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  1. When you are playing with people you have played with often and you are really struggling - some of it is bad luck (ball taking bad bounces; putts lipping out, etc.); some of it is hitting uncharacteristically bad shots - what do you prefer to hear? Comments about your bad luck; comments about how you aren't playing your usual game; small talk about anything other than golf; or silence.
  2. I read quite a few reviews that complained about the hanging loop coming off right away. I just ordered a Frogger towel and will reinforce the stitching on the loop before I use it. I'm glad to hear that you like yours.
  3. Does anyone have a Frogger "wet and dry" golf towel? Do you like it?
  4. Did you read the comment I was replying to? The one mentioning Dr Seuss books? Granted THAT post had nothing to do with the OP, but am I not allowed to comment on it?
  5. I will not comment on the comments that are coming from a position of male privilege, because they have a right to their opinion. However regarding Dr Seuss books, they were not banned. Dr Seuss Enterprises (a company created to preserve the legacy of Dr Seuss) CHOSE to stop printing six books that portrayed certain races in a negative manner. That’s not opinion, that’s fact.
  6. https://awfulannouncing.com/golf/report-details-toxic-culture-for-women-at-golf-channel-it-was-just-a-boys-club.html https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/01/04/lisa-cornwell-golf-channel-allegations-no-laying-up/
  7. I have wooden and plastic ones in my bag and use whichever one I happen to grab. Question - Someone once told me the plastic tees are harder on the mower blades. Is there any truth to that?
  8. Yeah, maybe he choked, but he sure is a class act. (Disclaimer: I'm not saying anyone implied he isn't. I'm just stating that I think he is.) Interview after third round, about Jordan Spieth - "The game of golf is better with him in it and playing well." Post tournament, about Koepka - " . . . won four majors, a true champion, and it shows . . . There is a lot to be said for him and his recipe for winning. Me and my team are trying to figure it out ourselves." I sure hope Xander gets a win or two this year.
  9. Don't be surprised if you are not allowed to bring your baby on the course. At the course I belong, children under four are not allowed on the course for liability reasons.
  10. I haven't had one but I have "witnessed" three of them. I say "witnessed" because all three times we didn't see the ball go into the hole. Two were elevated greens and the third was into a bowl. I'd take one either way, but I hope that if I eventually get a hole-in-one, I get to actually see the ball go into the hole.
  11. Question for those that play without a glove - When you do wear rain gloves, does it feel "off" to you?
  12. I think the male equivalent is: Does this belt look good with my outfit? And the good wife never says, “It doesn’t matter. Nobody can see your belt because your belly hangs over it. (Known as BOB. Belly over belt)
  13. You have an 11:00 tee time with the guys. Your car is in the shop but your GF says you can borrow her car. She is meeting friends for one cup of coffee at 8:00 but says she will be home in plenty of time for you to make your tee time. They are having such a great time, they decide to go for brunch. GF knows you will miss your tee time but she can't help herself. They devise a ridiculous story that she spilled coffee on herself and had to go to the ER for treatment, and that's why she didn't get home until 1:00. They even wrap a bandage around her forearm. How do you deal with that GF vs. golf issue?
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