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  1. Really interested in checking these out....always liked the look of the ER5, but wished it had a slant neck. Happy that will be an option now!
  2. Great set up! How are you liking the putter? Been eyeing a Spider Tour Black at Golf Galaxy that has a sight line....I always putt very well with it every time I try it in store, but I've heard horror stories about the paint chipping over time. However, yours looks like it is in very good shape. May wait to try out the new Odyssey White Hot OG line before pulling the trigger on anything.
  3. Any update on the release date for these? Almost pulled the trigger on a Spider Tour Black at Golf Galaxy the other day, but I really want to give the 7s version of these a roll when they come out.
  4. I had a gap in between my 5 wood and my JPX 919 Forged Irons (5-GW). My fitter recommended the Titleist U510 4 iron in the HZRDUS Smoke shaft. I love the thing....very easy to hit off the tee and off the turf. The U500 is a little bit more of a compact head shape in comparison, but the 4 iron version of that has a loft of 23* which I beleive is what you are looking for.
  5. My vote is also the Ping G410 SFT 3 wood. I have it in 3 wood and the 5 wood and I cannot say enough about them....it really is like cheating. I was playing with a buddy of mine last weekend who just picked up the game this year and he was fighting the ocassional slice and really struggling hitting his woods off the deck. Let him borrow my PING G410 SFT 3 wood for an approach shot he had.....was the best shot he hit all day and he was just laughing afterwards at how easy of a club it was to hit. Highly recommend giving it a swing at your local shop as they are discounted right n
  6. Looking to switch from my Ping Anser Milled 1 to a mallet for some more forgiveness on the greens. However, I want a mallet with some toe hang. I’ve tried both slant neck versions of the TM Spider Tour and Spider X and also tried Evnroll ER5 with gravity grip...having a tough time deciding so I figured I would go to the WRX group for your experiences with these putter. Any thoughts?
  7. Had this same issue with the set 4 iron for my JPX 919F. Ended up adding a Titleist U510 4 iron to my set. A bit chunky, but very forgiving.
  8. I had to deal with this as well.....got fit for Ping G 410 driver and woods on 6/26. The woods were not delayed at all, but I finally got my driver late last week. Definitely frustrating, but well worth the wait. Happy they are being more transparent with the lead times now as when I was fitted initially I was told 2-3 weeks....
  9. Driver finally shipped yesterday. Hoping to get it soon!
  10. Still waiting on my driver....got fitted for G410 SFT on 6/26 and was told 2-3 weeks. Was taking a while so I reached out to Ping directly to see what the deal was after 3 weeks had passed. Was told they have everything they need for my order in stock and custom builds were taking 18-20 business days. My fitter emailed me this weekend and is now being told by Ping the the driver won’t be arriving until 8/12. They must be really behind on orders.
  11. Got fitted for a G410 driver on 6/26 through my local fitter. Was told 7-14 business days on the day of fitting and just followed up with my fitter today to see what the status was and he said it was unfortuantely still in process and that Ping is now at 3+ weeks for custom builds due to limited staff. Ordered a custom U510 utility iron through Carl's Golfland as well on 7/7 and I am being told by Carl's that Titleist is projecting a ship date of 2-3 weeks, but who knows if that is still firm with everything going on in California. Sucks, but I guess it is what it is with everything going on.
  12. Just tried ordering a custom JPX Hot Metal Pro 4 iron from Carl's Golfland to add to my forged set and I was told by Carl's that they got an e-mail from Mizuno saying they could no longer do custom orders for the hot metal series.....was pretty bummed. Anyone else run into this? Any recommendations on an alternative? Was thinking maybe of doing an MP-20 HMB 4 iron with the recoil 95 shaft I was going to get, but now sure how that would blend with my JPX 919 forged.
  13. I currently have the JPX 919 Forged 5-GW that I got fitted for last year (2* upright) and I am possibly looking at adding a JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro 4 iron to the mix. I have done some research, but keep seeing mixed answers regarding the lofts of the two different sets. What adjustments would need to be made to the loft/length of the HM Pro to blend with my forged set? Thanks!
  14. Looking at possibly adding a Titleist U500 or U510 4 iron to my Mizuno JPX 919 Forged set (5-GW). I was fitted for the Mizuno's last year and they are two degrees upright...should I do the same for the U500/U510 or is there a major difference between Titleist vs. Mizuno lie angles? Appreciate the help.
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