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  1. 1.) First item up tonight is a like new set of 716 AP2s with C-taper stiff flex shafts. Standard L/L/L. These come with brand new never used patriot Z grips. This set is 4-PW but i do have a matching T-MB 3 iron with same shaft if someone is really interested. These were used for 9 holes and no range time. Some clubs have never hit a ball. More Pics available upon request having trouble uploading. $850 OBO 2.) Next up is a gamed Scotty Cameron Lime Green and white Circle T head cover. Used but not abused therefore it is being proved accordingly. SOLD 3.) Brand new Callaway MD 60* wedge 10* bounce with project x 6.0 PM grind and black NDMC grip. $60 OBO 4.) Brand new Attas Prototype elements 7x shaft with OEM Titleist 915 adapter. Problem getting pics up should be up momentarily. $75 OBO Pending PM for additional pics.
  2. Do u still have the original grip that putter is beustifulnbut the grip is killing me
  3. its def a CC and this might sound like a dumb question since I've been a Titleist guy since birth but what acutely is the CC. I love the col;d forged think they are amazing and was going to scoop one up but the minute i do the damn SM6 will come out.
  4. [quote name='Luke7' timestamp='1450470816' post='12736818'] [quote name='Pinoy25' timestamp='1450470650' post='12736816'] [quote name='scomac2002' timestamp='1450469302' post='12736738'] Nice haul! [/quote] is it bad that im more excited for the forged putter =/ i love my speedblade 55 sw [/quote] You should sell me that wedge [/quote] if you got dibs on the wedge i get dibs on the beautiful profile pic of the circle T
  5. Driver and Putter they are my two favorite and i have the most confidence with them. but they both have their days one will be working the other one not so much.
  6. [quote name='Tom S' timestamp='1450488358' post='12737804'] Callaway Apex CF 16 5i - SW DG Pro S300 MCC +4 Standard LLL Can't wait to get out this weekend even if high 40's here. [attachment=3071504:ImageUploadedByGolfWRX Mobile1450488259.408329.jpg] [attachment=3071500:ImageUploadedByGolfWRX Mobile1450488227.643490.jpg] [attachment=3071502:ImageUploadedByGolfWRX Mobile1450488241.963808.jpg] [/quote]I did the same thing just ordered the super Rat and handed my wife a print out and said merry xmas to me. actually I'm surprised there is a roof over my head but i couldn't pass the deal up.
  7. [quote name='joey2aces' timestamp='1450467309' post='12736636'] I did. It helped my confidence. I can still hit a 4i but not as consistently. Plus the hybrid has a higher trajectory and I rarely skull it. [/quote] Personally i don't ever see that happening at least not for another 15 to 20 years bc i actually ditched the hybrid altogether except for occasionally at certain course but i hit h very high ball and have no problem stopping a 4 iron on a dime but you said it perfect that if u need to add trajectory then a hybrid may be the way to go.
  8. [quote name='mesegrn' timestamp='1450136500' post='12720772'] PW- 47, 51, 55, 59 [/quote] Love the set up Ive recently as of a few months ago decided to go the same route. I never thought i would be able to get away from my 60 but i started using a 53,58 and have more recently added a 48 that is bend to 49 degrees and find that my control has become so much better. and of course a PW but since switching to the AP2S I've fond my distances are off and I'm hitting everything longer thats why i added the 49 degree.
  9. After playing blades my whole life i went with the new AP2s this year and recently through other WRXers decided to pick up a few spare sets of irons. One being for my friend and the other for my dad to use once and a while. I picked up the Callaway X forged which i know what to expect from those and over the last few moths fell in love with the new Cobra stuff so deccided to grab a used but mint set of Cobra s3 CB/MB conbos and can't wait to try them.
  10. XR pros... Ive never played either but have friends who have and after half a season fell like they have grown out of the reagular XR and ended trading them in. IMO better off challenging yourself a little and hopefully it will help u become a better ball striker.
  11. r9 Superdeep waas definitely one of the lower spinning drivers but the d4 has been very comparable for me. IMO a lot has to do with having the right shaft the head is only going to do so much
  12. Couldn't agree more with Mr Havercamp I am currently killing my D4 but it's the first one in a long while I'm not thinking about what my next step it.... The super quad was my all time favorite I had the TP with an upgraded purple kiyoshi and at the time didn't know much about the shaft except I loved the color and had head great things
  13. After 15 years of playing Titleist and sneaking a few TM clubs in there before they decided to mass produce south of the border and became s*** Ive finally decicided to pick up a couple of new/used sets to go along with my 716 T-MB AP2 combo set. 1.) First i grabbed a set of the 09 Callaway X-forged in close to mint condition but they are coming from up north so god only knows when ill see them. I have always liked them but couldn't get away from a blade so never played them but when a great deal presents itself why not I'm a golf ho like 90 percent of the people on here. 2.) Then tonight at 139 eastern time i just so happen to spot a pretty clean set of Cobra s3 CB/MB convo set with project x 6.5 on them for $170. Pretty excited about this set although 3 sets ill be tough to fit in any rotation other then maybe the range but i love to have options. After my rambling I am just trying to get feedback on the 2 sets from everyone but it would really be appreciated from other Titliest enthusiasts. I am currently a .8 Handicapp but have found that i enjoy a players club but one with a little more forgiveness as i grew up playing the first set of Nike blades ever released that looked bad a** but weren't very forgiving at all. Would love to hear some feedback. Thanks. Also any suggestions on what hybrid shaft to out on a new 915H 2 18* hybrid, Currently playing the Aldila tour etched 70x on my 3 wood and a Tour AD DI 7x in my D4. Nothing to crazy but something nice. PM is u have any for sale.
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