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  1. I've got to somewhat echo a few others above in that I truly think my current bag is my dream bag except for the putter - either a fully custom Ping PLD or Bettinardi. Working at a golf shop this year has given me great access and insight to different heads and shafts that I otherwise wouldn't have had.
  2. Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid. So good.
  3. I did a side by side with the Modus 105 and Elevate 95 before I reshafted my i210's as well as trying them in the i59's. Feel and distance for me were very similar, however the Elevate did exactly that. And to further echo JDennis above, the Elevate had a wider lateral dispersion. Modus were the choice for me.
  4. We've also all seen the opposite side of YT reviews and real life. Overwhelmingly positive reviews for whatever and when put in the hands of regular people they're underwhelming. Unfortunately the nature of things now.
  5. I gained a couple more mph on average with the i59. Average with my i210 7i is about 106 while the i59 has been been 108. Even popped a couple over 110...Probably some the most atypical WRX numbers out there.
  6. I've used a pipe cutter in the past but all it really did was squish the shaft and make it even more difficult to get a clean cut. Used a portaband once - quick but it squealed on the thin wall of shafts. The last iron set I reshafted I used an angle grinder - quick and clean. At some point I'll upgrade to a golf works cutting/sanding station.
  7. Played 18 on Foresight yesterday and 18 on course today. Really an excellent set of irons. Forgiveness is often surprising, looks and feel are really great. I've never had a 5 iron that's so simple to hit consistently, so much so that I'm toying with ordering the 4i. My season is just about over so I can use the winter to figure out distances and possible lie adjustments. Could not be happier with these irons.
  8. As a fellow lefty I'm interested to see what options are available for you. Oh and take as many pictures as you can!
  9. Have the SpiderX...been trying to sell it for months. But to answer your question, also neither.
  10. I use both 34" and 35" and grip down on the 35". When one misbehaves I switch and don't really notice any difference.
  11. Mine are in town waiting at a FedEx warehouse. So close!
  12. Mine are built and boxed ready to go. Now we [all] wait for the adjusted release date.
  13. My estimated date is 11/1. However I probably have a solid 1 month left of golfing season, with a potential few good days sprinkled in there. So if my date is delayed it doesn't really impact me whatsoever. Regardless they won't get here soon enough.
  14. Ordered 5-P with Modus 105S. Estimated ship date is 11/1.
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