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  1. Walked Poolesville today alone and had a blast. 3.5 hours. Many moons ago I played high school district championships there. It's an open layout but long from the tips. Had several hybrids/FWs into par 4s. IMO the greens were in great shape but on the slower side. For a "muni" I was impressed. But note that they are currently aerating the fairways and tee boxes.
  2. Do folks consider Northwest the best Montgomery County Golf (MCG) track? In terms of true test of golf? Falls Road has been in absolute great shape lately, but some holes are plain meh. Poolesville is fun and open. Hampshire Greens I recall is decent. I grew up here and have never played Northwest. Kyle Berkshire had an Instagram post about it recently and I had one of those "ah ha" moments...
  3. Thanks for this information. I wouldn't have thought of this. I was thinking about using one of modern shops that do custom work like Flanagan, Continental, etc.
  4. Good morning Football fans. The first weekend games are here and I don’t know about you but I’m giddy! I recently tried to upgrade from my 915h hybrids but it looks like they will stay in the bag. As such, I’m offering a bone stock, mint (could pass as new) Titleist TS2 19* hybrid. Has the Tensei Blue 70g stiff shaft. I found the TS2 to be hotter off the face versus older models. For some reason I can’t find the stock cover but iI’ll ship w/a generic one. SOLD thanks and good luck to your teams.
  5. Has anyone more recently restored a Cash-In? The best putter I ever met (back in the early 90's) had one and I recently found one in a second hand store.
  6. Mine is on it's 3rd season and I love it at this value. GLWS!
  7. Here's a SIM Max 3 metal - 15* on a UST V2 7F4 stiff shaft and playing 42.5”. Looks pretty sweet and this head and V2 shaft pair well together. ships for $SOLD thanks @GoBlue102 or will entertain 3HL trades.
  8. Two great items today. No trades. These ship first thing tomorrow. 1. Callaway 20* Super Hybrid, Tensei Orange 80 Stiff, Lamkin Crossline mid. Beautiful shape as pictured. Plays 40.5” per my measurement. $SOLD 2. Ping Sigma 2 Fetch. Adjustable from 32” - 36” and comes with wrench. OEM cover as well. $SOLD and on the way to SC
  9. I agree with the above poster about the need for forecaddies given the relative tightness of HT compared to most of our home courses. Anyone willing to spend the $$ can play, and since it's a resort they get players of all skill levels including beginners. The forecaddies are $40 a head (you can always give more) for foursome and keep the play moving well. I've met a lot of those guys and they are fantastic.
  10. Offering for sale, no trades needed, this set of Callaway Mavrik driver and 3 metal. Driver is like new, 9* Sub Zero w/Jailbreak tech on an Aldila Rogue black 130 60 stiff and a GP Tour Velvet align grip. Plays a tad over 45” and was bought direct from Callaway. 3 metal is the Mavrik Max with Jaibreak tech on an Aldila Rogue black 130 70 stiff and a GP MCC grip. Plays between 42.5” - 43”. Shows only very minor face wear. Packaged for $SOLD pending payment.
  11. This is very wise. My stubborn a** hasn’t learned a lesson yet. The reality is that a 220 hybrid in the fairway would work most of the time on HT.
  12. Crazy to hear that about Old South. Was just there a month ago and it was in tip top shape. Greens especially perfect.
  13. Sir, you must be an excellent putter based on that sweet spot wear.
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