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  1. Agreed. Definitely Fox Hollow over those others on the first day. Great choices of World Woods and Southern Hills.
  2. $60 might be tough during March. Fox Hollow in Trinity ~ 30 minutes from downtown Tampa. Should be around $60. Layout is great (RTJ) and conditions are good. World Woods ~ 1 hour north of Tampa. Probably a bit north of $60 but still a great deal for what you get. Two great courses with typically very good conditions. Pine Barrens is the more dramatic of the two courses but Rolling Oaks is good too. If you go up there, play both of them.
  3. They're back.... The packaging is a bit different but appears to be the same Four-Piece golf balls as before as the same price - $30 for 2 dozen + shipping. Available on Coscto's website "while supplies last".
  4. I actually enjoy Bardmoor - they do a great job with conditions all things considered. A lot of back and forth holes but you don't really notice it too much, good layout for the space restrictions they had to work with. With that being said, certainly not a high-end course. You're most likely going to drag your own clubs from your car to your cart and the 1st tee can be disorganized. Just trying to manage your expectations... But honestly, it's one of the better public courses in the St. Pete area.
  5. I live in Safety Harbor which is right next to Clearwater.... 1. World Woods - as you said, I would definitely try to play 36, their replay rate is usually pretty reasonable but understand its not always in the cards. If I only had to play one course, I would choose Pine Barrens - its much more dramatic. But you really can't go wrong with either course - both are great. 2. Definitely Fox Hollow and its not even close - The Eagles isn't in the same league. 3. Dunedin is OK depending on the conditions but I haven't played recently. Either Feathersound or Bayou would be good if you can get on. An underrated course in the area is Bardmoor which is right next to Bayou. It gets a ton of play but the conditions and layout are both pretty good all things considered.
  6. Actually, the difference between what your index is and what you think it should be is pretty much exactly what the USGA estimates that most of us average above our index over 20 rounds; three strokes. When you say "occasional" for your low 70s rounds, do you mean once out of every four or five rounds? And do you often shoot 75, 76, or 77? If you answered either or both of those questions "yes" then your index is spot on. Remember, your index is just the answer to a math problem. And you can forget the occasional round in the 80s; those wouldn't count as one of your best ten rounds whether you are a two or a five. Your index is your potential, not your average. You're right. Its funny how the math works out. I suppose that the low/mid single digit handicaps are probably in a tough spot in club tournaments. You're probably not going to shoot even/ under par to compete with the guys around 0 but also don't have the big variations in scores which would allow you to shoot in the low 60s net. Or maybe every handicap grouping feels the deck is stacked against them :tongue:
  7. I think this nails it. My home course is tough but I've formulated a good strategy over the years. i.e. hitting fairway woods/long irons to the fat part of the fairway and take my chances from there (even if it leaves me with 200+ in). In order to get a more true handicap, I need to play more courses.
  8. The poll isn't tricky and is as straightforward as it gets. Differences in everyone's course management should not come into play. I'm guessing you didn't read the OP. Maybe "risk tolerance" would have been a better fit than "course management". If my average carry is 250, I'm probably not betting a "substantial sum of money" that I can carry 250 but some might. Then again, I'm an accountant and golf like I live my life... probably too conservatively.
  9. This poll is a little tricky because not only does it factor in length but also course management - perhaps that was the polls intention. If someone's average carry is 260 then they shouldn't be taking on the 240-260 line as any slight mishit and you're making a double bogey or worse. My average carry is about 250 and I voted for 220-240 category. However, I might go even more more conservative in real life.
  10. I'm a 2.2 index but don't feel like I'm nearly that good. My home course is pretty difficult (rated 73.7 as a par 71) and most of my scores are in the high 70s with an occasional low 70s or low 80s round. I feel like my handicap should be closer to 5. Does anyone else feel that way? Part of it could be my style of play where I keep the ball in play, don't hit many greens, but get up and down a lot.
  11. Check the Maltby wedges on www.golfworks.com. I've got two and love them.
  12. Paradise Golf has been providing some good updates on their participating courses. Link below - anyone should be able to access. http://www.paradise-golf.com/-course-condition-update-from-hurricane-irma-sep-13-rev-4
  13. As other have said, MG Dynagrip Elite. There isn't a better deal in golf... maybe the KSigs while they were around.
  14. Ever tried long sleeved sun protection shirts? I bought some SanSoleil shirts and love them - really do the trick during Florida summers. You can find them at some discount stores like Steinmart.
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