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  1. Driver is only adjustable hosel. Driver, 4w and wedges have adjustable weights.
  2. Excellent condition Callaway Mavrik SubZero 3wood 15* 43”” Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore 70x shaft SST Pured Unused headcover $300 shipped
  3. Jwin323


    You can order the Apex or any of Callaway’s fixed hosel hybrids either 1 or 2 degrees flat.
  4. Jwin323


    PXG Gen 2 if you can find them. You can turn them down to the 55-56 degree lie range, which is flat even for a driver.
  5. These look like the Full Face Zipcore and the PXG 311forged had a baby.
  6. My experience with these is the same. And they have very flat and straight face on them so they play more like an iron than most hybrids.
  7. For me, I’d e more alarmed if my CEO or the like wanted to play with my regular group than being invited to play with his.
  8. My point is, if’s important enough then make it a rule. Write it down, be specific. Don’t leave it up to a committee’s judgement.. I agree it’s a bad thing to do. I disagree it’s cheating. Improving your lie is cheating. This is being done not to gain an advantage but to discourage annoying behavior. Allow me a hypothetical. Say I am shooting a target and you ask the yardage. I respond in earnest with the yardage. Unknown to you, I shot the front of the green, but the flagstick, which you assumed I shot is in the back. You club off this information and come up way short. Now you ar
  9. I think you and I might be in agreement on this topic. The point I was making is that it’s not a black and white written rule like if you were to move your ball or improve your lie. It’s a subjective decision made by a committee. The ruling would be dependent upon the makeup of the committee. I know the OP was specifically talking about junior tournament play. Others mentioned instances in their weekly play which would not be under the authority of a committee thus no possible rule breach. Best just to get your own yardage.
  10. No written rule against it. Subjective ruling by a committee. Outside of tournament play where no committee governs, it is not a breach, which means it’s a matter of opinion of the committee. Lying, yes I would agree. Cheating, not at all. Like was mentioned before, batteries acting up, had it set to meters not yards, I’m dyslexic. Could be several reasons. Only a moron would keep asking for distance after a couple bad ones.
  11. Read the excerpt from the rules. There is no penalty for breach of 1.2
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