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  1. If I may self-gloss for a moment, it pleases me to read this as I coined the name "ksig" way back in October of 2016. It remains my greatest contribution to the game we love. I'm disappointed that ksig4.3 has not yet made its debut. Perhaps in May, for the PGA Championship, or sooner.
  2. I thought it would be simple to refer to the different balls as follows: [First #=layers, second #=version] K-sig4.1 (the OG) K-sig4.2 (the refunded) K-sig3.1 K-sig3.2 I'm starting to feel sorry for him. He doesn't realize that he's undermining whatever point he's trying to make.
  3. I lived my whole life not counting on Lee Westwood for single a thing and the first time I pick him for anything, in this case a player pool, he drowns and takes me along with him. I am now reminded why I never cared for this guy and his goofy UPS shirts.
  4. Out of the following group, who is the best lock for a top 10 finish? Rory Rahm Cantlay Hovland BDC Westwood Morikawa
  5. One more salmon recipe: Light coating of brown sugar and Dijon grain mustard, grilled skin down on a cedar or maple plank. Talk about melty? You practically need to eat it with a spoon. DJ's menu isn't the most interesting I see among the Champion's Dinners, but it's nothing to turn your nose up at either.
  6. Boo!!! Admittedly, conditions are below average there, but I look past it as it is a helluva layout and they do keep the greens in good condition though I notice they always have trouble with the 13th green to the right of the big ridge separating the left and right half. I heard there was a deal for the property, but it fell through after evaluation of the water situation. Apparently the creek valley bisecting the property would be an engineering nightmare to make it suitable for development. I already have a master plan in my head for the course
  7. I had Big Run all to myself yesterday afternoon, literally. By the time I wrapped up there was one employee left, playing somewhere on the course. The shop and clubhouse were all locked up. I love being out on that course, even though it usually kicks my butt. If I ever win one of those nine-figure lottery jackpots, I'm buying the place.
  8. Actually, he's just going to be one of the honrary starters.
  9. Not questioning it, just sayin'... What's the c-m's cut of "found goods"?
  10. What is exciting about TaylorMade??? Related to Plenty?
  11. Though I don't have a problem with Na's intentions, he did not handle the situation very well. He made a spectacle out of chastising his opponent for a rules violation while committing one of his own. A discreet word with DJ after both teed off on the next hole would have been the right move. Know your shot before you take it. Golf is dying?
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