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  1. Clearing out stuff that I will never use again, so these prices are low. Prices include shipping to lower 48. I want this stuff gone, so no trades. 1. Titleist 983k 8.5° with stock Speeder X-flex. Can barely tell it has been hit before - $20 (SOLD) 2. TM SLDR TP 14° with Motore Speeder TS 8.3 X-flex (headcover included) - $30 (SOLD) 3. Srixon F45 13° with Tour Green 75-TX. Comes with weight kit and wrench - $40 (SOLD) 4. TM RocketBladez Tour 3-iron with C-Taper 130x 40.5" - $20 5. Mizuno mp-14 3-PW Heads only. PW is most worn by far and the 3-iron has chrome flaking on the hosel. There
  2. Hopefully they don't start charging more once they have the greens switched over... I played last year in September for $140 including tax during twilight time and easily finished. I have no regrets paying that much money even with the state of the greens at the time.
  3. I've finally settled on my bag as well as my backups, and fortunately for me I have realized that having nearly three bags worth of clubs in a 400 sq. ft. apartment isn't a good idea! With that said, all prices are OBO. I need this stuff gone and out of my life, so no trades. All prices include shipping to the lower 48. Headcover included only when noted. 1. Nike VR Pro Ltd. Driver 8.5° with OG Grafalloy Blue X - $100 2. Titleist 983k 8.5° with stock Speeder X-flex. Can barely tell it has been hit before - $40 3. TM SLDR TP 14° with Motore Speeder TS 8.3 X-flex (headcover included) -
  4. I have an mp-30 2-iron that is the softest club I have ever hit. Softer than the mp-14's I have, softer than my mp-29 1-iron, and its even softer than a 710MB 3-iron I have as well. I've hit newer Mizuno's at big box stores and they just don't feel the same (better than most though). For some reason people on here don't seem to like mp-30's, but I contemplated getting a set after playing my 2-iron for a while.
  5. Played Langdon Sunday afternoon, and was just barely able to finish 18 holes before the dark (and the cold) set in. Course was overall in great shape, the rough isn't soft yet, fairways still quite good, and greens still good (though a little soft considering the good weather we've had). I will echo what Kernel said about the green speed: strangely slow, though they seemed to roll true. I also played last weekend and the greens were still "normal" speed but there were some noticeable bumps here and there. I have a feeling that the cold is forcing the maintenance crew to keep the greens lon
  6. I like him, he's got fire when he plays. Sometimes he gets a little bent out of shape (e.g. the club throwing incident on the range after a bad round), but I'm sure he will get that figured out in time. People keep saying on WRX that he's "showing off" how smart he is in interviews, but just because someone uses words you don't understand doesn't mean they are showing off. The entire point of "science" as a field is to understand things that aren't obviously intuitive, and I think we can all agree that golf is not intuitive at all.
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