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  1. > @jaxbeachpackerfan said: > > @FlyingLaw1 said: > > Hi Everyone! > > A couple of my golf buddies are huge Kansas City Chiefs fans (I am not) and they play at Jacksonville on September 8th and one of them has always wanted to play the Sawgrass Stadium course so we thought of turning it into a guys golf/football weekend. > > > > Thinking of flying into JAX or MCO on Thursday and playing Friday and Saturday... Possibly Monday... before flying home. Is the stadium course really worth the $500? Are there any other courses around we should consider playing instead? > > > > Thanks and any advice will help!! > > Play the Stadium. I have a standing offer to forum members--as a Valley Course member (the sister course), I can host someone for a discounted rate on the Stadium (at that time of year, it would be $350 and you wouldn't have to take a caddie). Don't know if something like that would interest you. Valley course is also an option, probably a little over $100, have to check. > I'm going to be in PVB October 12th and there are 3 of us hoping to play TPC.... Help a brother out?!
  2. Thanks for the replies guys!
  3. Moving to Cincinnati in a 6 weeks. Looking for some feedback on courses on the north side of town. Buying a house on Shaker Run, that seems like a decent public course. Any other feedback on the area from fellow WRX’ers?
  4. I have the NORRIS one that I bought from Amazon in 2017 for cheap, but it looks like it is no longer available. Amazon did give this as a recommendation though, which looks pretty nice. https://www.amazon.com/FORTEM-Organizer-Durable-Collapsible-Storage/dp/B01DIMTWCS/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_bs_tr_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=WECSAK7Q7KFQX3512452
  5. > @jasonTeI3 said: > > @Mrainieri24 said: > > Also I sent that Todd Stires another email holding his feet to the flame, straight up asking for an clear and honest answer to what the deal was gonna be next month, and he diverted to contacting me middle of this week with a response. He wanted to speak on the phone, but I told him I’d rather just get his answer via email. After the last few months, I know that if this doesn’t follow through, im ending it, and they then won’t have a number to hassle me with. > > I know we are getting the new Camo polo in April’s box so don’t expect a rangefinder or anything else major in there. Honestly if we get the new Camo polo, pants/shorts and a belt or hat to match I’ll be happy > > Hopefully it's the black camo polo, already bought the green one :(
  6. I have a Pro White TX 60 and a Atmos TS 6x for my Cobra F9 and they seem to produce similar results - for me
  7. Thank your for the opportunity! Tour Length F9 - Satin Black/Avalanche Right 9.0 XStiff Tensei CK Pro White 60 44.5" Lamkin UTX
  8. That is quick! I think something is up with where I ordered mine from. I ordered on 1/22 and I haven't seen it yet.
  9. I have it ordered with the Atmos 6X, thinking about picking up a Tensei Pro White 60TX. Think the difference would be noticeable?
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