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  1. Which ball plays straighter for you, E6 or E12 Contact? For me it is the E6, but the marketing material ("straight distance you can see") suggests the E12 Contact. Just wondering what players are finding. Thank you!
  2. I prefer drivers smaller than 460 cc (unfortunately very few are available). 360 - 380cc seems to fit my eye perfectly. Just a poll to see if others would also prefer to play something a bit smaller than 460? By the way, I know the stock answer is 460 = greatest forgiveness, but it still puzzles me that the forgiveness of a 360 - 400cc driver is not enough for OEMs to offer something that size for the players who prefer it?
  3. Informal Poll: Wilson Staff Duo Soft or Callaway Supersoft? Which one performs better for you?
  4. Callaway Supersoft or Wilson Staff Duo Soft - which do you prefer and why?
  5. Cleveland Launcher HB and no regrets
  6. Spring and early summer 2017 my iron play was terrible. Finally so frustrated that mid-July I dug out my old Ping g5's, which I don't think I had touched for 7 or 8 years. My game came back, just hitting the ball high and straight got me back on track and I played the G5's for the remainder of 2017. Looks like I'll be starting 2018 with the Pings - they earned it!
  7. For a round or two I just thought I was in a good groove off the tee. But it has now been several rounds and tee shots seem very, very straight with this Callaway Supersoft. Anyone else having similar results and finding this to be an unusually straight ball?
  8. Suggestions please for forgiving drivers that are smaller than 460cc. 460 just doesn't fit my eye/my confidence like something smaller. Thank you very much for your suggestions.
  9. I have played e6 exclusively for the past three years and I am very disappointed with the e6 soft. I have now played 6 rounds and the "soft" is absolutely shorter off my driver and irons as well. My driver swing speed is similar to yours. Also seems to have more sidespin than previous years. I have 4 dozen that I will be returning. Looking for a replacement ball.
  10. What style putter grip may help quiet my wrists? Thank you!
  11. I believe the Bridgestone E-6 really reduces side spin of my tee shots. Do any other balls use the same technology (or perhaps their own technology) to reduce side spin? Any balls reduce it even more than E-6?
  12. Thank you for explaining this better. I confused some terminology in my first post. I absolutely meant the peak height of my tee shots - but I employed the wrong terms high or low launch while referring to my peak height.
  13. I had a chance to play 18 yesterday and 18 more today, so I had plenty of tee shots using my driver. For all 36 holes I played the Callaway SuperSoft - first time I have played the ball. Tee shots were extremely high for me (same driver for the last 3 seasons). So high, that out of curiosity I called Callaway customer service to ask if SuperSoft might be a higher launching ball. Customer service told me that there is no such thing as a higher or lower launching ball, and that height of ball flight is always a function of the player's swing. Is this true or false? I suppose it could be so, but I am not a high ball hitter and for two rounds that's all I did. So it is just coincidence that I was playing a different ball? By the way, this whole thing resulted from me looking for a "winter" ball. So is it my swing or my ball? Thanks very much!!!
  14. What is the single best tip, drill, or instruction that you have found or heard or read to help your slice? I have way too many things going through my mind about my slice - I am going to focus on just one at a time to see if I can identify my problem. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  15. Generally will an open stance promote a draw? And a closed stance promote a fade? Thank you.
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