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  1. Looking for 3 S400 wedge pulls for some heads I just purchased to play standard length.
  2. Honestly not as bad as I initially thought. But gonna be a hard pass for me. Can't we just get some nice limited Masters themed stuff with green and azaleas and whatnot??
  3. First up is a 16 degree Bridgestone J40 fairway wood with a Project X 6.0 shaft. Good condition, there are some minor sandy ball marks towards the top of the face and some minor marks on the crown that aren't visible at address. $45 shipped. Next up I have a 64* Cleveland RTX4 in black satin with an S400 shaft. I played this for one round and the original owner told me he played it for two rounds. Very good condition, grooves are in great shape. $SOLD.
  4. Looking for a new or slightly used raw Mizuno T20 56* with stiff shaft.
  5. Looking for some Mizuno T20 Raw wedges, definitely a 56 degree and potentially a 60 degree as well in good condition.
  6. Hovland was still in Roshes at The Concession too
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