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  1. I am finding this event pretty hard to watch... not cause of the wind but rather three straight hours of listening to the drone of a low flying airplane. Makes me wonder if they have chimps in charge of event coverage.
  2. Can't help but notice a set of irons I had been looking at for a friend went from 249 before the sale to 279 during the sale. Does RBG usually hike prices up during a site wide XX% off sale?
  3. I don't hate carts. I hate idiots. I've seen some dig up a tee box with half a dozen or more practice swings and think nothing of it. I've seen my ball land in a 6 inch deep footprint right under the lip of a bunker. And don't get me started about ball marks on greens. I'd trade an idiot for a golf cart any day of the week!
  4. Corrupt, no; self-indulgent and hypocritical, yes.
  5. [quote name='chrndwg' timestamp='1434991116' post='11810492'] I bring that up because it is a muni - so the goal is to make money for the county while also providing a benefit for the residents. Given how hard it has been to get a tee time lately, I'd say that part is working as intended.[/quote] When compared to other resident rates from similarly envied munis, CB's are a joke. I'd be interested in how much of that money is going to the county as this course is managed by the same pro outfit as BD. And if, in fact, they have no problems filling their tee sheets, why the 21 day cancellation
  6. [quote name='chrndwg' timestamp='1434989913' post='11810250'] [quote name='Solutions Etcetera' timestamp='1434989542' post='11810176']For three hundred bucks with practically no amenities, no thanks! Even residents will pay three times what they would pay at Torrey South. It might be fun to play, but something seems terribly wrong here. [/quote] Not to be the ultimate Chambers defender here (I don't think it's even the best "links" course in the state), but what amenities are you looking for? There's not much of a clubhouse, but am I in the minority to think that the clubhouse falls somew
  7. [quote name='playa' timestamp='1434842116' post='11795746'] [quote name='kwcsports' timestamp='1434841163' post='11795646'] It looks tough but I would love to play it. [/quote] This. I would kill to play that course (in non US Open set up). [/quote] For three hundred bucks with practically no amenities, no thanks! Even residents will pay three times what they would pay at Torrey South. It might be fun to play, but something seems terribly wrong here.
  8. Been away for a while but I thought I would check in with what I went with... I bought Oakley NanoWire 4.0 titanium frames, and had them fitted with DriveWear polycarb lenses in a custom bifocal (where the reading area is a little less + than my standard Rx, and its window is set much lower). I actually took a putter in to have them mark the location where it would not be in my field of view when putting. I have had these for quite some time and use them for driving, golf, and everything outdoors. I would do it again in exactly the same way. Best pair of sunglasses I have ever worn.
  9. They are indeed hickory. I'll try to get some more pics the next time I am at his place.
  10. Posting this for a friend I play with from time to time. He received a set of these in a somewhat twisted financial deal. He was under the impression they were worth something, and while they ARE in very good condition, so far my research has not proved out that impression. But since this particular model is nowhere to be found, I thought I'd run it by the expert brain trust that exists on GolfWRX. What say you?
  11. OP here... interesting to see this thread resurrected after so much time. The Prazza has a new home now; a very nice guy with impaired vision, and it has made a difference in his enjoyment of the game. Aside from him, this unit is kinda a catch 22 situation. It is not USGA legal, but if it were... it would have serious impact on pace of play for anyone who is a stickler for the rules. Man, getting behind a group or two that are playing tournament golf can be brutal where I play. For me, I will never go back and re-tee on a lost ball. I just drop one and get on with it.
  12. I don't understand the need to obfuscate it further. I want to know who is ahead in the playoffs at any given time by looking at the scoreboard, and not having to maintain a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets and if/thens are for determining playoff participants, not for the actual playoffs (which we simply don't have in golf). The word is simply a marketing gimmick.
  13. [quote name='Jim Clark' timestamp='1347278936' post='5615789']The formula is flawed. [/quote] Agreed. After an entire season, you take the top 125 into the playoffs? That is worse than the NBA!
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