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  1. The one thing that I wonder is, ok, let's assume this takes a while but he fundamentally recovers. I certainly hope so. But now he's a year+ down the road. Maybe, just maybe, this makes the Champion Tour more attractive to him. Which would be great.
  2. I played in tourney today at Rustic. It got fiercely windy, ball wouldn't stay still on the green, judging distances was impossible. On fast greens, wind is an intense factor - especially with slope. Driving on 405 enroute to play, wind was even worse - that's when they blew the horn at Riviera.
  3. The restrictions - no fans - now is personal. Love going to this tournament, this week with such a strong field would be great to be there. Rats.
  4. Sorta surprised no one has nibbled on this. The TPT/G400 max is a great combo that I really enjoyed. Make a reasonable offer.
  5. G400 Max 10.5 head in xint condition. TPT 17 LKP MT SW plays at 46". Also Alta R flex 55 with Ping adapter. Pics tell the story. This rig is in great shape. Head, Alta: TPT (with Ping adapter) sold pin 2/13
  6. I have worked with Monte for a while now. You just plug away at it...It's like he provides a basic framework to understand my swing, what the key milestones and associated feels are. I have to fill in the blank spaces and work like hell to get used to them. But, all that work pays off. So says my scorecard.
  7. I'm 68. I am definitely not as long as I once was, so I play 6000-6200 instead of 6500-6800. But in every other way, I am a better player now than I have ever been. Of course, I wasn't very good, so there was a lot of room for improvement. I have learned a lot - A LOT - about better ways to swing, pitch, chip & putt the ball over the last 10 years. Just last week, first 9 holes ever under par (!!!). So, better technique, better confidence, smarter course management outweigh loss of speed. And to be honest, when I am really on, my distance isn't that much less than 25 years ago. If I had any one bit of advice about golf, it would be to be patient about improving. Go about the process of slowly letting new, more constructive feels, that seem so difficult at first, sink in. Better technique means prolonged playing level. At least that's been my experience.
  8. There's a lot of great golf clubs out there... In the past year, I have added P790 irons (4-W, TT 105 R) and TSi2 driver (GD DI 5 R1). These are such great clubs. The thing I have learned after a LOT of club buying, building, selling - I'm not the craziest guy on Wrx, club buying-wise, let's just call it above average - is it helps to have someone who really knows more about fitting and building clubs to help. Case in point: I had bought P790 thru a dealer, limited fitting, and hated them. Could never hit it them solid. So I sold them, moved on. I had gotten to know this guy who owns this great little boutique shop in Los Angeles area (Plaza Golf, Torrance for you SoCal ppl) - we seemed to run into each other on the range a lot, got to talking. He was shocked I didn't like P790. So finally, I went to him to see what happened. Plaza has a little outdoor Trackman setup (into a net) and Todd (the owner) is their main fitter. Put me in the right weight shafts, knocked the lie down 2* from std, and, wow, what a difference. So I just went back to him, to see about drivers just before Xmas. I have paid for fittings with club builders, done cheap fittings at other retailers, done massive amts of self fitting. Todd spends an hour with you and the fitting is free if you buy a club (at same price as all the other retailers). It's just different when you get help from really smart, passionate people. I know the work with @MonteScheinblum over time has improved my swing, but I swear clubs that you just trust are such a big deal. At least for me. I've played the P790 now for a year. That's like 10 years for most golfers, given how often I bought & sold irons. I hit a lot of greens these days. People comment on my iron play. That NEVER happened before. Never. And I can tell the TSi2 is going to be just as reliable. Such a beautiful head, feel, that is totally great performance wise. I think I'll add a TSi2 4 wood, maybe 7 wood. No real point to make here. Just feeling good about golf, my game, my gear and wanted to enjoy this in public. Well, maybe one point. First class small golf shops that really do it right are incredible. It's great to support them. @MonteScheinblum teaches at such a shop (No Bogeys Golf), too. You walk in and you just feel the golf excellence vibes in the air.
  9. I have mid-80's, low 90's driver ss. I still carry a 4 iron, but often debate swaping (I have an old xhot pro 4h that I hit great, but the shaft length always makes me wonder about hitting it straight). I like the 4 iron mainly because I hit it low. It would be awful for carrying a front pond or sand trap, but for low bullets under trees or even fairway it's great. But I think the better answer is a 4 h with shorter shaft, maybe steel.
  10. I always enjoy this tournament, love seeing the family scene. Seeing Charlie, this really slight young boy, hit the ball like he did and seem, well, like an 11 year old boy, sorta awkward but totally into playing & the whole scene, was really fun. The kid generates a ton of speed for his size. But the commentary was way way way over the top and it detracted. I guess the thing is, seeing Tiger and his son play (and the talent of the boy) doesn't need a lot of hype. Hicks needs some old whiskey soaked crank in the production truck to tell him to shut up. Greg Norman must have pissed someone off, because I think I saw him & his son hit maybe 4 shots - too much time on Justin/Mike Thomas. And John Daly & son - John has serious cancer, that wild beard and little John can play - hardly any coverage. The really old guys - Player, Trevino - I still want to see them play a little. So the actual theater, excitement was A. The coverage was D-. All of which means...I'll watch start to finish tomorrow.
  11. Thanks for that. What is your driver SS? I'm 68 and mine tops out in low - mid 90's when I am really on. I think that puts me in the 'average to below average SS!"
  12. Great input, thanks. I am getting fitted for TSi2 next week. I had thought I'd keep the G400 Max for just the reasons you describe and what you describe is kind of what I had thought. The only little surprise is the TSi2 reminds me a little at address of a Wishon 919THI which was very forgiving but not real long, but that's not what I am hearing about how the TSi2 plays. I played Stadium Course a few times in 2019, but never the Nicklaus. I enjoyed it, too. I didn't find the rough too often, but then, again, I was playing the 400Max!
  13. Anyone get the Tsi 2 who had played Ping G400 (or 410) Max? Would love to hear how these two faced off.
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