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  1. What a Sim Max 8*. That's like Snow Leopard territory. GLWS.
  2. Parallel tip have a .370 size whereas taper tip are .355. This post is an oldie but goodie explaining the difference. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/151004-parallel-tip-vs-taper-tip/?do=findComment&comment=2813790
  3. BBF&Co make the primo ferrules. They literally have every design imaginable. They're not cheap. This set is on
  4. On the Steelfibers I had that were constant weight it said CW next to the 110. Also on mine the tip size was .355. those are insanely hot. They're like Hansel
  5. The MT is a less common profile. It's soft tip firm mid. It was one of my favorite shafts and I played in in a 6x, until my bag fell off the cart and it snapped
  6. Often Tour Issue shafts will have serials
  7. Wow Kyle bringing the heat with this listing. Where are the putters GLWS
  8. 716 has horrible turf interaction for me. I liked that they changed the 718 by making the leading edge preworn. They also reduced the offset or at least that's how it appears to me. The lines were sharper on the 714 and the 718. It's easier to square those irons at address. While the 716 is forgiving, I feel like I mostly hit mediocre shots with it. Hard pass. For me in this order with AP2s 718, 714, 716. T100s are pretty different - smaller and less offset.
  9. Bought the PM 64* for Bethpage Black. The green side rough is unfair and it's really scary pitching without it. It's also like cheating from bunkers. I don't really like it for shots outside 50-60 yards.
  10. Looks like someone took the grinding wheel to a standard raw Vokey. The distance between the Titleist and the sole seems a little less.
  11. What I've observed with Counterbalanced shafts is that for me, they lead me to lean the handle back and add dynamic loft and spin. It's been pretty consistent across the Nemesys, T1100 in 65 6.5 and 75 6.0, Rogue Silver 110 60x, Hzrdus Yellow and a few others. In most cases, the handles feel stiff to me. Most of the shafts achieve counterbalancing by adding material. The Nemesys has tungsten powder in the prepreg they use in the butt. I find I swing faster, but as a hitter, I struggle with finding the center of the face as consistently. My misses with CB shafts tend to be lower on the face. Wh
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