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  1. 1. Plaza Golf 2.Torrance, Ca 5. 8 4. Ping G400 Max, 10.5 TPT 17 5. No 6. TSi2 7. Yes
  2. NTC coupled with Efficient Swing would certainly give you solid input to work on. I would think a video lesson might be worth it too - self diagnosis can be tricky.
  3. I know covid extra 5 lbs & less exercise has had some impact. I’m a walker on a hilly course and today was first 18 playing with this new approach. The key feel I took to the course was to throw the head/UD as fast as I could from the top. By the end my arms were tired as hell! Hahaha. But I hit it about 98% of my best swing, total max all day. And straight. Of course chipping, putting which had kept me in the game disappeared. Of course. Anyway, totally energized from this.
  4. I played my first 9 holes with some sense that I understand this whole approach. I do see it as a connected system and is the most clear I ever tied pivot, ground forces and arms/hands together. This is maybe the best I have felt a whole swing hang together. I hit the ball really well, most swings and I am def early in the learning process. There's more speed to be found. Pretty exciting. I had mentioned I needed to move my arms faster and @mmb1500 said his arms sped up as a consequence of UD. Now that I sort of get the hang of the move into transition where the left tilt is s
  5. Another big piece of this for me is keep trail shoulder high as you UD from top. Very different feel, and feels great.
  6. That’s probably true if you have any athletic talent! But I have had to deliberately speed my arms up. Sort of like solving a puzzle. If one assumes ud is good, then therefore must speed arms up.
  7. I have pretty much disabused myself of the notion that I know anything about how to swing a golf club... That said, my core takeway from NTC is that if you're going to ulnar deviate from the top, the arms also have to speed up to keep things in synch.
  8. That's a question I have spent a lot of time trying to answer for myself...not just for NTC but overall swing changes. The best I have found is, more or less, forget 98% of what I focus on in practice. Whatever swing I really have is the one I'm going to play with. One key new feel, maybe two, but often just one and that may move around as the round progresses. But if I want to try to shoot a score, I can't try to do too much that's new. If I am just trying to feel the new swing on the course, then replicate the feels from practice.
  9. This makes sense. Well done. Next up: Where’s Waldo?
  10. I can't quite decipher this... think there's a typo maybe. Even if 'lint' becomes 'line' I still can't translate it.. help, please.
  11. Oh great... I don't get in IG often, will check this out. I am also gonna resume some lessons with Monte. Always found him to be helpful, fun, interesting.
  12. So glad you posted this. Ironically, I had reached out to Monte last week, thinking maybe take a lesson, but i am probably gonna wait until he's outside again. I'm still trying to limit indoors exchanges with ppl. I had recently been influenced by Mike Malaska and his emphasis on arm swing > pivot for speed. Which resonated with what Monte has said before and says again in this video. I saw immediate big speed improvement from Malaska, but then I lost it. I keep getting back into pivot focus. Then I saw this post, bought the video last night. Filled in so many blanks, clari
  13. Rats. TM emailed me. The fitter scheduled for me's wife had a baby a month early last night, they can't accommodate me Tues. I couldn't make it now fit into my quick trip to San Diego. Will have to do it later, time tbd. Rats. Oh well, baby & mom are fine, so I am told. New babies >> club fitting, I guess.
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