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  1. > @rogolf said: > Used to play a game in Japan called Olympic. Everyone just plays their own game until all balls are on the green, and it's all based on one putting the green. Ball farthest from the hole is putting for golf (four points), next is silver (three points), then bronze (two points), and the nearest is iron (1 point). Points are only awarded if player holes the putt. Chipping in from off the green is diamond (5 points). If anyone gets all four "medals" (gold, silver, bronze, iron) that player gets an extra 10 points. A diamond can be used to replace any one medal. >
  2. Cut to "Low 60 and ties" after 36.. (he's comin' up on the 3 toughest holes..needs to hang tough here)
  3. > @matthewb said: > > @Socrates said: > > Bet it was over flagstick in or out. > > Or someone touched someone else’s clubs without asking. Or not remaining absolutely still while he was putting for bogey.
  4. Not sure if I linked it correctly but playing in my league tomorrow night then going to see the DBT's :) [youtube.com/watch?v=0WcvjsqwqBc]( "youtube.com/watch?v=0WcvjsqwqBc") Also into Ryan Bingham, Dave Alvin, Steve Earle and Robert Earl Keen..
  5. Yes..current group I play with believes ball must be holed within no more than one shot after the bunker shot was played (for a par or better) to be a "Sandie" (aka "junk"). (So conceivably one could be chip in after a skulled bunker shot I guess and it still count as a Sandy I guess?) I've also played with others who consider any par (or better) made on a hole where a bunker shot was involved also to be a Sandy...so it really is best to clarify before hand). (Although whenever I attempt to clarify that with anyone in my current group they look at me like I have 3 heads)? Maybe it's a r
  6. Good News..after a bunch of back and forth emails, and some feigned confusion "over what hole was that again?, who made what scores there? Oh was that the one were I got the do over..that was for our match..but not the skins" etc. etc. etc. They've happily agreed to contact the Commissioner and ask him to fix it and cc me'd on that request with an explanation of what went down. I do not believe I've offended them either but did not let them slide.
  7. After more thought, I just sent A & B (only) a matter of fact email saying "Hey I am not sure if you are aware but those were the only two pars for that hole on Tues. night. I would appreciate it if you let the Commisioner know that there was an error on your scorecard.. .I will leave that that up to you though. thanks". No reply as of yet...Skin money changes hands next week. I am not calling them out publicly but also letting them know how I feel about it in a calm, honorable manner Lets see what they do?
  8. Thanks Sawgrass, "Possible" but very unlikely. These guys know the rules well enough to know that there is no do-over for distracting noises. It was more like "What's the harm? its a "friendly" league and it's our match so we can do as we please as long as we're both OK w/ it (and the they were). Hat's, I'm considering emailing the Commissioner asking him to send out a friendly reminder to all players that golf is supposed to be a game of integrity and should be played by the rules at all times Maybe they will know it's a message directed at them. Its a no win for me because as I s
  9. DPavs..yeah I agree it is not the money that bothers me its more about the way it went down and how they just "dummied up" the rest of the way like no big deal. The whole tone of the match changed (Elephant in the Room)...I wish I would have dealt with it when it happened in a non confrontational way..just as HackinNut suggested
  10. B made no comment at all about the cart noise and no dirty stare what so ever. We were 20 yards behind him...It was initiated by his "opponent" (just trying to be nice I guess?!) he said "oh you can do that one over..they started up their cart". Me and my guy are like WTF?? He was not going to even make it issue out if it because it was a stretch at best but when his opponent offers him the do over.. he takes him up on it with out a second thought. I personally would have said "thanks, but I can't do that" and walked up to were it was and hit my next shot...but that's me.
  11. Guilty....but lesson learned and will act more decisively in the future. (Had more faith in those guys to be honest..thought they would to do what's right in the end.) What do you and when?
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