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  1. Thanks for the replies so far! I think I will like either since I have played both companies. At this moment, I am leaning towards the blueprint solely on the finish and since it’s harder metal the durability may be a touch better. But then I know the apex are probably going to feel softer. But I play a Tour BXS and makes almost any iron feel softer. I would like for this thread to keep going and once I decide I will be sure to update and post what I ended up getting.
  2. I definitely agree with you! It is like the staff event shirts that look like a highlighter has been used to dye them. But what I was also referring to was not to give up, because they usually offer a more subdue color beside the flagship model. Thanks
  3. Unfortunately, there are some who care more about how a club looks in the bags or on the shelf, rather than how they perform. And please for the love of golf don’t get them started in offsets in irons . Just a vanity thing I guess.... I always give cobra drivers a fair shot because they always seem to perform just as well as others. Plus they usually always have a more subtle color way in their line up.
  4. Hey guys just putting out feelers. I am putting together my “gamer bag for when I am feeling froggy” I would like your feedback. I know that price wise they are similar and even tech wise probably very close. Thanks for your input!
  5. The GD shafts are sometimes to smooth for their own good. I have a few I play at times because they force me to be smooth. But they are not for everyone that’s for sure.
  6. How did the XC shaft feel in this head? I am thinking about this combo as well. Thanks
  7. It looks like it is a pretty deep face for modern drivers. That may be why they have shaved a few more rpms from center the higher strikes. For me I can put the weight on the toe side like my SIM and still get a stable flight... Wait my SIM just heard me talking about another driver!.......No honey I said I just wanted to meet the TSI3 that’s all!! sorry gotta run! Lol
  8. Srixon Z XV. These things are crazy durable. One time I was playing in a golf trip and I grabbed a ball from the sleeve and played two rounds with and It still looked new. Unless you hit from bunkers much or the occasional CPA they hardly mark up at all.
  9. The New Cleveland Huntington Beach #8 model comes in a dark and regular finish. It is a wide body blade that is predominantly face balanced. They are crazy good, especially for the money.
  10. Good ole Continental Golf. I used to work at their Wilmington store when it was Carolina Custom Golf. Those were some good times!
  11. What were your impressions on the about raw white in x flex? I am considering this shaft as an option, or the Tour AD XC which I know is an up change. Thanks!
  12. Really wish their driver heads had a better shape. To be honest if they could get it to look like the TSI3 I would be all callaway top to bottom.
  13. I am thinking a 9 degree TSI3, with GD XC 6x. I think it will look great and perform! I am very excited to give this a run against my SIM.
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