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  1. Jorts are still cool......below the Mason-Dixon Line
  2. Go on YouTube and search “ Phil Mickelson short game”. The whole video is available.
  3. I had some similar issues with the Epic Flash. I switched to the Mavrik and I can elevate those with ease. What Callaway did with the Mavrik was move the leading edge a bit forward (onset?) in relation to the hosel compared to the EF. It helps the clubhead engage the ball at a lower point which helps launch.
  4. Congrats! I was proud as hell when I did it and you should be too.
  5. The only way to correct what college football has become is to equalize academic standards and budgets at all competing schools. Each division should be based on some formula of that along with enrollment and scholarships available. It will never happen because those schools who currently enjoy these advantages will never give them up.
  6. Someone turned Phyllis Diller into a golf bag.
  7. They attempted to kill him, but got Michael Jordan's dad instead.
  8. Like the headcovers. Who makes those?
  9. 1. Epic forged 4 iron 18* Ventus Blue 8otx 2. Sits between my 16* 4 wood and 20* 7 wood 3. Deck & Tee 4. Control ( direction and trajectory)
  10. I was going to recommend the Gen 2 0317 hybrid but it looks like they’re sold out. I have 2 and they don’t go left with the flat adjustment and the weights in the toe. They have a very soft feel but the ball gets out there. The 0211 doesn’t have the adjustable weights but would imagine it’s similar to the Gen2. I have the forged wedges and like them. They spin a lot. If you need a special grind though you’re out of luck. They are pretty much what other OEMs would call an “S” grind. The 69 has a little extra taken off the heel. Might I suggest looking on EBay . I think P
  11. I had the P grind. Dremel’d the grooves on that sucker. Chip shots stopped dead in their tracks.
  12. ^^^^^ This does not sound weird. I've been playing an open faced draw for 25 years. The open face just looks right to me.
  13. I actually remember Yonex, Yamaha and some other JDMs had it in the 80's. I knew someone who had a Yonex all graphite head and shsft. He broke the shaft and it was harder to get that shaft out then it is to get a woman to admit she's wrong.
  14. Those were actually underrated clubs. The tour issue fairways were stupid long.
  15. All the work is in the prep. If you get everything masked offf, whatever sanding and patching you need done and rent a sprayer. You can bomb it out in half a day and maybe a couple hours of touch up.
  16. Pure, I agree with you on the outdoor fitting. There are places on that range where you can move to and hit off hardpan or a fluffy lie and see how the club reacts. My first fitting with them 6 years ago, Josiah put me in the SF and I've never looked back. Also agree about the PXGs. I had an iron fitting a year ago and it was the clear winner. just didn't have the means to purchase those. Did get the PXG forged wedges, though. I suspect you will like those.
  17. I’ve had all mine with Josiah. Chris is a great fitter for the guys that have high speed. He hits the $h!t out of the ball. Josiah is just an absolute clinic on shafts.
  18. Here are some of my observations and experiences. My first time getting fit at Cool Clubs one of the main issues I had going in was I was hitting my 4 and 5 irons roughly the same distance. When he checked the lofts there was actually a bigger loft spread than spec rather than smaller. The problem turned out to be the stock shaft in the 4 was playing way stiffer than than 5. In fact, the flexes were kind of all over the place throughout the set. We settled on Steelfibers and after they were reshafted ( what I already had was better than anything Elsa I tried that day) my gapping issues went
  19. The thing to be aware of is how your clubs are built. I had my clubs fit and built by Cool Clubs. They have the same pricing as Club Champion. The difference between when places like these build versus taking your specs and ordering from a retailer or OEM is your are getting builds where the heads and shafts are weight sorted, frequency matched and pured shafts, lies and lofts checked and adjusted, custom wrap on your grips, hot melting,you get the idea. If all of these things matter to you than you’re going to pay for it. If not, take your specs and shop the best price.
  20. Couldn’t agree more. Dr., you definitely strike me as someone I would enjoy 4 hours on the course with. And maybe another 4 in the 19th hole as well. Happy New Year.
  21. Any of the Cally Subzero line comes with flatter lies and open face angles.
  22. PXG Gen2. Put it in the PXG setting (3* flat) and put the weights in the fade position and you will not hook this club.
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