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  1. 2 pairs of Footjoy Tour Fit pants that came out this year. Both are 36x32. 1 khaki pair and 1 navy pair. Both pairs are brand new but the khaki pair had the tags removed. These retail for $115 per pair. Selling for SOLD Nike Air Max 1 G. These were purchased off eBay and decided to go another route. Size 12 and brand new. SOLD Let me know if you have any questions!
  2. EVandy

    TP mills

    Jay Green is no longer with TP Mills. He is now co-owner of Jacob Hill Leather.
  3. 1. How will a SeeMore putter could help your game? I struggle with consistent ball position and setup. I think this will also help with my alignment on all putts. 2. What is your handicap? +2 3. Location? Iowa 4. What style of putter do you tend to prefer. Blade 5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your putting? Lag putting and speed control is typically pretty good. I struggle with alignment on putts 3-10 ft. 6. What type of facility do you primarily play at (ie public vs private), and how would you rate the greens? Private, with greens typically rolling around 12 o
  4. Thank you! I thought this had been discussed before but couldn't find the old thread
  5. Let me know if you are aware of any companies that make something similar to an Odyssey #7. Appreciate any insight!
  6. For those of you that ordered a custom, did it take the full time you were quoted? I'm interested in ordering a custom but was told 8-12 weeks which unfortunately is much of the season in Iowa.
  7. KJUS Retention Jacket. Two-tone light and dark grey. This makes for a perfect layer piece. Also brand new with tags. This is an XL but fits like a Large. Retail on this is $299. SOLD Lululemon Commission Pants. These are slim fit and are 35x34. These were a 36 waist but were professionally tailored to be 35 waist. Worn once. $55 shipped. Sugarloaf Social Club "Double Seve" visor. Brand new with tags. $65 shipped. As always, discounts if multiple items are purchased. Thanks for looking!
  8. First is a custom, 1 of 1 flow neck Artisan putter. The neck was welded on and polished to match the rest of the club head by John Hatfield. This is the "Nike Oven" treatment and is not typically offered from them. They usually epoxy the necks onto the heads, not hand weld and bend them. I confirmed with Artisan that this is the only satin silver Artisan putter like this in existence. Has the initials EV on the face. Putter was used outside for 20 minutes and is in like new condition. This will come with an extra putter shaft with the artisan leather putter grip installed. Als
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