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  1. How is the velcro on the MG elites now? I used to buy them all the time, but a couple years ago there were issues with the velcro not holding. Would love to go back to them if that issue's been resolved.
  2. Unfortunately for Cobra their clubs don't hold their value as well some some of the others even though they've shown time and again their quality is just as good. So for threads like these where people don't mind a prior generation, it makes sense that Cobra comes up cause they're such a good value for the money. Still now sure why Cobras are unable to hold their value, but it's our gain! :D
  3. I went through the same dilemma as you and as a leftie, it's even harder to find older clubs to hit. Saw the Fly-z+ online new for $75 so I just took the chance - bought it 2 weeks ago. Played 3 rounds so far and LOVE it. Longer than my Ping G30, as long as my G30 LS Tech but more forgiving (for me).
  4. Every May after our Myrtle golf trip we like to play one last round on the way back to Northern Va. In the past we've Played Pendleton in Richmond, but with fighting daylight (and weather), we'd like to find a good course a couple hours before that. Looking at the map, somewhere between Wison and Weldon, NC would be ideal. Can anyone recommend any good courses within about 15 minutes from I-95 between those 2 endpoints? Much appreciated! Mike
  5. I can't get rid of these clubs. I keep looking for a reason to buy a more recent model with "newer" technology, but nothing compares to how these feel (not to mention the classic simple look) and although many of today's 6 irons go further than this one, it's just because the lofts on most of them are 2 degrees stronger. Love these clubs!
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