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  1. Maybe the body can feel the hook that you say you do and try’s to save it at last minute and so “come out” of it as you say.
  2. All things being equal max distance should come down to a simple equation with parameters including ball speed spin rate etc. I don’t think AoA is one of the variables. Launch angle will be. So how you get this optimum launch angle will differ from person to person due to another set of variables this is were AoA plays it part. Some will achieve best launch angle from -AoA others +ve AoA depending on swing and equipment.
  3. Yes when hitting I’m trying to take the plane ate idea of keeping hands in front of bands . Seems to work with irons butt when trying to get the finish that Martin advocates low handle high clubbed the bands go over my hand rather than forearm . Even Martin says in the video he has a struggle with it sometimes. Just can’t seem to get it on forearms trying over and over. will give the early hits try ne t.
  4. Enjoying mine so far and seems to help my piviot through the ball , I’ve always had a more handsy swing . One thing I’m having trouble with is the driver through swing . If you watch Martins video on driver follow through the band crosses his forearm at finish. Nine times out of ten with me the band slips under and gets twisted . Doesnt happen with irons. Anybody know the fault here so I can work on fixing . No matter what I’d do it seems to occur.
  5. Ask yourself do you believe the drivers 10 years from now will be better than todays. Technology moves on and I for one would be surprised if they are not , despite the regs they will find a way to make them better. So if i believe that i have to believe on average it's not just hype.
  6. A friend of mine bought the swing speed radar they offer to help with his speed training. I tried it out of curiosity and found it to be wildly inaccurate. It was giving me a club head speed of 136 mph with my 3 wood. Other, much more expensive units, GCQuad etc., have me consistantly at 98-102 with the driver. Which is consistant with my on course carry distances. My friend was getting a club head speed of about 115 with a driver. He typically is in the 90 mph range on the course. Which is born out by his carry distances of 215-220. Anyone else having these issues with this unit? I s
  7. On the whole Crossfield's are much more entertaining and interesting. He does change the subject matter up a lot and not stick to out and out reviews. I used to watch Shiels all the time but feel he just continually does the same thing. Peter Finch stuff is all about him and I find Chris Ryan's voice very dull :)
  8. Who’s to say he would have got up and down the first time. Might have knifed it through the green for all we know . Might not have cost him anything
  9. Tee forward in stance to help hitting up means your hitting on the up side of the “ hula hoop” and going left . Could be your swiping across ball . Try adjusting stance to point a little right field.
  10. Except on the 18 occasions he's won as a pro.
  11. I remember when Keegan Bradley was all the rage in 2012. Just off a major and WGC win. He would be followed in all the tv coverage as if he was the next Nicklaus. He hasn't won in 6 years. Over hyped and overrated. Fowler wins more so not quite at that level i would say.
  12. Days like today are reason greens are watered heavily. Very few players getting close and are forced to pitch before greens on a number of holes . Hard to control the ball even with softer greens. Scores would rocket if they were hard.
  13. That is not how the Handicap system works, thats like saying a -5 cap on Sunday, if he had a really good round, would have shot 76 because Fleetwood shot 63 (or you could be being sarcastic? i cant tell) I'm saying averaged over lots of rounds a 10 handicapper should shoot 5 worse than a five. That's the maths behind the system.
  14. If the handicap system is to be believed . The if Pros are +8 ish a 5 handicapper should roughly hit 13 shorts worse on average?
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