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  1. The Mavrik Pro is a better hybrid.
  2. Agree 100%. You can order than either 1 or 2 degrees flat as well. They also have a very straight, flat face closer to an iron with little noticeable bulge and roll.
  3. I do exactly that. My irons are 1/2" over and wedges are 1/4" over. Grip end is counterbalanced. I choke down about 1/2", just enough so I can feel the butt end sticking out past my palm pad in my left hand. It has really helped me find the sweet spot and square up the clubface a lot easier.
  4. I have that exact wedge and it is the most reliable club in my bag. I have a KBS Tour 120 in it and it is deadly accurate. I hit in 120-125 and try to play to that yardage because I know I’ll be within 10’ more often than not with it. Great club.
  5. I had the G410 Crossover #2 and it was very easy to elevate including off the deck. Make sure you get the tigh5 shaft for you.
  6. I have the Ventus Blue 7x in my fairways and like it a lot. I just bought a 7wood on the BST and it came with a Tensei White AV Raw 85 Tx. I decided to try it first before automatically reshafting and I really love this shaft--goes dead straight on a very elevated but piercing trajectory.
  7. Straight, killed leading edge and a good amount of sole camber.
  8. Concur. Easy to fade, very flat lie angle, open face at setup.
  9. Driver is only adjustable hosel. Driver, 4w and wedges have adjustable weights.
  10. Excellent condition Callaway Mavrik SubZero 3wood 15* 43”” Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore 70x shaft SST Pured Unused headcover $300 shipped
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