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  1. Jwin323

    Steve Jones

    Read "Bud, Sweat and Tees". Great book about Rich and his caddie. Good pull-back-the-curtain look at tour life.
  2. I'd jump on it. That Saudi oil money might not be there in 5-10 years when we're all driving electric cars.
  3. Purple Ice is one of the best fairway shafts ever made.
  4. Currently rollin' as a 7. Playing a Mavrik SZ 4 wood with a Ventus Blue 7x.
  5. The Hogan Special SI, especially the BeCu model, was about an automatic bunker club as as there was. The JP II was a solid all-around wedge.
  6. Driver shaft is 65g S flex Fairway shafts are 78g X flex
  7. Couldn’t agree more on the Tour Edition 485/BeCu. The 0 bounce 60 spun like a top. As for current , the Vokey Red Saws, cause they’re still legal where I play.
  8. I have heavy weights front and back. Scrubs just the right amount of spin while still very playable.
  9. That’s what I have. I have a very positive bangle of attack so for me the ball gets up quickly and then cruises like a jet. I have a natural draw but this combo is the easiest I’ve never had to fade when I try to.
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