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  1. I used blown on PURE grips for two seasons, and my wife used them for one. I had 3-4 wraps of blue painter's tape to build up the diameter. Really the only thing I dealt with was the grip twisting, which happened more on irons than woods just because they were used more often. Every few months I would notice the grip started to work itself off by about 1/8". Easy to fix. Also the more the grips are taken on/off to adjust tape, etc. the easier it is to experience twisting or slipping.
  2. After some headaches with FedEx, mine finally showed up this morning. What a beauty! I was surprised by how much smaller than the regular Tyne it really is. Not much larger than my Sigma 2 Arna. The non-milled face is obviously not soft, but I certainly wouldn't call it hard. It's a crisp positive feeling that I rather like. I can't wait to game this.
  3. It being a limited release definitely helps...even better that it's a lefty! I currently game a Sigma 2 Arna that I really like, so the PLD Tyne being a little smaller than normal shouldn't be too far out of my norm.
  4. Just ordered one. Normally I think spending that much on a putter is ridiculous, but these just look amazing.
  5. Yes I'm antsy...how was it during the round?
  6. I struggle a lot with hybrids (overdraw). As much as I would like to have one (or two) in the bag, I am/it is not reliable enough. I recently added a Cobra Forged Tec Utility 3i to the bag and have been very happy so far. It's rather "simple" to hit a straight, baby draw or larger draw, and the adjustability of it is a big plus. I am also awaiting delivery (today) of a Cobra SZ 5W. Whether I keep both in the bag at the same time is up in the air, but I presume I will. If you don't have the ability to test them locally, Global Golf's UTRY program is great. Not a huge selection at the moment tha
  7. When I went for my latest iron fitting March of '19, the fitter started with the Mizuno optimizer to establish a baseline. To my surprise I was also in the KBS Tour 120S, LZ 6.0 and Dynamic Gold something-or-other. There were a couple other shafts demo'd that weren't suggested, but were similar to those in the optimizer. I didn't think I had the SS for stiff, but apparently it was all in the transition. To me the LZ 6.0 and DG-something felt like all shots were low in the face so a lot of unwanted vibration up the shaft. The KBS was smooth on well struck shots, but still let me know of poor st
  8. I replaced the adjustable Ping Sigma 2 shaft with one of these. Produces a firmer and more positive feel at impact. The shaft would still be worth it at twice the price IMO. And the matte black looks great against a black putter head.
  9. ALL ITEMS SOLD! All prices shipped CONUS. Ping G410 3 wood. Standard length and lie. Project X Evenflow Black 6.0 and stock Alta Red stiff shafts - $180 Ping G400 22deg 4 hybrid. Standard length and lie. Stock Alta regular shaft - $100 Cobra F8 3wood. Standard length and lie. Black head. Stock Aldila reg shaft. Tiny paint chip at top of face but otherwise very good shape - $90 Cobra F8 3wood. Standard length and lie. Nardo grey head. Stock Aldila stiff
  10. I've thought about this often, but now having to put names down and think about the why's for a particular person is not an easy as I thought. Zach Johnson Justin Thomas Miguel Angel Jimenez
  11. I have had reasonably good luck with a white bedspread. The current/first attempt is with a $35 Target king-size variety hung over a net. It didn't take long for me (lefty) to open it up and stuffing is falling out, but it's holding up well on my wife's (righty) side. A heavier quilted fabric bedspread is next.
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