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  1. Hey T-MAC, besides May River, what track would you recommend near Blufton?
  2. To everyone who have bought from me so far, everything was shipped out today (4/23/20). If I haven't DM'd you with the tracking number please reach out to me. Thanks everyone Jon
  3. Price Drop!!! Someone please buy this 765 Wedge!!! EDIT: I only have that MINT Srixon 765 A wedge available. Hard to find a 765 A wedge, especially one in this condition!!! hey all, I have to move these guys asap. They all are near mint if not mint. I ship next day (USPS) after funds are delivered, I pay for shipping west of the Mississippi, East of Mississippi add 10 bucks. All prices are OBO First up is a mint Scotty Select Newport 2, its 34" and has new Super Stroke XTraction grip. $old Next up is Taylor Made Spider X. Its 35" long and has a corded Lamkin grip. No head cover b
  4. Great topic. I think the options out there for a nice gamer are almost overwhelming. Cleveland makes an underrated putter, can never go wrong with a Ping, and if you wait and look hard enough can grab a Scotty on some places. I personally would be looking at Odyssey. Either their Protype or their White Hot series. I played a round with a guy that had an original Zebra putter that drained putts like it was his job. I remember picking up a Zebra in high school (late 90's) for 30 bucks.
  5. Just picked up a #2 last night. I may never game it but, just stoked I have it.
  6. There were a lot of hoing that went my way this year but, there were some doozies I still shake my head at.
  7. Being a club hoe, I have had plenty or "why did I buy this?" moments of 2019. I also have the "never leaving my bag" pick ups as well. For me, my best pick up of the 2019 season were the New Balance Striker shoes. Yes, shoes were my best pick up. Why? Because they are so damned comfortable, and I love to walk. My worst, probably has to be Odyssey O Works #7. I just didn't gel with it AT ALL. Mistake from the begging and was a pain to unload. So with that... what you got WRXers?
  8. I can remember a round at Dad Miller golf course back in the late 90's with my high school buddies like it was yesterday. My buddy Dan plunked a guy two fairways over on the front 9 and on the 18th he got drilled in the stomach by our friend Dante. Dante took a Happy Gilmore swing and sent an 'ole hozzle rocket into Dan while he was up on a hill. Dan crumpled like a sack of potatoes and on his way down the hill took his pull cart with him, the ensuing yard sale of clubs and balls was the funniest thing I have ever seen on a course.
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