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  1. Looking for a good shaft to fit in a M1 driver. Swing speed around 100-104, good player handicap 3 need some ideas?????
  2. Who plays this driver at a lower loft and get less spin with more distance? What degree do you play and set up with the slides?
  3. Which ball would you go with Bridgestone B330 tour are Titleist Pro V1 for feel and distance ?
  4. What about the Rogue Silver 60 stiff ??
  5. Looking for a shaft to put in a M1 driver. Mid to high ball flight, SS 101-105, stiff shaft.
  6. Iam with you 2putttom what the results on the course and not the machine.
  7. I play a 9.5 in the R15, and tried the M1in a 10.5 it was ok, then I tried it in a 12* better ball flight and carry. Has anyone went up in loft that much?
  8. golfer64

    M1 users

    Anyone use 12 degree??
  9. golfer64

    M1 users

    I have 9.5 a R15 And tried a 10.5 in a M1 was ok with my Fubuki tour shaft . Then tried a 12 degree in a M1 great feel and better distance, has anyone else went to a higher loft and better results,
  10. golfer64

    M1 users

    What loft did you go with an why.
  11. Has anyone compared the two and what shaft?
  12. [quote name='Golfer from MO' timestamp='1443471700' post='12379926'] [quote name='Golfer from MO' timestamp='1443452500' post='12378070'] Color me intrigued....thought itd be the same old same old....had the sldr and the r15 both in 460 and ehhhh. Sldr is odd sounding and super inconsistent in spin - often too low on certain strikes - r15 spun a bunch more but the friggin 460 was strongly fade biased and they didnt tell the market(likely because to close to release to retool but NOT cool). My XRpro is nasty straight and controllable as is my JPX 850 (one of the best all around on the market)
  13. I have been hitting the R15 now Iam going back to my SLDR.
  14. Has anyone compared the SLDR to the R15? If you got the R15 did you go back to the SLDR. I put the same shaft in both the SLDR had more control more distance.
  15. Has anyone got a hold of one and tried it. I know they don't come out till Oct. 8th, but I know on this site someone tried it.
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