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  1. This Tyler Hatton does not seem to stir interest in the way a Bryson DeChambeau does.
  2. Probably the only reason Cobra will continue dealing with this pud. I'm in camp Bryson > Brooks, but BDC screwed the pooch here, and BDC alone. Cobra, or their rep did nothing wrong and what needs to happen is for Bryson to apologize unequivocally and unconditionally with every last bit of humility he can muster or have manufactured. It's not bad enough for Cobra that their #1 customer says their equipment sucks, but their biggest brand ambassador is becoming increasingly unlikeable. That can't be great for business. I know I stopped buying Nike apparel when they de
  3. On that alone, or singificant enough to mention? No. But I tend to find servers who thoroughly explain the specials, including the price, tend to be thorough throughout all steps of service. Perhaps the worst service I ever had was at a Maggiano's. My small handfull of other visits there yielded service I consider average or better.
  4. The Tudor Black Bay 58 is a hell of a time piece and might go down as a modern (though vintage inspired) classic. It's a rugged sports watch that fits in well in any situation, save the most formal.
  5. And assuming another 4-piece is made available, the next would be the 4.3.
  6. The Shermelot Motel (new owners might have very recently changed the name) is probably the closest lodging. It's a decent place and only 5 minutes from the resort. I think they charge a small premium due to the location, compared to similar motels 20 minutes away.
  7. I'll speak to a couple of balls already mentioned. Hands down, the best value is the Kirkland. The complaints about the 3-piece ball being too spinny likely refer to the discontinued version 1 (ksig 3.1). The ball available now, from Costco or Costco.com is boxed as Three-Piece Urethane Golf Ball v2.0 (or ksig3.2 in GolfWRX venacular). Great stuff. The Spalding urethane balls available at Walmart looked promising, but I found both the Tour and TourX versions lacking in distance, greenside spin and durability. Also, contrary to bellview17's earlier post, I found the Spaldings to be
  8. This might be something you have to ask for (Junior caddies) as I don't see it offered online and our group was not informed of the option when inquiring about caddies when we were there in mid May. Maybe it is an option when school is out. This May provided generally excellent golf weather, unfortunately the two days our group was there in the second half of the month were probably the two worst, weather wise. The golf and staff hospitality experience remain top-notch, but the food service experience has declined in each of my last three visits in the past four years. In 2017 we h
  9. Except for the "In before lock" reply. That might have been a China bot.
  10. I'm imagining he and the wifey rounding up the kiddos and driving the whole famn damily to a cookout, in the minivan.
  11. I would pay NOT to play golf with Aaron Rodgers. I feel sorry for Bryson.
  12. Welcome to the internet.
  13. Prior to the late 90's golf was still a relatively exclusive game in both participation and fandom and if one gives validity to 20/80 theories you can say a great majority of those fans came from the 20 percent whom comport themselves a certain way in public. Since the Tiger boom of the late 90's, the net number of fans has significantly increased to the point where the fandom is being pulled from the 80 percent reservoir in numbers like never before.
  14. But will he have had a better career than Ollie Schniederjands?
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