and had one of the best days of my life. Felt completely relaxed, and hitting it better than I ever have. No straining and frustration at the end of my practice session. Had some duffs and shanks, but as he teaches you need to look ahead and not focus on those poor shots. He does follow the chi/zen eastern philosophy a lot and you find him constantly saying, "Find your greatness!" or think about "What's out in front." A lil cheesy I know, but I think this helped with my mental game more than the meditation he incorporates at the end of the video. I've always struggled with chipping and would proceed to chunk one, get pissed off, grip tighter then proceed to blade one across the green. Now I would duff one, and without even thinking about the program or the training I found myself saying to myself, "Find your greatness," and would stay relaxed and hit a better chip the next time. Not all shots are gonna be great, but it doesn't mean you can't give it your best effort. So to summarize, I think it does have more potential than people give it credit for. What I found most useful was the in-depth review on pressure, and found I had better control of my hand and body with his philosophy on pressure, say start at a 2 gripping the club and strengthening to an 8 throughout the swing, whereas before I would stay at a 7-8 all the way through. I also found the drills very beneficial. While doing them at home, I thought, "How in the world is this helping my golf swing?" and my dad conferred, but out on the range I was using them subconsciously! i usually struggle with keeping my leading arm straight in the back swing and try to force it from the start, but in the hands in arm he has a drill where you 'punch' back in the first quarter of the back swing and this practice carried over into actually hitting balls and really helped my swing. I also found move 15 in the full swing, the final movement you do, where you bring the club down with strength after your follow through very helpful and an area where most people neglect. You feel like a pro, even in your living room, where you bring down your club outside your body vertically and find yourself staring at the target where the ball will be dropping. A cool and powerful drill and found this helped my swing on the range too. So to all of you who still have the program, please do yourself a favor and go through all the quizzes to unlock the whole program and then pick and choose what works best for your game or what you are struggling with at the moment. It's very convenient as it explodes into, warm ups, body movements, in-depth discussions, greatest player evals, or s**t even mental training if you so desire. (I'll try to put a screenshot up to show you all). Do this, give it a shot, come back and let everyone know what you think. Peace!! P.S. Like I said I'm an avid Youtuber and think I've watched every Mark Crossfield video he produces, but never actually do the lessons. This is a step by step lesson (although in your living room) and forces you to do the movement, so instead of just saying, "Oh yeah that makes sense! I've got it!", you are actually forced to do the movements and at least for me have carried into my swing.
  12. How does the GPS on the iPhone compare? Still thinking of Arccos 360 cuz it’s more mainstream, iPhone compatibility to see stats instantly instead of at computer, and the caddie feature. Also don’t think phone in pocket would bug me as much as the big heavy watch with Shotscope.
  13. Oh dang. Never even heard of shotscope until your post @Trane5 . The sensors look lighter on it, which would be nice, but shot arccos 360 look light as well. Does the watch have any other features, like can it be used as a fitness tracker or digital watch as well, or is it only for golf? So now still undecided, but definitely think I ruled out arccos 1 and game golf. I have the normal iPhone so out of the case it won't bug me in the pocket. Anybody know if there is a coupon code for the arccos 360 right now? And for the caddie feature can you purchase that separate for cheaper, like the $30 extra if you get the bundle or do you have to pay the full $50? I'd like to purchase the system from Dick's for points for my dick's account, but don't think they have the caddie bundle. Oh also does the shotscope have a caddie feature, or will it?
  14. That's what I thought but after returning to reviews in my just before purchase stage, I was reading some negativity on the shot reading and some people going back to the 1st one. I'm guessing that has to be user error cuz from what I've read it has all the technology as the first and then some. But what really made my decision was seeing pics of them. I find it odd to have something at the end of your club, and no way could I do the 1/2" extensions on the arccos gen 1. The smaller profile of the 360 is completely manageable. Now last thing for my summer improvement. Will I need to keep a separate handicap? I would like to record mine, and know arccos does its system for different areas of your game, but I'm referring to my actual handicap. Does arccos do this accurately, or do I need to set up an account with my local club?
  15. Gonna play a lot of golf this summer and want a stat tracker. I have no problem dropping the $250 for the 360 plus I want the caddie which I think it included a few months free but not sure. After reading reviews I’m not too sure I want the latest and greatest. I’ve heard people going back to Arccos Gen 1 cuz they say it registers better. Is this true? Arccos claims the 360 fixed the miss shot issue. Also have no issue keeping phone in pocket as I have iPhone 7 and without case you hardly notice it. Also have external charger if battery life is ever an issue. I just want something I don’t have to fuss with much. Just start it and play and use the caddie as I get more rounds under my belt. Caddie can be used with gen 1 as well so that is a nonissue. So do I go gen 1 refurbished for $70 and play that or the new 360?
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